All About Belief

I’ve been receiving this message lately: it’s not what you say or do — it’s how much you believe-in what you say or do. For example, if I say I love you but don’t really believe it, then so what, it’s just words wasting time. Whereas if I really mean it, then there’s a power issuing forth: love from my heart into yours — transcending mere words. You’re not reacting to simple sounds, but to an energy flowing through, from me to you.

Another example. If I type up a blog post and simply publish it with no greater belief behind it, then the post stops there. Done. But if I press publish with a greater intention behind it, all of a sudden ears are perking up, it’s reaching people, it’s finding and tickling their inner being. “Likes” and “Follows” light-up like the sun. I wasn’t just wasting-time rambling away, I was communicating with likeminded souls crying for connection.

This all implies a dream-like magical world by the way. A world ruled by intention not action — just like in the story books. For example, if I simply say “Lumos!”, so what — nothing happens. But if I’m a student of wizarding and I intend for my wand to start glowing, then it glows. For magic to happen, a wizard’s words must be backed by intent. And from what I’m sensing, that’s the same way it works in this world as well.

Think of a comedian for instance, he says something mundane and the audience erupts with laughter. If said by anyone else, no one cares — but because it was backed by intent, it had more power than just the sound waves carrying it along. Or think of any great performance where the audience was wowed, transfixed by the power of the performer — why was that performance any better than another? There’s something more than rote procedure at work here.

Another example: What if I’m attempting to start a business, going step by step without much passion behind it, just trying to get by. Are people going to say: “Wow look at him methodically following along that prescribed path! Just going-through-the-motions is a sure sign of success!” No. When someone is doing it right, people say: “Look at his determination! He’s got drive and passion! He really believes in what he’s doing — and by golly I bet he’s gonna get it!!”

Our society is built around intent-of-action, not blindly following recipes. In other words, the path to success is not comprised of a sequence of steps, it’s comprised of strong belief underlying an intended outcome. For example, if you want to learn the guitar, you don’t just follow some steps, after which you’re successfully playing the guitar. No. You have to believe in the outcome “I’m a guitar player!” and then the pathway fills in before you.

“WHAT!!?? Now you’ve gone too far! This is crazy-talk!!” Listen, I’ve been there, I actually tried to learn guitar through a methodical method — it didn’t work. Whereas my friend, who is all about belief and optimism-of-outcome is a much better guitar-player than I am even though we started at the same time. It’s like that old saying, “it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts.” Well the same goes for everything else apparently, it’s not what you specifically say or do, it’s your underlying intent that counts.

Okay, here’s another example: haiku. How is it possible that a poem so short could evoke emotion? It’s not saying nearly enough, yet some reader somewhere is affected by those few words. So perhaps it wasn’t the words or their arrangement, but something else that’s being transmitted — perhaps the author had the intent to evoke a response from whoever read his haiku. And maybe some reader had the intent to receive meaning from something he read. That’s where the magic happens.

And if you’re like me, and this is news to you, then guess what? You and success probably aren’t best buddies. But here’s the good news: success is a really great guy and he’s inviting you to the party. How do you get in? Belief, baby! You have to believe your way in. Believe in an outcome and the pathway to success manifests before your eyes. That’s it — and it’s the ONLY way in. Hey don’t forget to enjoy yourself… it’s a party after all.


Authored Aspirations

Dear Diary,

I’m currently living well and enjoying life. I go on walks, ride my bike, and head over to the parks once in awhile. I feel very comfortable where I am — there’s no imposter-syndrome here. I’m livin’ the suburban dream and that suits me fine. I mandate coaster use on tables, tri-fold the bath towels, and dress decently. But, there’s one thing missing.

As you know dear diary, I have no interest in the process of making money or even in pursuing a career. If the money just appears, I’m fine with that — and in fact that’s the way things have gone most of my life. So no real complaints there. But as we all must have dreams and aspirations, I’ve come up with a wish (which I’ll detail in the next paragraph).

I’ve seen a lot of interviews with successful people, and the path that resonates most with me, is the one where a guy has a flash of inspiration and writes a book in twelve days and it takes off, selling millions of copies — and it continues to sell and is a frequently recommended book.

So that’s my wish, to receive that divine inspiration with which I’ll transcribe a book of-note. From there I’ll be able to permanently and proudly label myself an author and have a steady passive income. I’ll also continue to maintain this blog where I transcribe my normal everyday thoughts — and its readers will appreciate and revere the words of an established author.

Thanks for listening dear diary.

Yours truly,

The Art of Delusion

The message I’ve been receiving lately, is that success is the result of plowing through with our desired belief no matter what — even to the point of seeming delusional.

For example, if I have a six-year-old blog that has a minimal amount of followers and a low amount of likes per post, I’m not supposed to presume the logical conclusion of: I’m uninteresting, or a poor communicator, or a bad writer — no, I must imagine myself as an amazingly awesome blogger, just a bit under-appreciated at the moment.

I shouldn’t seek to see facts as evidence of failure. For example, a small subscriber count could simply be due to a lack of marketing on my part, and have nothing to do with the quality of content. And a low amount of likes per post could be due to a feeling of intimidation on the part of the reader, so overwhelmed by the power of my words.

But Rich, that really does sound delusional. Well yeah, that’s what I thought. But may I remind you who the current president is. Delusion is what works in this particular world. And if you aren’t aware already, this world is only a simulated reality — and “unrelenting belief” seems to be the way in which we can program desired outcomes.

All you have to do to prove this to yourself is think of a musical artist that you absolutely abhor — how can someone so untalented reach a level of such fame and fortune? Delusion, plain and simple. They believed themselves successful from the get-go despite the constant naysayers and haters — all the way up to when their dream came true.

Why do you think successful artists always say: “Just follow your dreams!!” Because it works — it worked for them. Chance is not a thing, and if it was we’d all be dead from random accidents, diseases, disasters, etc. — but we’re not, we’re here living within a fulfillment generator, we’re like children on a playground playing pretend.

But in this world, when Billy mumbles weird rap lyrics into a mic, and he remains determined about how great he is (despite lacking any natural talent) — it literally works. Through relentless belief in his dream, Billy becomes the rap-god he always imagined. That doesn’t happen in a chance-based world, that happens in a dream world.

It’s not talent, but delusion that determines success. Again, think about who the leader of the free-world is right now. So the question becomes: why aren’t you having all that fun? Because you don’t believe strongly in anything, do you. And we know that to be true or else you’d be successful! Duh!

So here’s the deal… based on how life actually seems to work, not on how you’re guessing it works, you need to pick a desired outcome, then believe the heck out of it. Whereas if you allow pessimism to infiltrate your thoughts, then that’s exactly what you’ll receive: a whole heap of nothing, because that’s what you believe in.

You’ve got nothing to lose in this scenario and everything to gain. THIS is the way in which successful people think and believe, I’ve watched countless interviews, always trying to glean their underlying belief system. It’s ALWAYS unrelenting faith in their own success that sees them through — fear and doubt couldn’t stop them.

In conclusion, if you’re not busy believing that you’re currently on a path to success, then you won’t be. Your wish comes true either way — so why not believe in success instead? You don’t know how the world works or else you’d be living a successful life right now. Accept your ignorance and start listening to the people that have had their dreams fulfilled. And their advice is always this: follow your dreams. It’s not: doubt your dreams. It’s FOLLOW them.

Them Rabbits

“Tell me about the rabbits, George!”

Why, when we’re livin’ in our new apartment you’ll not have one balcony, but two! Two I tells ya! And two floors too! There’ll be stairs connectin’ ’em! There’ll be storage space galore, so much that you’ll have empty spots just waitin’ to be filled. Why, when you look out your window you’ll see America the way it should be, with a main street and a park and a big ol’ flag wavin’ in the breeze. And when you walk out your door, you’ll meander to restaurants, to parks, to pools, to schools, and around picturesque neighborhoods.

And that’s just inside the town. Drive down the street and you’ll arrive at a major global travel destination, perhaps THEE major global travel destination — the World is at your fingertips. Shops and restaurants, rides and amusements, places to stroll and bowl, shows and delights everywhere you look — why it’s Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory come to life! And it’s all for you my boy! All for you!

Aaaand scene.

I’m a jerk in the sense that I make fun of myself for wanting a pleasant life. “Psh, you want to have fun and laugh a lot!? What an ass. Grow up.” I rip my dreams apart and call them childish and a waste of time. I do the same for any idea presented to me. But I think I’m getting better. Tonight I tried an experiment — I attempted to go with the flow.

My friend said “Hey let’s go to this particular place tonight”. Of course my head immediately filled with everything wrong with her idea. But I tried to keep my mouth shut and just said “okay”. We arrived and it all basically worked out fine and I had a good time. Huh, I guess all my negativity amounted to a whole lotta nothin.

I really have to watch myself and not reject the opportunities and treats that are regularly presented to me. I have to say yes and go with the flow, appreciating the delights that dance before my eyes.

Florida or Bust

I went from trailer-park to technically homeless — is that an improvement? Hmm. I’m currently in the sixth hotel I’ve stayed-in since leaving my former house for the last time about a week ago. But make no mistake, they’re nice hotels — my friend is very skilled in travel-planning. We even did some sight-seeing along the way.

My mission was to try and enjoy myself. My mantra for the trip was: Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy soul, and all thy mind — and love thy neighbor as thyself. Why that? I dunno, it just seemed to comfort me whenever I began to worry. To love the Lord thy God I have to appreciate the buffet of life placed before me — it’s not my place to care or complain — I’m just along for the ride, literally and figuratively.

Of course it wasn’t all peaches (well maybe in Georgia it was), but I have some fond memories. We saw a bunch of stuff in DC for instance. We parked in a deep underground parking garage from which we emerged and walked by many famous sites including the Washington Monument, the White House, the WWII memorial, the reflecting pool, and in the distance I saw the Lincoln memorial. It was hot so we took a bus back from there. From the car while heading out I also saw the Pentagon and the Jefferson memorial.

We went to Colonial Williamsburg after that. We liked it so much last year that we went again this year — but this time our hotel was within walking distance which was nice. And after that we went to Charleston and stayed at a hotel overlooking the waterfront. The view and incoming breeze was by far my favorite. Lying on the lounger on the large balcony just felt right — I like deluxe with view.

So now we’re here but haven’t dropped anchor. It’s good to be back. I’m so familiar with this place it might as well be my home. For the seven years I lived in my previous residence I barely left the house. Here, I’ve been walking out on my own the last few days as if it’s my personal playground. There’s no place in the world that feels as much like home to me. But, the magic must happen for us to find and maintain a physical home here. Luckily this is the place where dreams come true.

P.S. Hi Mickey, I missed you.

Losing is Fun

When you play a video-game, you typically want to perform well and win. But the funny thing is, that if you performed well and won EVERY time, the desire to play that video-game would diminish quickly. In other words, you love intermittent reward. You don’t want to be a pure force of dominance, you want to have your ass handed to you time and time again.

Like in everyday life, you don’t want the person that’s too easy to please — you prefer ’em hard to get. You want to work at it, chip away until you’ve won them over. You don’t want everything handed to you, you want to apply your abilities and expend effort. You say you don’t, you say you want everything easy, but you’re full of sh*t obviously.

So here’s the deal: if life didn’t hand you your ass every now and again, you’d complain about how boring everything is — that’s a fact. What interesting narrative do you know of where the main character isn’t challenged in some way? There’s always something to stir the pot, always an issue to be resolved.

Think about it, you’ve been going around bad-mouthing life for giving you a hard-time when it was only obeying your wishes. Of course life would give you all the goodies you desire, but you don’t want that, do you. Instantaneous attainment is boring, there’s no point. You want that slow anticipation-filled storyline with all the ups and downs.

Video-games, books, movies — these are nothing without obstacles to overcome. Appreciate these barriers — they’re the very thing that makes life fun. The wrong thing to do is see them as ruining your experience — THEY ARE THE EXPERIENCE. If you were to personally design a game or write a book, of course you’d introduce obstructions and problems and setbacks into the narrative.

Listen, it’s easy. When an obstacle comes, deal with it — that’s what it’s there for — as an opportunity to do something different. Don’t complain about the break in routine. If your life went along without variance you’d be crying about how monotonous it is. You NEED constant stimulation in the form of tests and challenges.

Now get in there, and show ’em what you’ve got!!

Separated Shards

According to the biblical story that tells of a tower in the city of Babel, at one time the entirety of mankind spoke a single language. Because of this unhindered ability to collaborate, mankind could do anything, they even had the power to build a tower that reaches into the heavens. Because of this, the creator-of-all came down and confounded men’s speech so they could no longer understand each other. And thus the many languages of the world were put into place.

I’ve often thought that people are limited by Harrison Bergeron style restraints (the story by Kurt Vonnegut). But instead of external restraints, people are limited by internal ones such as forgetfulness. And it’s certainly true that different languages slow down our ability to collaborate. The world includes these restraints because they create a better game-playing experience. If everyone had unlimited abilities, the world would be too malleable — and with so many cooks-in-the-kitchen it’d just turn to mush.

If wishes became instantly true, a simple wish to obliterate the world would come true too. With unlimited ability to create, comes the limitless ability to destroy. We can therefore imagine the need for speed-bumps. And speaking of global collaboration, the Internet is reminiscent of such a tool. But what happens when the hive-mind goes negative? Is it better to remain as isolated sections of the world or should we truly come together as one?

Some aspects of spirituality speak about mankind developing into a oneness. But because we seem so purposefully separated, perhaps there’s a good reason for it. All this differentiation allows for drama and discovery, it’s what creates the most interesting stories. In any narrative, the cast is populated by unique characters each with their own traits and foibles. And as we can plainly observe, the Internet is not serving to unite the world but simply allows factions to continue on a different playing field.

Just imagine if humanity did achieve oneness, if they did build a tower to the creator-of-all, then what? I think it’d be Game Over. For instance, if the world is actually God split into many shards, then a reunification would end the experience of mortal existence — God would be whole having realized who He is. And afterward, He would be ready to explode into a billion shards once again. Therefore, I don’t think the purpose of spirituality is to achieve nearness to God or even each other, but simply to help inhabitants have a better time on Earth.

Why would a creator not want enjoyment and appreciation to come from his creation? So if you’re having a hard time understanding life, spirituality can clue you in. It can alleviate the stress of immersion by creating a comfortable perspective. It can explain that life is merely a game, not a chance-based torture chamber. We can gladly accept our restraints because it makes the game entertaining as we try to figure out a way through. What CAN we do? Because of our innate ignorance we get to test and find out, that’s the enjoyment of exploration.