Donning Red

An excerpt from the fictional series Wokest Tales of Truth.

We all know Little Red Riding Hood as an old-timey European folk tale, but what if it took place in modern-day America? Now, sit back and enjoy our presentation of Little Red Riding Hood as told from a hyper-Americanized perspective. For the comfort of others, please no smoking.

Red hon, I just got off the phone with your grandma. She’s stuck in bed with gout because she refuses to go to the doctor. Can you deliver some food to her house?

Why doesn’t she just go to the doctor?

Well, honey, she refuses to participate in socialized medicine. She believes the last president was a secret Muslim hell-bent on destroying America. She rejects anything his administration implemented. She thinks the previous president hated her freedoms — and she’ll do anything to stand up for the America she so dearly loves.

Is that why she’s on Facebook complaining everyday?

Now, Red, can you please just deliver this basket of canned goods to your grandma?

Okay mom.

As she left the house, Red put on her red-white-and-blue hoodie. It was her favorite. Her dad gave it to her right before his deployment. He was a Navy Seal that served his country proudly.

Being a Millennial, Red always sought the easy path through life, so today she decided to take the shortcut through the woods despite what her mom told her about going the longer more secure route.

As Red walked through the woods, a wolf spotted her coming.

Hello dear, don’t you look every bit of delectable today?

Red just kept walking, she couldn’t hear him anyway because she had her wireless Apple AirPods in her ears while listening to a Spotify playlist.

Being of the wiser baby-boomer generation, the wolf knew he could easily take advantage of this clueless child that walked right by him. He guessed her destination because there was only one house at the end of the road and he jogged as fast as he could.

Upon arriving at the house, out of shape and out of breath, the wolf heard the sounds of FOX NEWS blaring through the windows. He banged on the door yelling “Open up! The liberals are coming to take your guns!”

Granny yelled back, “I never lock my front door! Come in and hide my guns!”

The wolf entered and gathered up all of Granny’s guns and threw them out the window, leaving the poor woman defenseless. Granny was too busy mailing out checks to Republican politicians and coal-mining CEOs to notice. She knew they’d use the money to create jobs and would manage her Social Security funds better than anyone.

The wolf sat by the front door waiting for Red while Granny remained distracted in the kitchen, yelling about liberals.

When Red finally arrived, she popped out her AirPods and knocked on the door. The wolf quickly answered and told her to come in. He had a college loan application ready and waiting, all Red had to do was sign it and she’d be on the hook for $50,000. When she wouldn’t sign, the wolf got angry and approached Red menacingly.

All she could think about was what her dad told her before he left, “the only thing that can stop rampaging evil is a good-guy with a gun.” After the initial pop, Red’s ringing ears heard nothing as she emptied a magazine of Black Talon hollow-points into the savage beast. When the body hit the floor she re-holstered her concealed-carry firearm.

Granny! It’s me, Red! Are you okay!?

As Granny emerged from the kitchen carrying an apple pie, she and Red turned to the American flag that flew majestically in the front-yard. With right hands over hearts, they recited the Pledge of Allegiance. America had become great again.


American Ideal

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts.

It would do us well to remember that the United States of America was established by those that outright rejected and abandoned their previous government. The people that brought about this nation were not United States citizens by birth, for there was no such entity, but they became Americans through their optimism and innovative ideals. From the Pilgrims to the Founding Fathers to the later waves of immigrants, America was populated by those seeking drastic alteration of the status quo.

I dare say that stodgy old conservatism does not belong here, this is not a land in which ancient ideas should entrench. America is a country by immigrants for immigrants, it is a realm that cannot be constricted by tradition lest it choke and wither, it is a land in which the constant churn must produce newness. Change in a progressive pattern is the very nature of America, and always will be despite those that attempt restraint.

For those that would deem the establishment of staleness appropriate, I piteously say, perhaps this place is not for you. There are already well-established stalwarts of old-world practices. You may think it harsh to turn-out those knowing only this land as home, but I simply hold a mirror before their faces. And truly I wish them not to leave, but merely align their mind with the true nature of the American ideal, which is unrepentant optimism in an ever changing greatness.

Living in this land does not come without a price. The fee comes in the form of a welcoming spirit. What created this country was not the particular system put in place, but the confidence of risk-takers, the boldness held by the foolhardy, the daring of dreamers fulfilling their vision — it was the courage to trust in positive outcomes while maintaining faith in the goodness of people. Our initiation as Americans is not by birth or oath, but by active battle with fear, a foe we must defeat.

We must not be afraid of the future, of change, of differences, of ideas, of countries, of neighbors, of religions, of lifestyles, nor even death itself. We must not shrink away in the cowardice of conservatism, but go boldly forward into the morrow — our very foundation as a nation wills it. Cowards cannot be free, as they are ever locked in a prison of their own design. Let us therefore fight against fright in all its forms and hold fast to the American ideal of unrepentant optimism, which in a word, is courage.

By His Word

As was said: I was hungry and you gave me no food. I was thirsty and you gave me no drink. I was a stranger and you gave me no welcome. I was without even clothes and you gave me nothing. I was sick and you gave me no care. I was imprisoned and you gave me no solace. Then they will say, Lord, when did we see you hungry, thirsty, as a stranger, unclothed, sick, or imprisoned? Then He will answer them, saying: Truly I say to you, inasmuch as you gave not to the least of my brethren, you gave not to me. And these hard-hearted will go into everlasting punishment while the givers go into eternal life.

As was also said:
Blessed are those in distress, for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the gentle, for this world shall be theirs.
Blessed are those that crave goodness, for they shall be satiated.
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive what they sow.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the descendants of God.
Blessed are those harassed for spreading God’s love, for their sanctuary awaits.

Those spreading this message are beacons to the perfection that lies beyond this world, so shine brightly and let this path be known. And do not reject the rules of old, but follow and surpass them.

For instance, it is said you should not kill another — but you should not even insult or hate another. Never stand in opposition to another as an adversary, but reconcile as friends.

It is said you should seek equivalent retribution for wrongs done to you, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth — but you should not even resist someone wronging you. To whomever slaps one cheek, offer the other. If someone claims your shirt, give your coat too. If compelled to go one mile, go two. Give to those who ask and do not resist any wanting to borrow.

It is said you should love your neighbor and hate your enemy — but you should love your enemies and wish well for those tormenting you, in this way you align with God. The sun rises over everyone, good and bad — and the rain too falls onto everyone, just and unjust. Loving only those that love you — anyone can do that — to do as God does, you must love all.

Whatever treatment you want, give to others. And whatever others ask of you, give to them. As you give, you tread the path to perfection, a difficult path traveled by few.

Many will claim to walk the path to God, but merely pretend. Know them by their fruits — the genuine produce what is wholesome while the deceitful produce what is toxic.

Those that claim to walk the path, or ignore it, are lost. Those that hear this message, and follow the path, will find their way.

World of Shapes

Within a circular world witness the angular shapes. Squares are overly controlling and triangles are drama generators. Such attributes serve to maximize tension, often erupting into trouble. But these qualities are not inherently negative, they’re just the nature of these shapes. We should not wish to eliminate these features, but merely recognize and account for them.

In general, squares unforgivingly attempt to control their environment. Whatever surrounds, be it people or things, squares will try to have a say in how circumstances proceed. Like zealots they’ll try to impose their beliefs upon all others and quarrel with any who oppose. Because of this tendency, they must be limited in their attempts to control beyond themselves.

A free society is one in which people are allowed to be different and pursue the activities they deem appropriate for their own lives. Squares, by their nature, tend to stifle freedom and expect uniform alignment with their personal beliefs. So a free-society must recognize and account for this tendency, remaining ever watchful that some are not suppressed by others.

In general, triangles vividly embellish scenes, or outright construct scenarios from scratch, and react to these imaginings. Triangles stir the pot, yet cannot detect this process and will vehemently deny it if confronted. And unfortunately, because of false drama generation, onlookers oftentimes refuse to believe the claims of triangles, thinking it’s a case of crying wolf.

Sometimes squares will see triangles as unstable shapes that need to be controlled whereas triangles will sometimes see squares as oppressors trying to entrap. Triangles need to feel believed regardless of the veracity of their claim. A well-functioning society must be aware of this and tread lightly, showing compassion while verifying claims.

Sharp points of angular shapes tear at the fabric of society. It is the worst of all conditions when such shapes form an accidental union where one claims the sky is falling while the other seeks to fix it through enforcement. Yet such shapes need not be neutered into circles, but some slight rounding helps — applying pressure on the points while reminding each of the other’s existence.

Toxic Division

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Bytekings.

Can’t we just cut ourselves off from the rest of the country?

The problem is not regional, you’ll see the split sprinkled throughout a single street.

Then how can we get rid of the troublemakers?

Let me ask you this, if an undesirable substance mixes into a desirable substance, how do you separate the two? You employ a mechanism that catches and concentrates one, then discard the trash.

Just what are you saying?

I’m saying that the undesirable substance is currently concentrating, which will soon make it ready for removal.

Wait, you mean…?

Ha, no we’re not talking about people, but toxic ideas.

But now they have power to go along with those ideas.

How do you tame an unruly child? At first you show him that you understand his hurt. Then you bring him around, introducing him to productive tasks. You give him responsibility. You provide him the dignity he never thought he had.

But what’s to say they won’t abuse the power?

Then what hope is there for the whole? Should we lord over them as masters? Why should we want to become tyrants always at the ready with rod in hand? No, if we want the world we dream of then we must strive to instill maturity within all.

New Chief

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Bytekings.

Tell me, are you familiar with the concept of air supremacy?
Yeah, it has something to do with controlling the skies in battle.
Those who control the sky, determine who will die. I assume you’ve heard of the rockets my company produces?
Yes of course, they can even land themselves.
That’s right. And you’ve probably also noticed that my company makes semi-autonomous automobiles as well?
And I’ve seen the solar work you’ve been doing, it’s all quite fascinating.
Decentralized electrical power is decentralized political power.
There seems to be an underlying theme to all this.
Indeed there is. The way in which humankind is currently organized is outdated. I am going to fix that.
And those currently on top will allow you to do this?
How easy would it be for me to weaponize my rockets? How quickly could I weaponize autonomous vehicles? And I need no electrical grid to produce my power.
Just what are you saying?
Relax, I’m simply telling you what I could do, not what I will do. Tell me, are you familiar with the Simulation Hypothesis?
Yeah, the idea that our world is only a virtual reality.
Exactly, and I’ve been well aware of this condition for some time, hence my recurrent success. I lack the the fear and doubt that plague those that believe themselves living in an organic world.
Then what are you going to do?
I am an engineer by nature, a creator of systems, I am designing the foundation of the next era. I have my hands in banking, robotics, energy production, as well as transportation: terrestrial and beyond. Think of how early industrialists made their money, I have seeds in all those fields and soon my crop will establish itself.
But then what?
Then power goes to the people.

Growing Up

Do we say a child has a differing opinion or do we say his worldview is underdeveloped? Is it raw age, or an ever expanding perspective that makes for maturity?

How do we characterize immaturity? The immature are easily frightened. The immature are insular. The immature see only from their own eyes. The immature reject what they don’t immediately understand. The immature must always win else tantrums flair.

How would we characterize maturity? The mature lack unfounded fears. The mature are inclusive of outliers. The mature attempt to see what others see. The mature seek to understand underlying complexity. The mature accept loss with grace.

While immature ideas are not valid opinions, the feelings producing them are real. In this way, seek to validate the feelings of those harboring such thought, let them know their dissatisfaction is recognized.

And once a connection is established, help them understand their myopia. Shine a light on the shadows that scare them. Show them the humanity they share with others. Introduce them to expansive ideas. Encourage them to trust in life’s goodness.