Falling Trees

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

I was recently in Minecraft playing around with a homemade TNT cannon. It was such an effective cannon in fact, that the TNT “cannon ball” shot out of view. When I traveled over to inspect, there was no damage. Yet when I chased after the cannon-ball and actually observed its flight, there WAS damage done to the landscape. In other words, a tree is NOT destroyed if no one is around to observe it — in Minecraft at least.

I just completed some additional testing. Even if you have a solid line of redstone-dust coupled with redstone-repeaters going all the way to a distant block of TNT, it will NOT ignite when switched on UNLESS you travel over to the TNT and actually observe it. In fact, you can cycle the switch on and off, and as long as you leave it in the OFF position prior to observing, there will be no explosion.

Obviously Minecraft doesn’t bother rendering something until someone is there to observe it — which makes sense. It’s a more efficient use of resources. In other words, Minecraft adheres to the “Biocentric Universe” model in which the observer is actively creating the world he experiences — through exploration, the world renders in whichever path he travels. Stay still, and the world stays still — explore and new things are created as needed.

Therefore, if this world is a simulation, who’s to say the same thing doesn’t happen here. Perhaps situations and circumstances wouldn’t occur if we’re not there to witness them. Importantly then: whichever path we walk is the one that forms. What ideas are we focusing on, which details are we examining, what route are we on — we better be a bit more selective or else those avenues will form before our very eyes.

Does a negative interpretation of life actually result in an existence filled with negative circumstances? Does an interest in the worst aspects of life literally bring more of the same? And likewise, does a positive and hopeful attitude bring good things to pass? Does focusing on the best-of-life bring more of it? This line-of-thought helped to cure my anxiety by the way — I don’t dare think about worrisome or pessimistic thoughts anymore for fear of them coming true (I used fear to defeat fear).


Painting Moods

I think the Law of Attraction is an undeniable concept in the sense that our perspective and attitude affect our perceived reality. If you’re in a bad mood, a friendly “Hello!” could be interpreted as a personal attack. But does the Law of Attraction actually cause the world to align with our way of thinking? Luckily, I believe in Simulation Theory, so from that standpoint it’s certainly plausible that the world becomes whatever we think it is.

I do have a problem with the concept of devising specific wishes though. If I’m not that creative, what am I supposed to wish for? What am I supposed to adorn my vision-board with? I don’t know what’s to come in the future. For example, current YouTubers in their late twenties and thirties never imagined the platform they’re currently succeeding on — and for some, the Internet wasn’t even a thing until much later in life.

Additionally, where does the inspiration to wish even come from? Why did someone suddenly feel like posting videos on the Internet? Why did I develop a desire to learn computer programming in my early twenties? Why is my mind filled with thoughts that I type-up and post on this blog? Who knows — yet these prompts to think, act, and desire come from somewhere.

But what we do know, is that our mood tends to directly affect our thoughts, actions, and desires. If I’m in a great mood, my particular thoughts, actions, and desires reflect that fact — same if I’m in a foul mood. So I think the goal is to cultivate the best mood possible, and then everything falls in line as we then perceive our circumstances in the best possible way.

As far as the Law of Attraction goes, I think specific wishes and daydreams are fine in the sense that they’re painting pictures that elicit positive moods and emotions. If I see myself as a champion archer splitting arrows on the target, I’m filling myself up with triumph — I don’t necessarily want to be Robin Hood though. So in that sense, I don’t think I should be tied to my exact wishes and daydreams — they’re simply throw-aways that assist in cultivating a particular mood. Some visions might manifest as depicted, but so what as long as the good times keep rollin’. Which they will, by definition, if I maintain a positive attitude.

End of Attraction Test

I’m not saying the Law of Attraction stuff is bogus, I’m simply saying the typical way in which I went about it isn’t for me. I engaged in a somewhat rigorous experiment to see if I could manifest something, and it didn’t seem to work. Yes, it does appear to work for some people — I’ve seen my friend’s wishes come true for example, and she delights in it. But for me, it’s just not a process I particularly enjoy. She’s got a great imagination and naturally sees abundance in the world.

I know what I don’t like, I’m ready to complain all the time. But as far as what I like, I think I enjoy it more when things come as a surprise. I don’t like to plan out my fun. My friend would love to plan her own party, but I just want to show up to some awesome event that’s perfectly suited to my tastes. In that regard, I’m not taking any responsibility for my fun. I’m just like: hey life… amuse me…. Although I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go about it.

But I’m also not receptive to the fun. Life might very-well accept my demand, but I’m too busy complaining to notice. At the very least I have to enter the event ready and willing to be entertained. It’s like showing up at a feast already full — none of the food is appetizing, in fact it’s kinda gross to see all the overflowing plates. Instead, I have to show-up ready to chow-down. To be fair, the first things I tried were nasty, but I was wrong to assume the entire buffet was as unappealing.

So for me, I don’t think I need to work on my wishing. Delightful surprise is what I wish for. What I need to work on is my willingness to accept what I’m given. Life is a fun-house tasked with providing endless entertainment. What dazzling spectacle is waiting around the next corner!!?? Who knows!!! I shouldn’t be looking to lock-down life by forcing it to manifest my mundane wishes. I should be open, anticipating wondrous amusements that far exceed anything I could ever imagine.

Negative Consequences

Dear Rich, if I live in a virtual-world in which my thoughts become the reality I experience, why aren’t my wishes coming true?

As is written, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. With a negative mindset for instance, every ache would become a deadly disease. Every creak in the house would be a murderer slowly stalking you. In other words, your lack of manifestation is for your own good.

Jesus said, “He that already has, more will be given — but from him that lacks, what he has will be taken.” In other words, if you’re positive, you’ll keep accumulating — a positive plus a positive equals an even greater positive. In one sense, it’s like you’ve proven yourself to have a good enough attitude to handle finding what you seek. Whereas if you’ve got a mind full of negativity, then that negativity will keep chipping away at what you have until it’s even less. In other words, if you keep adding negatives to a positive, the sum will eventually go below zero. So in a sense, if you’re pessimistic, not receiving what you wish for is protecting you. But if you keep persisting in your negativity, you’ll eventually find what you seek.

So if you want your wishes to come true, you have to stop activating the wish fail-safe mechanism. If you have this fail-safe device, you’re likely on easy-mode, so the system is watching out for you (but it can only do so much). You have to prove you can handle such unbridled power by maintaining a positive mindset. For example: Phone rings! Are you suddenly filled with dread, expecting bad news!? Fail! Noise in an unoccupied area of the house! Is it anything but pipes expanding or wood settling?!! FAIL!! You feel a sensation somewhere in-or-on your body! Deadly-arachnid-bite or cancer??? FAIL!!! Someone you know just left the house! Is that the last time you’ll ever see them??!!! FAIL!!!! If any of this approximates your reactions to life, then good luck ever trying to get good results from wishing.

With a negative attitude, even if you receive the awesome thing you wished for, your negativity would just keep whittling it away until it was gone. Obtaining and keeping what you want will require a drastic change in your belief system — and you’ll need to practice until your reactions default to positive. It’s like any fitness regimen, you have to keep at it and integrate it into your lifestyle. Now wipe that pessimistic puss off your face and smile dammit! Twenty minutes of meditation followed by twenty minutes of positive visualization!!! DO IT!!!

Mirthful Earth

I refuse to believe that life is about struggle, that survival of the fittest is a thing. If you believe this to be the ultimate foundation of existence, then you’re wrong. Whoops, try again. Now, can you choose to add struggle to a relatively easy life? Yes, most certainly. A video-game for instance, is an experience in which we engage for the purpose of overcoming obstacles — we like it because of the struggle. But make no mistake, the underlying purpose of that game, of life itself in fact, is to be entertained by the engagement.

With all this drama going on around us, you’d have to be willfully ignorant to maintain the delusion that life is merely random chance. If you simply take a look, you can perceive that the ongoings of Earth are nonsense. People parading around with all this pomp and circumstance, dressed in meaningful costumes plastered with face paint and hair styled for effect giving grand speeches of this and that and all sorts of hullabaloo. THIS is the culmination of millions of years of evolution?! Are you kidding me?

No my friend, you are currently engaged in a game of pretend — of this there is no doubt. And I tell you this not as social commentary, oh no — I’m not criticizing the silliness, I’m celebrating it! Welcome! You’ve kept yourself on the sidelines for so long, afraid to play — because to you, this was no mere game but a trial of life and death! You poor thing, your confusion must have made things so difficult. What you saw as dire consequence was just a joke.

To be fair, all of this is kinda obvious, you just kept on taking things so seriously. So do take some responsibility for your own fun deary. You’re welcome to see whatever you want. If you want to flush the poop without examining its nooks and crannies then go right ahead. No one said you have to eat everything at the buffet — just pick what you like. And you know what the host might appreciate? Perhaps some appreciation for such a grand gala. So wipe the puss off your face and seek something to smile about.

World Radio

How can the world be all things to all people, wouldn’t life’s ongoings affect all inhabitants?

Think of it like a radio — whichever station you’re tuned to is what you hear. So if you’re tuned to negativity for example, you’ll likely see some bad stuff go down right before your eyes. Whereas if you’re tuned to positivity, you’ll see all the great things the world has to offer. And if you let your turbulent mind control the dial, you’ll probably see a mix of both.

Since there’s no actual dial to turn, you use your focus to select the desired station — and you’re more than welcome to direct your focus to the stations you prefer. Some listeners don’t realize the radio is tunable and just listen to whatever’s on. Some of these people seem to have a decent time just letting their wandering mind control the dial, but oftentimes this can lead to dissatisfaction in the listening experience.

Basically, the dissatisfied people must tamp down their mind’s tendency to go rip-roarin’ through the frequencies. In a sense, they have to grab the dial every-time they notice it on an undesirable station and purposefully turn it over to a prefered station.

Some of these people will assume the entirety of the radio is horrible because they hear a few bad stations. But really, they have to trust that there’s some good stations out there — they have to keep looking until they find something suitable. It might take some time to scan through — but it’s possible to set some favorites/presets when found by remaining focused on them.

Forgetting for Fun

I’ve been thinking lately about the cloud-of-confusion that induces forgetfulness. As part of the experience of existence, this world seems to purposefully confound its inhabitants. I was wondering if this is a condition I could get rid of. I was imagining how easy life would be if I could keep everything I’ve learnt at the forefront of my thoughts. I’d no longer be in a perpetual daze, repeating myself ad nauseam.

This six-year-old blog for instance, with over 1200 posts, is a testament to my inability to remember — I think it includes only about ten different ideas — most of the posts are these same few ideas said in different ways. But if I didn’t forget, I could be building idea upon idea instead of walking a perpetual treadmill. I seem to come up with the same super original idea once every few months. But every time it comes, it’s as if I’m experiencing that idea for the first time, enthusiastically jotting it down.

So the question becomes, is there a benefit to being in a state of constant forgetfulness? For example, I love chocolate-chip cookies and the first few I eat are absolutely delicious — but the value of each cookie diminishes as I keep eating more. I eventually become taste-blind and can’t even experience the deliciousness by the twelfth one (Don’t judge! I freakin’ love them!!!). I have my fill on the day they’re made and don’t want any the next day. I remember them too well and wouldn’t enjoy them so soon.

Yet if a month goes by, and I smell that sweet sweet aroma of chocolate-chip cookies… I’m all in! It’s the forgetfulness that makes me love each batch anew every time they’re served. Whereas if I had perfect recall, just like the day after eating over a dozen, I couldn’t enjoy them as much as when the haze of forgetfulness sets in. In other words, this cloud-of-confusion that we’re within is a good thing, it allows us to repeatedly enjoy the same stuff over and over.

Just imagine if you could remember EVERYTHING. You’d be on a constant hunt for newness. And besides, you probably want to forget most of the stuff you’ve experienced anyway. In fact, so many of our problems come from clinging to certain hurtful memories — we’d probably be better-off if we forgot even more than we do! Therefore, it really does seem like I should appreciate this perpetual forgetfulness that allows me to live each day as if the previous never happened.