Negative Consequences

Dear Rich, if I live in a virtual-world in which my thoughts become the reality I experience, why aren’t my wishes coming true?

As is written, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. With a negative mindset for instance, every ache would become a deadly disease. Every creak in the house would be a murderer slowly stalking you. In other words, your lack of manifestation is for your own good.

Jesus said, “He that already has, more will be given — but from him that lacks, what he has will be taken.” In other words, if you’re positive, you’ll keep accumulating — a positive plus a positive equals an even greater positive. In one sense, it’s like you’ve proven yourself to have a good enough attitude to handle finding what you seek. Whereas if you’ve got a mind full of negativity, then that negativity will keep chipping away at what you have until it’s even less. In other words, if you keep adding negatives to a positive, the sum will eventually go below zero. So in a sense, if you’re pessimistic, not receiving what you wish for is protecting you. But if you keep persisting in your negativity, you’ll eventually find what you seek.

So if you want your wishes to come true, you have to stop activating the wish fail-safe mechanism. If you have this fail-safe device, you’re likely on easy-mode, so the system is watching out for you (but it can only do so much). You have to prove you can handle such unbridled power by maintaining a positive mindset. For example: Phone rings! Are you suddenly filled with dread, expecting bad news!? Fail! Noise in an unoccupied area of the house! Is it anything but pipes expanding or wood settling?!! FAIL!! You feel a sensation somewhere in-or-on your body! Deadly-arachnid-bite or cancer??? FAIL!!! Someone you know just left the house! Is that the last time you’ll ever see them??!!! FAIL!!!! If any of this approximates your reactions to life, then good luck ever trying to get good results from wishing.

With a negative attitude, even if you receive the awesome thing you wished for, your negativity would just keep whittling it away until it was gone. Obtaining and keeping what you want will require a drastic change in your belief system — and you’ll need to practice until your reactions default to positive. It’s like any fitness regimen, you have to keep at it and integrate it into your lifestyle. Now wipe that pessimistic puss off your face and smile dammit! Twenty minutes of meditation followed by twenty minutes of positive visualization!!! DO IT!!!


Middle-Class Dream

I was talking to my friend the other day about life and what she wanted from it. I was trying to ascertain her true aspirations through the veil of nebulous data she provided. Even though she’s been around for a few decades, she feels as though she’s still wandering around aimlessly. In our discussion, what she described was essentially a middle-class lifestyle, but she just didn’t know how to get there.

Currently she’s living a low-income lifestyle in a trailer-park. It’s a very nice trailer-park, but such places are still the butt of many jokes. And she doesn’t have money for restaurants or vacations or anything beyond the essentials. I suppose you could sum up where she wants to live as a classic Trick-or-Treat-able neighborhood. She doesn’t want anything too fancy, just Toyota not Bugatti. And for a hobby she’d work part-time jobs just for the fun of it (my mother did this for instance).

As for me, the two things I care about are my friend and being a decent father. I wouldn’t mind going back to a middle-class lifestyle. I suppose my earlier negativity kept me from ever appreciating it. But the quandary I’m presented with, is how do we get there? In my previous mindset, I’d say it’s simply impossible. But that’s the old me — I’m no longer limited by my negative thinking. If that’s what she wants, then that’s what she should have!

From all I’ve heard about “success”, using the resources available to me right now won’t work. I have to go beyond the basics and use extra-terrestrial powers (not aliens, just powers beyond that of mortal man). Yes, that still sounds strange to me, but that’s the prescription — who am I to judge? You gotta believe in something, and my belief in “lack” got me exactly what I wished for: living a low-income lifestyle. Now it’s time to believe in something better.

And by the way, you would not believe the amount of belief, visualization, affirmation, abundance, manifesting, success stuff I’ve been inundated with over the past few years, especially lately. I almost feel like a self-help expert. And mind you, I wasn’t specifically seeking this stuff out, it kinda found me. Perhaps it’s time to put all this info into action. I have to believe magic is real, that the world is pliable and I can shape it — and I do believe — now let’s find out how good of a wizard I am.

Quest Love

Many of us are so pessimistic that we don’t bother pursuing anything — why waste our time? It won’t work out. What optimistic belief systems provide, is the permission to actively want things. You mean if I simply wish for something, there’s a glimmer of hope I might somehow attain it? Hm, perhaps life isn’t so futile after all….

A pessimistic attitude will literally keep us from wanting anything of significance due to a fear of disappointment — why fill myself up with false-hope for something I’ll never receive. Under the guise of protecting ourself, we deny ourself the best of what life has to offer — it’s a tragic way to live. Whereas an optimistic attitude allows us to step on the path and begin a quest.

When you start playing a game for instance, you’ve attained nothing so far, yet there’s a chance you’ll attain your in-game goals — you’re hopeful. It’s this glimmer of hope and the act of getting there, that you find so enjoyable. Actual attainment isn’t providing the enjoyment, it’s the quest prior to attainment that’s entertaining you.

This is why the end of games can be somewhat sad in the sense that it’s all over — you’ve attained the prize but now what? In actuality it never mattered whether you obtained the thing you wanted. What you were delighting in, was the anticipation, not the attainment.

So who cares if optimism-inducing belief systems actually get you the stuff you want, what they really provide is the philosophical framework that allows you to pursue a quest. It smashes the inertia of pessimism that would otherwise have you doing nothing at all, constantly drowning in futility.

No Whammies

I have that common conundrum of trying to figure out just who I am. The simplistic answer is: just be yourself and react naturally to life’s stimuli as stuff continually parades before you. But the problem with “being myself”, is that I very easily assume the role of a pessimistic hater, regularly predicting disaster and criticizing everything. That guy lives in a hopeless world where everything sucks — yuck. Because I don’t like the results of that attitude, I had to develop mindfulness, an awareness of what I was thinking and saying — so now when I catch myself being “that guy”, I stop.

But if I cut out a major portion of my personality, what am I left with? Who am I? I was very much motivated by fear, now what am I supposed to be driven by? I’m not sure what my ambitions are. I do have some ideas of how I’d like to live but I have no inspiration for how to proceed. It feels like I’m hanging out in a waiting room, in line to collect my lottery winnings — I know all the stuff I want to buy and the things I’d do with my time, but I’m just waiting for the check. A path by which I perform some physical act to attain those things isn’t appearing in my imagination.

So as I sit, I’m keeping busy, engaging in some hobbies with the limited resources I have. For instance, I’ve spent the last couple months building some small wood working projects and buying some relatively inexpensive tools. Beyond that, I browse real estate sites, shop for the things I’d buy when the money rolls in, and make “vision boards”. If you told me ten years ago that I’d be making a vision-board, I’d’ve called you an idiot. Now I’m “that guy” who dreams of ideal days and creates slide-show-based vision-boards of where I want to live.

I wouldn’t mind winning the actual lottery. I want to win the Lucky for Life lottery so I can tell people my job is “breathing”. The longer I live, the more I’m paid. I used to say, “there’s no reward for longevity” — now there really would be. That amuses me. Some people need assigned activities to keep busy — not me though. I’ve always been about autodidacticism and entertaining myself. It takes a certain personality to be able to live a life of leisure. My friend is quite capable of living a life-of-leisure too which is why we live in a mobile-home in a trailer-park I suppose.

But you know who wins the lottery? Trailer-park folk, that’s who. We’re just fulfilling the prophesy. “Oh, Patron Saint of the Lottery, I have fulfilled thy covenant by residing within the sacred single-wide. Now I pray thee to grant me thine fruits of triple cherries. Let thy coinage flow from thine silver vomiting orifice. May my pockets be ever widening as I humbly accept the gift I do not deserve yet receive with abundant appreciation. And may all who request such luck receive the jackpot they so desire.” I don’t consider myself lucky, perhaps I’ve just been saving it all for this one moment.

Hm, this feels like a Saturday post. Checking calendar… yep. I always write the strangest posts on Saturdays….

Wishes – Summer 2017

So as to fully program my mind with only the most delightful daydreams, I’ll be detailing my current crop of wishes (in no particular order):

I wish to fill my evenings with meaningful activity. Instead of just recuperating from the day, I wish to have a task that enlivens and fulfills, leaving me satisfied and ready for sleep.

I wish to sleep through the night and wake-up well-rested. Bed should be a sanctuary I embrace yet happily depart when the new day dawns.

I wish for my work to find its appreciative audience. That which I craft should be a delight to others who subtly display their thanks.

I wish for a healthy, well-functioning digestive process from end to end. Well-prepared food is a delight, and its enjoyment is supported by the smooth action of consumption, absorption, and elimination.

I wish to remain calm, composed, and collected at all times. Feeling startled is a thing of the past, my reactions should be measured and reassuring to others.

I wish to have replenishing resources for spending adventures. From tech-gadgets to trips, cars and clothes, food and funding (creators), gifts and giving, houses and helping — copious cash is there as fuel for the creative process.

I wish my days to contain many moments of levity with my family. I wish to be building bonds of companionship as we lightheartedly ride this spaceship, Earth.

I wish to serve as teacher, a trainer of sorts. Those that cross my path should gain an understanding previously unrealized.

First Steps

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Way of the Wizard: Modern Magic

But Rich, where do I find introductory material on magic? It doesn’t seem readily available.

You’re right, just searching for “magic” will get you nowhere. But if you look past the surface, you’ll see there’s tons of material about magic. For instance, a lot of popular “success” books are straight-up magic. They don’t claim to be such, yet they’re essentially telling you to wish your way to prosperity and fulfillment. They’ll often talk about affirmations and repeatedly writing your wishes down. Or they’ll mention visualization: vividly imagining the outcomes you desire. And of course the “Law of Attraction” a.k.a The Secret is pure sorcery — it’s all about manifesting your materialistic wants.

For many years I was skeptical of such claims, and dismissed followers as fools and proponents as snake-oil salesmen. But eventually I realized that my pessimism was not proof. These people wholeheartedly believed in magic and I was needlessly dismissive of their lifestyle. And here’s the thing, they were living an enjoyable life filled with hopefulness and cheer whereas I was sitting in squalor endlessly complaining about how horrible the world was. Who’s the fool?

So what does one do upon learning the error of his ways? That’s right, take two giant steps in the opposite direction. I’m in full-on magic-mode now. And I’ve read the common success books, I’ve seen The Secret, I’ve watched adherents relate their stories on YouTube — I’d consider myself versed in the techniques of the trade. Therefore, I’ve completed the first three steps: I believe magic exists, I believe it’s something I can practice, and I’ve gone through the introductory material. Currently I’m in the solo-project stage, attempting to self-solve a particular problem.

Using what I’ve learned, I must make something manifest. The biggest hurdle to practicing magic is remembering to practice. My attention is so often focused on the mundane: all the unpleasantries I encounter, the foul odors, the bad attitudes — I’m so easily distracted by the worst life has to offer. Yet I’ve been diligent enough to use these negativities in my favor, using them as triggers, reminders to think magically — believing I must have inadvertently summoned the bitter into being. We must be careful what we wish, because we might just get it — and so I’m careful to keep only what delights in mind.

Even if magic wasn’t real, I’ve become a much happier person simply by weeding out the pessimism. That vacancy has been conscientiously filled with pleasant fantasies instead. And it is magic’s job to bring these particular fantasies into being. In one sense, I’ve really no more to do than wish and wait. But of course, keeping my garden free of dream-choking weeds is a chore in itself. Thankfully it’s a chore that becomes more automatic with practice. So dear reader, there is your answer, the introductory material is where it’s always been: right in your face. Pick it up.