Zombie Life

Zombie-life and you: An Introduction

Unfortunately, the zombie apocalypse already happened. And so sorry to tell you, but yes, that means you’re a zombie. No, you didn’t escape it. But hey, at least you’re on the winning side!

So what can you expect as a zombie? Well you’re obviously overrun by irrational thought. You’re basically a monster lashing out at the world around you. Everything seems unpleasant and it’s as though your fellow zombies are all jerks and you feel like your body is decaying rapidly.

You will basically continue on this mindless rampage until your eventual collapse and your body is buried under dirt or fricasseed by fire. Well, that is unless you evoke the antidote. But nah, why would you do that? You’re a zombie and zombies don’t make rational decisions remember?

Well, except if a little bit of humanity still lives within you? Okay, if you’re not a complete zombie, I’ll explain the situation. Being an actual zombie is somewhat different than you’d expect. Yes, you have a bad attitude toward everything in your path. Yes, you tend to confront others. And yes, you do feed on human flesh, but not in the sense that you think.

Your zombie-ness comes from an unconscious adherence to a mental toxicity that’s taken over your brain. Your mind is outputting some nasty hallucinations and you’re blindly believing them while acting accordingly. Step one, is to realize that any thoughts you’re having are not to be trusted — they’re likely delusions.

No one said applying the antidote was going to be easy — you’re going to have to fight against this deluge of delusion for quite some time. You need to force yourself into believing that the outside world is NOT in a post-apocalyptic state, it’s fine. You need to force yourself into believing that everyone around you is NOT out to get you. You need to force yourself into believing that your body is NOT falling apart.

As a zombie, you have an obsession with flesh, it’s true. You over-identify with it, that’s part of your problem. EVERYTHING you do tends to center around this flesh fixation: your appearance, other people’s appearance, aging, illness, how things affect your flesh — it’s nuts. You have a flesh-based focus.

So step two, is weaning yourself off the flesh. So things like sickness and death, how your body is holding-up, injuries, what’s going on with your face, your skin, teeth, whatever — you’re done with this kind of stuff now — g’bye! You can engage in any hygienic-routine that you enjoy, but nothing that originates from a place of fear (or else that’s the toxicity talking).

Zombies live in a harsh and brutal world, so if you no longer want to be a zombie, then you must train yourself to see past the zombie-induced delusions. Trust the world you’re in and trust the people around you. Even if you think they’re zombies, and they may very well be, treating them like human-beings will help to cure your condition as well as theirs — it’s win-win.

I’ve probably said too much already for your zombified-brain to handle, so I’ll stop here. Just realize that if you have any humanity left, and you no longer want to be a zombie, then stop listening to your thoughts, they’re noxious lies that are influencing your perception. Then, stop focusing on the fragility of flesh, it feeds a poisonous perspective. If you can keep this up, more and more of your humanity will keep returning to you. Good luck!


Clean Slate

Here comes another new day. Alleluia – Enya.

While lying in bed, right before sleep, willingly surrender to existence. See sleep as a portal, a transition into a new life that begins every morning. There is no history, no past, not a thing before the moment you awaken.

Look around, explore, and discover the world anew everyday. Remembrances are incomplete and often falsified fantasies of a time that may or may not have happened — they can’t be trusted, forget everything.

And being that it’s a new world, you have no data, no facts with which to predict the future. You can no longer make pessimistic prophesies of what’s to come. All you have is right-now.

Tear up the pages of today, don’t take them into tomorrow. As the day begins, so does a pristine adventure.

Now – Chapter 7

This is my interpretation of the book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle.

Chapter 7

Meditation time! Sit in a non-sleep-inducing position. Eyes closed, body relaxed, breathing: in, out. Notice the breath and then notice the sensation inside the body. Feel the body, know that it’s there through sensation alone. Try to feel the sensation as energy emanating from within. Focus on that energy to the point of becoming one with it.

Remember that meditation is the practice of not-thinking. And this practice shouldn’t be limited to the duration of each session. While outside of meditation, continue guarding against the thinking-mechanism of the mind and continue feeling the inner sensation of the body.

You want to develop a connection to the dreamer of this dreamworld. This connection can be called enlightenment. There are a few methods for maintaining this connection. One is through an awareness of the energetic-sensation within the body. Another method is by literally focusing on right-now — through the conscious experience of everyday activities. Another method is through the purposeful suppression of thought — maintaining gaps between mental commentary. And another method is by surrendering to life and whatever it is you’re resisting.

Then once this connection is well-established, it becomes a portal for love to flow through — this is the bliss and elation that comes with living in the now. Additionally, silence and empty space can be used as reminders of the unmanifested — the source from which the world springs forth.

Through you, the unmanifested lives within the world, experiencing embodied existence and performing the many activities of life. Eventually you become aware of the illusion, realizing the dream. Then through you, the unmanifested transcends the world, reuniting with its source.

Now – Chapter 6

This is my interpretation of the book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle.

Chapter 6

You’re under the delusion that you’re an isolated body within a physical world. This delusion leads to anxiousness and suffering. You would know your true self if it wasn’t for the mind constantly distracting you. So constant are its mental musings, that you identify yourself as the thoughts emanating from your mind.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to establish consciousness as your primary mode of being (thus diminishing the thinking-mechanism of the mind). Consciousness, instead of rumination, should become your default. One method for making this change, is by transfering focus away from the mind and into the body.

Here’s some practice: Focus on your fingers and notice the sensation, a slight pressure or tingling or just the feeling that they’re there. Then move up the arms and into the chest and head and around the body all the way down to your feet. Feel the sensation individually and then as a whole, pervading the entire body — focus on this sensation.

Although you aren’t a solitary creature crawling around a giant rock in constant struggle for survival, you aren’t beyond the body either. You have a body after-all, so you can work with it rather than fight it. And by maintaining attention within the body, you’ll have a reference point keeping you from getting lost in thought or life.

For the time being, while going about your normal activities, maintain some awareness of the energy/aliveness-feeling pervading the entire body. Focus on the task at hand but widen your scope to include the sensation within the body as well. And when not doing anything in particular, instead of getting lost in thought, focus on that energy/aliveness-feeling within.

And whenever you start losing yourself to an alleged problem, go into the body. By focusing on an inner sensation, your focus leaves the thinking-mechanism of the mind. From that steadier base, your reaction will be more grounded. If strong emotion overwhelms your ability to focus, simply observe the emotion without judgement and accept its presence.

Typically, emotions should quickly come and go. If they linger, you’re likely lacking forgiveness. Instead of grasping tightly to a hot ember, release it. Forgive people, yourself, and even life. Trust in life and stop fighting against it. Let go and let your narrative continue on a steady course.

Essentially, you are consciousness, the experiencer of existence. Yet typically, you spend much of your time unconscious, lost in a dream. But you want to become present and aware within the dream. The dream won’t end, you’ll simply become lucid. You want to switch this from a turbulent nightmare to a delightful fantasyland. And this process requires you to realize that the foundation of your dream-self as well as everything else, is a dreamer — the source of all consciousness.

And when you move focus into the body and become aware of the inner sensation, it can serve as a reminder for all this — a way to maintain a deeper state. From this depth, the external gets easier. The body feels better, lighter, no longer like a poorly aging contraption rife with decay and subject to the ills of others.

Some more practice: Focusing on a single part of the body, feel it, notice the sensation, it’s there and you’re aware of it. Do this for every part of your body. Once you’ve gone through them one by one, start at the bottom and move up the body like a scanner, from toes to head and back down again. Then, concentrate on the sensation of the entire inner body at once — focus and feel it.

If focusing within the body is tough, start with breathing. Observe the breath: in… out… in… out… follow and feel the breath. Also, whenever creativity is required, presence is the best way to encourage it. And of course when listening to others, presence makes that process a whole lot easier. And a method for becoming present, is focusing on the sensation of the inner body.

Extracting the Marrow

I was re-watching the movie Groundhog Day (1993), and since my current interest deals with living-in-the-now, I noticed that particular theme in the movie. Despite the day constantly repeating, Phil was eventually able to enjoy everyday by living in the present. When the past and future no longer mattered, sucking the marrow out of right-now became the only option.

When he clung to the legacy of his past, Phil tried to use people for short-term gain — ultimately leading to boredom when there was nothing left to attain. And when he was feeling trapped by a futureless path, Phil couldn’t enjoy the physical world anymore and eventually sunk into suicidal despair.

But by shedding the past and future, focusing only on the instant he was experiencing, Phil was able to find the fun. Despite constant repetition and guaranteed predictability, Phil extracted enjoyment from wherever he could. Within infinity, I don’t believe constant improvement is the point — the point was to develop a means to enjoy the moment.

And once he was able to appreciate the present, there was nothing holding back happiness. Even if he had sat in a park feeding pigeons, I think his loop would’ve ended — it was more about the mindset rather than good-deeds. Because again, within eternity, self-improvement and knocking-off the rough-edges can only go-on for so long until you become a polished sphere.

Now – Chapter 5

This is my interpretation of the book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle.

Chapter 5

Presence isn’t something you can think about, it’s the opposite of thinking, it’s the state of full-awareness of right-now. Be a predator whose prey is thoughts. When thoughts are allowed to flow freely, they’ll take you on a reckless ride downstream into unconsciousness. Keep your focus on right-now and you can’t get lost in thought.

How can you experience existence from an unconscious state? Obviously the ideal way to experience existence is from a conscious state while fully aware of what’s happening in front of you. If you’re too busy thinking about perceived problems, concocted pasts, and speculated futures, how can you appreciate actual life?

Consciousness increases as the span between an experience and its related commentary increases. Commenting on an experience is not the same as actual experiencing. For example, saying something is delicious isn’t the same as literally experiencing the sensations related to deliciousness. You should focus on the experiencing and skip the commentary.

Consider this perspective: what if the world is a dream, and everything in this dream originates from a single source: the dreamer. Every rock, every plant, every animal, every person, forms out of the dreamer’s consciousness. And the dreamer’s consciousness underlies every character’s consciousness — so there’s no genuine separateness, just a manufactured division for dramatic purposes. Characters come and go but it doesn’t matter — every part is played by a persona of the dreamer.

Now consider that the dreamer crafts each character so well and so elaborately, that a character believes himself a true individual living his own unique life. Believing himself separate and alone and subject to death, the character suffers. When he suffers enough, he finally rejects his fragility and realizes the underlying truth that he (along with everything else) is a manifestation of the dreamer.

Through this process, the dreamer is becoming aware of the dream through the awakening of characters. These very words are the dreamer’s. And you are a character in the dreamer’s dream. In essence, every interaction is the dreamer interacting with the dreamer. Some characters are simply more present and conscious than others — though ultimately, there is but one dreamer.

Now – Chapter 4

This is my interpretation of the book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle.

Chapter 4

To understand who you are, you’ve mostly looked to the past — and for fulfillment, you’ve mostly looked to the future. But this time-based approach to life is a recipe for suffering. The path to satisfaction is through presence. Simply notice when you’re not present, and you become present. Keep choosing to focus on right-now and it’ll become your default.

To be unconscious, is to be lost in a nightmare. Your reactions to life’s circumstances will be fear-driven and unpleasant. But when you keep watch on your thoughts and feelings, asking if you’re okay, you become conscious by observing yourself. And when things are okay internally, the external falls in line.

Scan your body for signs of tension. Observe the types of thoughts your mind is generating. Notice whether the emotions you’re reacting with are pleasant or not. Do not allow the mind to pollute your experience with negativity. Let it go. Negativity is the pathway to pain and suffering. Avoid it like poison.

To disparage right-now by complaining, sours your experience. How can you enjoy something while insulting it at the same time? Instead of this doomed approach to life, it’s better to appreciate whatever’s right in front of you. If fear prevents you from doing something, observe the fear, witness it while remaining present — it will dissipate.

Accepting a situation as it is, by surrendering, by releasing all resistance, is a power you can wield whenever you want to be satisfied in an otherwise unacceptable situation. Stress is a conflict created by the mind, it wants something it doesn’t have — but if you don’t engage in this manufactured tug-of-war, there’s no longer tension on the rope. Just watch the mind and be amused by its antics.

Let every moment merge back into the raw-material that formed it. Keep your focus on right-now. When worried, watch your breath, feel it flowing in and out. What problem do you have at this exact moment? You can always deal with right-now. Don’t attempt to forecast the future.

Are you waiting until certain conditions are met in order to be happy? In other words, is the present just a worthless good-for-nothing while all the awesome-things in life are waiting for you in the future? If this is the case, you’re making yourself suffer needlessly. The time for appreciation and enjoyment of life is now, not later.

If you can’t enjoy right-now, you won’t be able to enjoy the future, no matter what the circumstances. The feeling of unfulfillment will follow you wherever you go. Waiting is a poor practice, avoid it — appreciate right-now instead. If you’re acknowledging the present, you won’t need to wait, you’ll have the greatness that’s in this moment.

What’s realer than right-now? And are you fully awake while experiencing right-now? If not, why not? What good is getting anywhere in this world if you’re unconscious while doing so? The first step is to become conscious. Then, any step afterwards becomes a fun adventure for an awakened consciousness experiencing existence.

The past has past, let it go. By scrutinizing the past, you’ll lose yourself in it and find much suffering. The present, experienced by a consciousness uncorrupted by thought, is where you’ll find yourself. By remaining present, the past and its associated pain disperse, and you find peace.