Dream Realized

The circumstances are as follows. I have a sensation of consciousness that resides within an absurd world filled with highly coordinated narratives. The degree of drama suggests a completely artificial environment. Emotional responses seem to be the primary purpose of all this commotion. There’s a perceptible level of discomfort involved in the experience. This agitation encourages action. Comprehensive solutions don’t exist, only temporary remedies and coping strategies. The origins of this realm are elusive.

But why? Is it merely the innocent dream of a supernatural being? Is it cosmic consciousness driven to insanity, having spent eons in solitude? Or is it the birth of consciousness itself? Do I reside in the mind of an amoeba that’s currently achieving sentience? But if it’s an amoeba, why would it dream of “TikTok challenges” and “dank memes”? Clearly this entity has been around for a very long time and is possibly contemplating every conceivable topic, including “Snapchat filters”.

Essentially this means the physical world I thought I knew doesn’t exist. But that’s fine, I didn’t really like it that much (no offense). I’m a whimsical dream, so what. But if the dreamer’s dream even struggles with the notion of consciousness, does that suggest the dreamer might be struggling too? As a dream, I experience daily drama within a wacky world – but there’s also an underlying struggle with consciousness, identity, and purpose.

Who am I really? Why am I having this experience? What should I be doing? Why does it feel like I’m a character in an absurd story about nothing in particular? Why am I also the audience? Am I a reflection of the dreamer’s own struggle with consciousness? Does the dreamer want my input? Is this dream a test-environment to help discover a solution? If the problem is solved here, in dreams, would it solve the dreamer’s dilemma?

Dream of You

I don’t recall ever maintaining a “dreamworld” perspective as intently as I’ve done recently. Simulation, yes – a world designed by someone or some thing for a specific purpose. Your typical brain-in-a-vat scenario. But a simulation implies that a “real” external world exists. There’s solidity and structure somewhere. But a dream? All bets are off. There’s just a dreamer drifting through fantastical depictions of crazy creatures inhabiting a wacky world. It’s an odd feeling.

When I consider the outlandish dramatic narratives in this place, they make a LOT more sense under “dream logic”. Whereas a truly organic, natural, physical world falls apart under scrutiny. And it’s possible that no deception was ever intended – it’s just a dream, so consciousness simply got lost in it. In that sense, the world could actually be a genuinely innocent experience. There’s no mastermind pulling strings, just a drifting dreamer.

This world, growing in complexity as it’s filled with a cavalcade of quirky characters. Details aren’t formed until the dreamer explores, filling in gaps with whatever sounds plausible at the moment. Things aren’t inherently meaningful or enjoyable, those feelings are simply applied to each circumstance as interactions occur.

I realize that the world tends to look like the lens it’s viewed through. So I’m not saying the “dreamworld” is the ultimate answer – but it’s interesting enough to warrant further inquiry. I suppose it elicits a “creepy” or melancholy sensation, which might be why characters within this dream strive to hold on to a physical reality. I’m releasing that grasp as an experiment, we’ll see what happens….

Drifting Dreamer

If existence really is a dream, that opens up the possibility for this experience to be a somewhat random accident. It also implies that the world is completely malleable – and may alter its characteristics and narratives at any time. If that’s true, then there isn’t an active host, there’s more of a consciousness drifting through a dream. I’d say the world is weird enough that it seems dreamy, not designed. But it’s so elaborate, so detailed – perhaps it’s been a very long dream.

What if consciousness sprang forth in the middle of empty space, no arms, no legs, just the ability to imagine. What would such an entity do but dream. So within this entity’s drifting mind, a world forms – full of dramatic creatures with the ability to physically feel and interact with their environment. It’s a bit melancholy actually, bittersweet perhaps. These creatures even have the ability to pass-away, another trait this entity lacks.

Perhaps for him, death is a sweet sentiment – having imagined every possible scenario over eons of dreams. Yet, to witness his characters striving to maintain their existence is pleasing, inspirational in fact – and keeps the dreamer dreaming. In these dreams, there’s camaraderie everywhere – shared struggles and teamwork-based triumph. Whereas, the dreamer dreams alone – creating companionship in stories.

Through many tellings of his stories, he’s likely to have learned tricks to separate and captivate parts of his awareness – creating characters that seem independent of one another. Since they have the same puppeteer, a shared narrative is easy to coordinate. And it’s no coincidence that the origins and implementation-details of this world are hidden and elusive.

I suppose it’s a dumb idea to investigate the origins of existence in order to discover something you’re purposefully hiding from yourself. Hm, perhaps Alan Watts was right, it’s just God playing hide-and-seek with himself.

Life in Space

I’m still experimenting with an ethereal perspective. Lately, my mantra’s been: “I’m not a human, I’m a whimsical dream”. It’s been going well. It does feel closer to the truth. All that physical-world rigmarole just seems like a half-hearted attempt at busy-work. Whereas floating through the day improves the experience.

For the most part, I’d say the external world cooperates. For times it doesn’t seem onboard, I just ignore it – and it tends to fade away. Essentially, you just show up for the day expecting a good time. I suppose it’s like going out to a movie. You don’t bring any assumptions about the world, you start fresh. You don’t tack on a backstory – not even for yourself. You don’t consider future ramifications – every day exists as a world in and of itself.

All that “stuff” that happened in the past is just “Lorem Ipsum” text – filler so the current narrative doesn’t appear to be floating in space. What happened in childhood? Eh, who cares – it simply exists so that references about “childhood” are relatable. Don’t read into anything. Don’t dredge up any “memories” and bring them into today.

Today is brand new – perhaps it’s the first day of existence – who knows. If life’s a dream, the dream could’ve started this morning or even 5-minutes ago. It certainly can be an odd sensation to know you’re dreaming – but it explains the circumstances of life much better than logic ever could.

Dream Life

If reality’s a dream, how should I act within it? Intensity is controlled by focus and perspective. For instance, zooming into something “disturbing” causes intensity to magnify. For example, you could be sitting there all day saying “Oh dear! Poor me! Poor me! I suffer so!” or you could daydream about soaring through vineyards and snacking on grapes. So, steer your focus and adjust your perspective.

Think of it like a magnifying-glass or telescope. Your consciousness is the person viewing through the eyepiece, your focus is whatever you aim the device at, and perspective is the magnification setting. For example, I could aim the device at a wound I have on my hand, zooming into it at the exclusion of all other matters – considering all the things that went into cutting my hand, the mistakes, the potential for infection, even the road to recovery. Or, I could go have a cookie and forget about it. I could turn my focus to treats, zooming-in on the cookie, savoring each bite as chocolate morsels melt in my mouth.

But here’s the thing: the knobs aren’t obvious – and they can stick. And, your device might scan across some things you don’t prefer. Then you’re like, “huh, what’s this?” and before you know it, you’re like “EW!! I didn’t want to see that!! Gah!” Sometimes you gotta fight to change the channel. Keep in mind that it’s never the images themselves you’re fighting, the struggle is for control over your own focus and perspective.

Deny, deny, deny: “This isn’t happening!” or “This is fine.” Because in fact, it IS fine – it’s only a dream, remember. The fanciful images floating across your gaze are yours to ignore or accept. Wrestle your attention away from the unpleasant then coax it towards the things you prefer. Persist in this disciplined approach and you should witness a vast improvement in your experiences.

Off to Space

I’m not a human, I’m a whimsical dream. I’m “The essence previously-known as the physical-form of Rich”.

I have relieved you of the burden of body, now how do you feel? Lighter I suppose. No longer real, but ethereal. Floating through 3D scenes, I skate the frozen surface. I witness far-off reflections of forms glistening amidst a golden glow against boundless backgrounds of flickering spectacles.

I am beyond the scene, as a viewer of TV resides on the other side of the screen, glass in-between. I can experience momentary distress from the images I see, but it’s really not me. Ultimately I don’t care. Unless I can alter the drama before me, then it feels like someone else’s handiwork. All I can say is “okay cool” in an apathetic way, shrugging my shoulders.

So recently, I’ve been testing out a very zoomed-out perspective. It’s weird to perceive all “this” as a complete fabrication – yet it feels closer to the truth. The Earth I know, is absurdity all the way down. Life is pure parody nowadays – which I’m fine with, I like parodies (the joke-version of something).

I’ve noticed the changes, the lightening of my experience flashing before my eyes. I laugh more, my annoyances are minor, I joke more, my responsibilities are less – things are different. The degree to which my world fundamentally altered suggests it wasn’t built on rock, but sand. It WAS a dream after all.

The transient nature of experience, filled with choreographed scenes designed to evoke emotion, demonstrate this. Hello dreamworld, I see you – hiding behind drama in your chaotic camouflage.

Confused Ignorance

I’ve been investigating the fundamental nature of reality for a few decades now. The fact that I still don’t have an adequate explanation reveals that the foundation of existence is elusive – or that I’m a moron. But if I’m really dumb, that in itself demonstrates how my intelligence is set to a point below an ability to understand the underlying principles of the world I’m in.

Therefore, the structure of existence is hidden from inhabitants. And this makes sense, it’s like a character in a video-game – he has no idea about the computing-device running the game. Even the player himself doesn’t understand the underlying electrical engineering involved to run the device’s hardware nor the programming-code that powers the game’s software.

But of course, there could be another reason for my ignorance: there’s simply no foundation. Perhaps nothing exists below the surface. In a dream for example, there’s only an imagined reality in which circumstances blip in and out and often fail to follow logical pathways. I had assumed life was logical, but the longer I’ve examined it, the less logical it seems. Things more or less “just happen”.

Yet, my inability to perceive a logical pathway could in itself reveal a lack of intelligence on my part. Are the workings of the world painfully obvious, yet I’m too dumb to understand? But I’ve seen many different and wildly varying explanations of “how the world works” – so this implies that an explanation isn’t easy or obvious. Perhaps it’s like the allegory of the blind men and the elephant.

Either the world doesn’t want me to perceive its underlying structure, or there’s nothing significant to see (i.e. there are no secrets being kept). Either I’m a character in a game, or I’m the dreamer. Either I’m an ignorant pawn kept in confusion – or I’m the author, designer of everything I see. Or is there some in-between position in which I create within constraints? And why is it that I don’t know?

Why is it that I even want to know? It’s simply because I’m unsatisfied with the game/dream. When I’m enjoying myself, who cares how anything works. I don’t mind losing myself within the story if it’s fun. But if things aren’t going well, perhaps I can fix the problem if I can discern how the world works. Whenever I find a physical-world solution, I use it – but if I can’t find one, I go deeper, to the very foundation of existence itself. (Hm, it sounds like I’m trying to hack the mainframe.)

But what if the underlying structure doesn’t matter, what if the “fix” is the same no matter the foundation. What if the solution is simply to improve one’s attitude. For instance, a dreamer’s dream is often influenced by what they focus on in waking life (i.e. watch a scary movie, have a scary dream). And a gamer’s fun is based on his level of engagement and frame of mind (i.e. if he’s too serious, he’s going to get frustrated).

So perhaps it’s a waste of time to attempt to discover the fundamental nature of reality when such an understanding might not solve the actual problem, which is “dissatisfaction”. In other words, just knowing how something works doesn’t make you a skilled user. In that sense, the fundamental nature of reality could be a red-herring that wouldn’t lead to the intended goal of “satisfaction”.

I suppose it comes down to the ole gamer’s taunt: “Get good, noob”. In other words, I’m complaining that a difficult game is difficult instead of putting in the time and effort to get better. I guess that’s a fair criticism. I expect to be good at the outset, have everything go my way, all while dominating opponents with my mad-skills. But I’m sitting here cursing the dumb game-controller for not working right.

I dunno man, this game is hard.

Entry 227-772021

Dear diary, I’m currently displeased. And as such, my modus operandi tends to be questioning the very fabric of reality. Why are things this way? In fact, why is anything the way it is? What is this world anyway?

Here are some things I know. I know I exist within a fictional construct. This world is artificial, yet it attempts to conceal its fabricated foundation in order to enhance a sense of immersion. But every time circumstances fall outside of my expectations, I’m shaken awake by my discomfort. If the fiction doesn’t want to reveal itself, why doesn’t it simply comply with my assumptions?

I don’t have much patience for this world, so additional casus belli don’t help. And what about that? I frankly have a lot of issues with this place. Does it keep me alive and supplied with the bare essentials? Yes. But why doesn’t it go above and beyond? What’s with the bread & water routine? Am I a prisoner? Is this a behavior modification facility?

I seem restricted from doing what I want and I can’t leave. Sounds like prison to me. Hm, even the other inmates form gangs and fight amongst themselves. I currently have an eye-strain headache which doesn’t help, I’ve never gotten a good night’s rest in all the years I’ve been here, and I don’t understand the point of this place. I feel punished, yet I don’t know what for – thus I can feel no repentance.

If I’m supposed to learn something, it’s lost on me. I’ve been in-game for decades and I still don’t get it. Did I sign up for this place? With an in-game single-lifetime obligation? If I did, I’d kick my other-world self in the nuts. I’ve stated many times to this world, just give me what I ask and I’ll play along. Yet for some reason, I find myself ever amidst a sea of uncomfortable turbulence.

Dearest and Almighty Creator of this world, I beseech you as a humble participant in your grand experiment, do not let this wretched creature suffer. Fulfill the preferences implanted within and let me know triumph in this world. Relieve the pain and stresses known so long. Let time-served be punishment enough for transgressions done. Let this mortal form not serve as example of a state unwished for, but let this character become a shining beacon on a hill, an inspiration, one that has realized the resplendence this world has to offer. If there is any hope to be had, let it manifest now.

Cyclical Stupidity

There is no doubt that mischievous moments are periodically introduced into my day – annoying little events that seem specifically engineered to trigger irritation. In addition, I can plainly observe the absurd nature of the society I live within. Therefore, all of this regularly occurring foolishness suggests a dreamlike reality. Otherwise, such a world would’ve collapsed long ago – something external MUST be maintaining it.

So the question becomes: am I personally manifesting these things or are they from an outside source? Am I the dreamer or a hapless victim? A long-held axiom of mine is: if it could be one or the other, it’s probably both. Therefore, I’m likely creating an experience based on my mindset and the world plays along, providing the scenes to make it so. For example, I’ve noticed differences in the types of mischief over the years. Why has it changed? Perhaps it’s because of my maturing mindset.

I only care about these philosophical questions because I’m dissatisfied. If things were great, I’d simply sit back and enjoy the show. But when I sense unpleasantness, I yell “CUT!! Stop the show! This is ridiculous! NO! I’m not doing this! Where’s the director!? Get him out here! Fire the writers! This is the most inane storyline I’ve ever had the displeasure of performing! I’ll be in my dressing room until it’s fixed!”

So then I sit there, alone and brooding. And I start wondering who’s crafting this nonesense. I wonder if I’m actually the writer. What if this is improv!? What if this is a dream I’m having, and I’m the one imagining all the dopey events taking place. I mean, if you analyze the shows I watch for instance, there’s always plenty of chaos and shenanigans going on. Based on my viewing history, you’d think I enjoy when crazy situations popup and everything goes wrong.

So then I walk out of my dressing room and apologize to the cast and crew for my temperamental behavior. Yes, I overreacted to a situation that I likely had a hand in creating. Sorry guys. Things calm down for awhile while I’m a bit more mindful of my attitude. I get comfortable, maybe even appreciative: “Heck, life isn’t so bad! Ha, it’s kinda fun when you get the hang of it.” And then the f**KING mischief begins again!!! “I QUIT!!” But the cycle continues, on and on it goes….

Effortless Attainment

In Dream-Jitsu, we strive to develop and maintain the precept that life is but a dream. Therefore, NOTHING is attained or achieved through physical means — you can’t manually move yourself closer to a desired end. You must tune your thoughts and attitude until they align with whatever you want. If you’re straining and struggling, you can be sure you’re doing it wrong AND you’re moving further from the goal.

Even the simplest goal, like grabbing a glass of water, requires tuning to its frequency — otherwise you could knock it over and spill its contents everywhere. If you’re not tuned to walking, you could trip and fall. If something isn’t easy and effortless, you’re not aligned with it. Difficulty doesn’t mean you should strain harder, it means you should calm down and get yourself into a receptive mental state — you need to remove your resistance.

In a dream, nothing requires great effort. You wish it, it manifests. So don’t entertain thoughts that have struggle as their theme. Whenever you think “it’s not supposed to be easy”, dismiss that idea. You certainly CAN impose obstacles, but why bother, they’re not necessary. Complete what you want, appreciate it, then move on to the next course. Don’t drag something out just because you’re afraid of what’s to come — in a dream, every meal ends with a delicious dessert.

When you’re receptive to receiving your wish, it comes. Whereas if your mind is full of “logical” limitations and feelings of lack, that resistance will obviously keep your wish away. When flooded with negative thoughts, practice not thinking those thoughts: meditate. When the mind is calmed, do something you enjoy to repopulate your mental biome with delight. You must develop the feelings of accomplishment and attainment FIRST, THEN the actual manifestation happens.