Imperfect Experience

Existence is the experience of imperfection. Imperfection provides reason for action. Whereas if something is in a state of perfection, nothing needs to be done. Therefore, we are constantly striving towards a perfection we hope we never achieve. Imperfection makes things fun.

If you’re not good at something, great! That’s the point! Games, for example, get boring the moment you master them. Excitement emerges when things don’t go as planned. Variety springs forth from imperfect implementations. Sameness is tediousness.

To extract enjoyment, we must accept and appreciate a playful approach towards perfection. We can’t allow ourselves to feel frustrated by a lack of perfection because we truly don’t want to get there. We WANT the condition of imperfection to inspire our efforts.

It’s a game like any other: we should be sincere in our pursuit but not solemnly so. We should genuinely engage in an activity, but not too seriously. We shouldn’t feel disdain for imperfection, but embrace it on an impossible path towards perfection.

Introductory Dreams

You pine for a simple and clear message of what’s going on here… yet nightly dreams ARE the simple everyday reminder of what’s going on here! You dismiss them as strange and useless phenomena, but they’re the tutorial that preludes each day. Dreams serve to say: Here’s a mini-version of what you’re about to experience.

Nightly dreams are influenced by what we focus on throughout the day. For example: watch a scary movie, have a nightmare. The SAME is true for life. Focus on frightening stuff, live a fear-filled life. And just like you don’t have to watch scary movies, you don’t have to focus on ANY scary stuff. You’re in a dream, EVERYTHING is an illusion.

All that stuff in the news? It’s content generated to incite outrage and worry. Whenever you WANT to get upset, consume it. It’s like adding spicy sauce to your food — sometimes you wanna feel the heat. But if you’re sick of sweating after each bite, stop using it. None of that sensationalist stuff matters, this is a dream.

Every dream comes to an end and then it’s quickly forgotten. We have new dreams all the time, no big deal. Silly stuff happens in dreams and silly stuff happens here too. Strange coincidences, twists and turns, absurd plot-lines, dreams demonstrate what we should expect. In dreams, details don’t matter, things just manifest whenever we expect them.

Attempting to live life as if it’s not a dream creates a lot of confusion. There are no clearcut guides to getting by in this world because they’re simply not necessary. It’s a dream, so getting from point-A to point-B doesn’t follow a logically progressive path. A world full of celebrities is not logical in a solid-world — but in a dream, it makes the most sense.

Fundamental Problem

The fundamental problem with embodied existence is NOT survival, health, money, purpose, relationships or any other in-world issue. The fundamental problem deals with the acceptance and appreciation of life’s dream-like nature. Life provides a dreamworld that takes getting used to. When we get frustrated by our inability to figure things out, we tend to paint life as the problem — instead of our own lack of understanding.

In our ignorance, we flail around as if drowning — then we’re overcome by the turbulence we created. From that perspective, of course life seems like a hellish nightmare designed to punish with pain. But it’s not true. Life is simply fulfilling our expectations. A cynical pessimist at the controls creates a dark and dreary dreamworld. And that dreamer mistakenly blames life, believing IT to be the source of all problems.

But YOU are the source of EVERY problem you’ve ever encountered. This is a dreamworld, and YOU inflict every ounce of pain upon yourself. You’ll deny it of course, and swear up and down that you’re not doing it to yourself. You’ll point out how life did this-and-that and you’re not to blame one bit. And THAT is why the fundamental problem of embodied existence is the inability to accept and appreciate life’s dream-like nature. You keep denying your contribution while declaring life as the problem.

Around and around you’ll go on this merry-go-round of misery… UNTIL you finally accept AND appreciate the dream-like nature of life — a place in which your attitude and expectations directly affect your experience. From there, you’ll stop focusing on the worst ideas you can imagine and focus on things that evoke joy instead. And lo and behold, the world will change before your eyes as that hellish nightmare morphs into a delightful dream. THIS is the ONLY problem you must solve, the rest is illusion.

Good Games

If I should avoid playing stupid games, what are some good games to play instead?


Teamwork. Build and strengthen relationships with others.

Exploration. Wander through the wondrous world.

Appreciation. Focus on things you enjoy, engage with them, recognize the delight they provide you.

Creativity. When inspiration strikes, do it.

Hopefulness. Imagine the best possible outcomes.


I started playing Call of Duty: Mobile when I saw it on the App Store in early October. I’m currently at level 145 out of 150 — in other words, I’m pretty good. Playing a virtual-soldier comes easily to me. In contrast to that, I’ve played some Minecraft multiplayer games that I’m not so good at — I get wasted by the likes of PrettyPrincess123 on the regular (it’s embarrassing).

I suppose it demonstrates that there’s a specific niche in life that our character fits into. Skills are specific to a particular purpose and do NOT translate to other areas. Just because I’m skilled at ONE genre of video-game doesn’t mean I’m good at ALL video-games for instance. But when I’m in the right genre, there’s an intuitive sense that takes over and leads the way.

As far as I’m aware, I have NOT found my niche in regular life. I’m several decades old and I’m still waiting to stumble into something I excel at. For example, I’m not very good at artistic design, competing, socializing, singing, or dancing. Whereas I’m kinda good with technical topics, gadgets/tools, history, philosophy, war-games. But I’m only kinda good — I’m not excelling to point of having a viable career in ANYTHING.

In the games I’m good at, I feel invested and energized by the process as I’m propelled into success without conscious intervention. As my character does well, I simply watch it happen and go along for the ride. What’s missing in regular life, is this energizing self-propulsion that powers the journey. I’ve certainly seen it with other people and I’ve personally experienced it in games — but for whatever reason it eludes me in regular life.

Without that drive and intuitive knowledge, you can’t simply pick a random career path. It’s pre-ordained based on your abilities and preferences — you can’t sustain something you’re just not into. But what would I know, I’m obviously doing something wrong. Attempting to fix things through conscious-effort would probably get me more lost than I already am. What do they tell you to do when you’re lost? Sit still and wait to be found. But does that apply here? I dunno.

Redefining Defaults

The body is not a pain-generator, it’s a tool that allows the consciousness to experience an embodied existence. You can obviously misuse tools, for example you can hit yourself on the head with a hammer — that doesn’t mean a hammer’s primary purpose is to produce pain.

If you’re having an unpleasant time with your body, it’s likely that you’re misusing it (i.e. stop hitting yourself). It’s like you’re grabbing the wheel of your avatar and steering it into a wall — don’t do that. The body is fully capable of navigating through the world it was born into — allow this process to unfold.

Because of fear and skepticism, you’re using your influence to interrupt your life’s narrative — stop that. Dismiss fear and rebuke skepticism and just go for it, allow your avatar to freely flow in the direction it needs to go. It WILL fight you when you try to impede its journey and you WILL lose. Skip the stress by becoming a pleasant passenger.

Relatedly: when new circumstances arise, life is NOT trying to torture you or scare you, it’s simply presenting you with invitations to engage. These are opportunities to do something new and interesting. Again, don’t let fear or skepticism prevent you from progressing on this path. You CANNOT protect yourself through inaction — you can’t hide from life.

Life only seems like a harsh taskmaster because you’re distrustful. Life is more like a mamma bird that’s pushing you out of the nest — she wants to see you soar. Yet you, being scared, fight to stay in the nest even though it’s uncomfortable and you’ve outgrown it. As you fall from the nest, you keep your wings tucked and refuse to unfurl them. Boom! Of course the landing hurts!!

Something else to consider: the options you don’t prefer aren’t there to irritate you, they’re simply part of the buffet. If you see something you’re not partial to, don’t select it — but don’t demonize it, just focus on the things you do like. Because something undesirable exists, don’t assume all of life sucks — just pass it by and select something that does interest you.

In essence, an absolute external world does NOT exist, the world you experience depends on your focus and emerges from your thoughts and attitude. Fear and skepticism are your enemies here. If you defeat them, it’ll be smooth sailing on an epic adventure through a grand narrative of human existence.

Arbitrary Goals

It amazes me the hoops I’ll jump through to complete an arbitrary goal. In other words, if a pointless objective strikes my fancy, I’ll put a lot of time and effort into completing it despite the fact that nothing changes, I simply check it off my to-do list. This pattern of behavior is found in real life as well as in video-games where I’ll grind away hours for a meaningless trinket.

In other words, what I do doesn’t matter. I need simply pick an end, and pursue it. I’m not progressing or improving anything, I’m merely keeping busy. That’s the nature of games: you apply effort for the entertainment-value received by expending energy. At the end of every game, nothing changes — it’s GAME OVER whether you win or lose. The ultimate goal for you-the-player is to extract enjoyment from the experience.

So pick a goal, any goal you like — and do THAT. Life is a game, and if you take it too seriously, you’re going to have a VERY bad time. Imagine yourself as Alice in Wonderland for instance, you could play along with the absurdity that surrounds, or you could fight it tooth-and-nail attempting to establish some form of order. Playing along is the only reasonable option to take. There is NOTHING of significance happening here, it’s a game, have fun.

Oh sure, people act solemn at times, but so do children playing pretend. Drama can be fun to act out, with soliloquies of betrayal and tragic tales of woe and dire predictions of gloom & doom. But at the end of the day when playtime’s over, none of it matters — just admire the production for what it was. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.