Hunting the Hunter

What we fear is a shadow creature of our own design. Conjured from conjecture, we give it power to frighten. Yet we can hunt this shadow beast and slay it through a realization of its fictional nature.

It is a phantasm, a sprite borne of our imagination that perishes without upkeep. To ignore, is to invoke decay. And to fully dismantle the fabricated foundation of faulty logic upon which it lies, we shine a light too bright to deny.

When we stop running and become still, the shadow stops — as any shadow would. Only when we flee does the fiend seemingly chase. Yet it’s merely our thoughts that make it so. Discard the thought — it dies.

We must not actively pursue, lest the shadow continue existing, moving in the opposite direction as prey. The shadow must be illuminated out of existence. Let there be light, and know that it is good.


Hardly Working

I don’t believe in the value of hard-work. If I have to work hard for something, then frankly, I don’t want it. A gift is something received without expectation of payment. To me, everything in this life is a gift. I didn’t work hard to be born, it just happened. I didn’t work hard to grow up, I just got bigger. I don’t work hard for the things I have, I just do whatever comes naturally.

Working hard implies a sense of struggle: there’s a chance my efforts won’t pan out or maybe I don’t like what I’m doing. Nope. I do what I want and my effort is never wasted. But don’t external forces oftentimes prevent us from doing what we want to do? Well, either I do what I want, or I sit frustrated until circumstances change, or I accept the limitations.

There’s no compromise, I’m not delaying gratification for future gain. Whatever I’m doing now is what I want to be doing. In other words, if I’m doing something, I’ve committed whole-heatedly to it. It’s not required, I want to do it — it’s not work, it’s play. And in that sense, there’s nothing “hard” about it.

I simply don’t want to live in a world that requires me to struggle for survival. If stress and strain are necessary conditions, then this place is not worth my time. And think of it this way: if this is truly a gift, what a rude response to try and repay the giver. So I will partake of this present with full appreciation, thank you very much.

Pure Play

A sense of urgency, a drive to do, a need to complete — these are nothing but suggestions. Fear and anxiety likewise are mere suggestions. As we come into this world blinded by ignorance, we are led by suggestions provided by our internal impulses. But as we are more than automatons, our observing selves hold some sway over our course — an influence that increases with practice.

Nothing is necessary. There is no need to achieve. What’s already destined to dissolve cannot be defended. Everything that comes, goes. Yet we can enjoy our attempts at accomplishment as long as we realize the overall context of unimportance. It’s a story, a game, something to do for fun. At the end of the day, at the end of our lives, the things we do are for entertainment purposes only.

And so there is ultimately nothing to fear, there is no clock that must be beaten, there is nothing but pure play. Knowing we have only a temporary time to exist, how can we do anything but frolic under the sun? Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die — a simple prescription for an easy life. Stress and struggle are perceptions produced by taking life too seriously.

Does the manner or moment of our demise matter? Not one bit. So why worry? Must we eat and drink? Yep. Must we be merry? Nope, but why be anything but? Should we not seek to smile in every second? What use is gloom, why focus on the worst of life? If at a buffet, why select what’s least appealing? In this life, let go, allowing satisfaction in — and always be considerate of others, as joy is best shared.

Fake as F*ck

When surrounded by vast despair,
endless stress and the pulling of hair,
release your strain with this refrain:
Life is Fake as F*ck.

Nothing is real, that’s part of the deal.
If it was, what a horrible place.
So don’t lament, you can’t make a dent,
because life is fake as f*ck.

No need to triage, it’s just a mirage,
We all die at the end anyway.
So while we’re here, live without care,
because life is fake as f*ck.

Let it all go, it’s part of the show.
The lights, the sounds: Oh my!
Don’t worry so much, just use this crutch:
Life is Fake as F*ck.

Beyond Boredom

Boredom is excruciating. So when I feel even a twinge, I see why life needs to be tuned to the intensity it’s at. Only at this level of emotional excitation can boredom be relieved. Situations need to be dire for me to care, or else I wouldn’t bother to engage. Why is life so visceral? It’s to grab our attention and hold it tight.

What is the only weakness of an all-knowing and all-powerful being? Boredom. If we are on some level infinite, having eternal souls or whatever, then Earth is an entertainment device designed to alleviate boredom. Any “natural” substance or system smooths over time, with rough edges softening — yet here we go around and around, life never getting easier. But it can’t get easy or we’d get bored.

My mind needs to be analyzing problems of one sort or another — so without an endless stream of conundrums, what would I ponder? Why does life seem to push my buttons, providing exactly what irritates me? It’s to engage my emotions. Frustration, anger, anxiety? Psh, that means it’s working, I’m caring about this dream world. And that’s good. Boredom being our only enemy, we should relish whenever life makes us feel physical.

Playing Ball

Don’t yell at the ball. Accept that your ball handling skills are imperfect and that you will regularly drop the ball. The ball is not the issue, your imperfect skills are what need to be acknowledged and addressed. There is no blame though, as your skills are what they are, simply rededicate to improving each and every time the ball is mishandled. There will be times when your best isn’t good enough. Welcome to life. Just keep at it, because that’s what we do here.

Theoretical Influence

If life was created as a method of amusement, participants would require constant engagement lest they begin to sense the artificiality of it all. Stressors would be introduced regularly so as to force participation and maintain the attention of the observer within. But in life’s view it seems, any circumstance that engrosses is fair game — pleasant or unpleasant, it doesn’t appear to matter.

Something to consider then, is whether life takes suggestions for the content it serves up. Can our consciousness provide input so that life stimulates us with what’s pleasant instead of what’s unpleasant?

For instance, if we’re not putting any effort into life, looking bored, life will likely intervene and send drastic change our way. If we want to have control over such drastic intervention, then it’s probably best to not look bored. We would likely want to find something pleasant that interests us and dedicate ourselves to its pursuit.

Theoretically then, if we’re on a path to somewhere pleasant, life may attempt to help us along the way, so as to further engage us in the story. Whereas if we have nothing inspiring going on, life really has no way of helping, so it throws whatever it can at us, good or bad, just keeping us preoccupied. Therefore, we should seek a fulfilling path even if the path to find a fulfilling path is the only path we’re on.