Let There Be Light

Working with electricity! I purchased a simple lamp kit over at Lowes which included a bulb-holder with switch, a threaded stem with tightening nut, and some cord. I also purchased a second bulb-holder which came with a pull-chain instead of a push-switch (I used this one, not the switch that came with the kit). I got the kit because it was my first lamp project, next time I’ll probably just buy individual parts now that I know what I’m dealing with. The wiring step is very simple, I just followed the included instructions.

This is more of a prototype project where I was experimenting with lamp construction. In this lantern-style lamp I used actual parchment paper, utilizing a little bit of wood-glue to keep it in place. The primary frame is constructed out of 3/4 inch poplar squares. The lamp is about 19 inches tall and 7 inches wide and sits nicely on my desk. I’m using an LED bulb which doesn’t give off heat — but because it’s parchment paper (which is typically used in ovens for baking), and open on the top and bottom, I don’t think an incandescent bulb would be a problem.

As a bonus, I cannibalized the old lamp that the lantern-lamp replaced and made a scrap-wood standing lamp. I pulled apart the old lamp’s bulb-holder and un-wired it, pulled the wire through, unscrewed the threaded stem — then whipped up a simple standing base with whatever wood I had laying around. I reused the old lamp’s lampshade on this one though.