Dreamlike Days

Every day is a brand new day.
Imagination paints in the details.
Focusing on a particular fills in its blanks.

Continuity comes from chosen themes.

Ignore vague remembrances,
develop a preferred theme,
focus on details that delight.

Make each day the one you want.
Inspiration suggests a course,
but customize the path to please the palate.


Satisfying Dream

At first I believed the world a random place, my life ruled by chance. But such a scary philosophy, I could not maintain. Then a passive existence I believed, a pathway predetermined, unalterable. But such submissiveness I could not bear. Then I began to see life as a lucid dream, my mind’s designs manifesting in every moment. This was satisfying.

The mind must find a resting place, a foundation upon which to build. If it sits in shifting sand, nothing lasting can be built. This bedrock comes from a firm idea in which to place one’s faith. I had faith in randomness, but its nature was unstable. I had faith in predestination, but it did not suit. So now I invest in dreams, a nebulous source that’s surprisingly solid.

A hazy nature provides strength as it conforms to each situation. Anything unpleasant simply serves as reminder to mind my thoughts. Whatever happens is my own fault, but in a funny way. I work at shaping rumination lest I get what I don’t desire. What I wish should come to be, but if not, I’ve merely more minding to do.

Whether true it matters not, it simply serves as satisfying base from which to run. A mind must have easy answers to complex questions else it go round and round in constant quandary. What ease it is to explain every scene as mere mirage. And with haunting angst now exorcised, the joys of life reveal themselves. Nightmares become delightmares.

Lucid Life

I’m dreaming.
I am the dreamer, both source and subject.
As source, I am one with all.
As subject, I play a role like any other.
Through existential amnesia, I am an audience to this creation.
This is a dreamworld, a virtuality, a place of pure imagination.
It’s but a dream, a fictional tale.
There’s no need to wake up, just remain aware.
Once lucid I can influence the mood, setting the tone.
No longer lost I orchestrate harmony.
Shadows of fear dissolve from my illumination.
I am free to have fun, enjoy, delight.
I’m dreaming, now in the light.

Dreamer of Dreams

I’ve begun to think of life as a dream. I am therefore the creator as well as experiencer of my existence. My wandering mind sets the stage while introducing a cavalcade of characters. This is a lucid dream, one in which I’m aware and able to influence. Yet I’m more often lost to the narrative before me, allowing the story to meander as it will.

But this directionlessness isn’t always satisfying. My mind wants to be constantly entertained, so in a pinch it’ll select a cheap thrill to rouse itself, living by the motto: anything is better than boredom. My mind regrets these low-quality selections of course, getting the equivalent of a tummy-ache from the lack of nutritiousness.

What I need instead, is to fill my head with wholesomeness. One such mental-vegetable is the concept of oneness, the deconstruction of my sense-of-self, egolessness. It’s stepping back a bit from my character, seeing him as just part of the show, not some super fragile shell that needs constant protection from imagined calamity.

To perform this deconstruction, I’ll have to remove the border I perceive between myself and existence. I’ll need to reinforce the idea that “I” and everything are one. To tear down the wall of “me”, I can regularly imagine my body dispersing into particles, flowing through the aether, formless yet present, a costume to be discarded at will — for I am a dreamer of dreams.

Fun in Wonderland

Who knows what the terms are, arbitrary perhaps. But for now I’ll use asleep, half-asleep, and awakening. There are those asleep, pleasantly dreaming of wonderland — let them remain asleep wandering within the world, because why not? But there are those half-asleep and half-aware, waking up, confused, outright frightened and overwhelmed by the sensation of seriousness. Then there are those fully aware of their awakening, the lucid dreamers.

A blank look in the eyes, always following a script, holding unwavering beliefs, these are the deep sleepers, the sleep-walkers we shouldn’t wake. But they can be influenced of course, led by the prevailing ideas that float past their sleepy senses. It’s the half-asleep and half-aware that might need help with their transition to full awareness. They experience dissatisfaction with existence. Perhaps those already aware of their own awakening might ease this transition, broadcasting the idea of lucid dreaming.

We don’t want to fully awaken you see, there’s no point in that as we’d just want to return to our dream. We simply want a pleasant dreaming experience, and there’s two ways to get there. Either lose ourselves completely in the dream or become fully aware that we’re dreaming. The in-between stage is an unpleasant one because we’re too aware of ourselves as we walk through an intense funhouse — so activities will seem dangerous and outcomes dire.

If you’re half-aware, it might be best to keep going the entire way and become a lucid dreamer. If you keep trying to go back to a deep sleep, the constant excitement of life could keep jarring you. You already realize that life isn’t what it seems to be, now just take this feeling further in order to make the experience of existence more enjoyable. Don’t retreat from the feeling of dreaminess, follow it until you realize the pleasant benevolence of it all.

Removing Limits

If life is dreamlike, it’s important to regularly remind ourselves to remove self-imposed limitations. For example, if we have an actual dream about being trapped in a basement-like facility surrounded by dampness, it’d be helpful if we could remind ourselves that the grey walls were ones we created — at which point a previously unseen door might appear by which we walk out into the sun.

People often wake-up from dreams in which someone they know wronged them. “How dare you!” they shout accusingly at the other person who has no idea what’s going on. Yet in real life, such accusations often proceed similarly — people don’t feel like wrongdoers until convinced by their victims. Even in waking life, perception shapes reality.

So we must daily remind ourselves that we are putting pessimistic limits upon ourselves. We need also accept that this dreamworld is better than being fully awake and aware within a sensation-less realm. Despite its flaws, we would choose to be here every time, feeling something rather than nothing.

We need to be aware enough to play in this world by our own rules, not constantly lost to endless tangents. Yet we need not wake fully and pop the bubble of the dream. That’s the balance between sensation and spirit we must achieve. Embodied consciousness, dreamers that can touch and be touched, the end-game of virtual-reality already achieved.

Achieving Greatness

How does a country become great again?

Because of differing opinion on what constitutes greatness, the prescription necessitates a wide-ranging freedom of expression. A great country therefore, is one that maximizes individual ability to pursue happiness.

From their own words we read that George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson believed slavery to detract from the greatness of their country. In other words, oppression does not instill greatness.

If someone wants to work in a particular field, then such specific work must be available. If someone wants to relocate, he must be able to do so. If someone requests a doctor, one must be provided. If two consenting adults choose to be married, that option must exist.

The only caveat to freedom is when it directly interferes with the lives of others. Murder and theft are such examples. But the hindering of lifestyles deemed “impractical” or “inappropriate” falls within the category of oppression. We cannot impose our mere preferences upon others.

The American Dream is about hope. It is the idea that an individual can begin at the bottom yet still reach the top (according to his own definition). Delays exist, but the path to greatness can be traversed by the persistent.

Those that believe America lacks greatness lack hope. They feel confined, unable to pursue their preferred path. But in actuality, no such physical paths exist nor ever did. America is a land of dreams. Those from entrenched cultures came not because of pre-existing infrastructure but because of its absence.

A dream is not a practical plan, it is a fantasy that is believed despite practicality. The dreamer’s job is to imagine his outcome, not concern himself with the details of how or why. “No’s” are just noise to be ignored.

The American Dream is available to those that resist fear and dismantle self-imposed limitations. The pursuit may last a lifetime but greatness comes from an unyielding hope and the determination to follow one’s dreams till the end.