Seven Year Itch

It’ll be a month shy of seven years when we depart at the end of this week. And even though this is only a thousand squarefoot house, we sure did find ways to stuff it with stuff. So a lot of my time has been dedicated to emptying it. There’s a few places where you can redistribute the stuff though: there’s the regular weekly trash pickup, there’s dropping things off at Goodwill, there’s selling items on Facebook Marketplace, and there’s services that pickup your junk with a truck and take it to the dump. And of course you can bring some of it with you, and for that, we’re going to fill a small storage container that’ll be shipped to our new location.

I was most excited to get rid of the lawnmower. Yesterday was my last day of mowing and someone bought the mower a few hours later. I could write an essay about how much I disliked mowing every week for half-the-year for every year we lived here — but I won’t — as that would be a poor use of my focus and attention. Instead, I’ll just quietly reflect on my newfound freedom from the tyranny of landscaping. Deep breath. In…. Out….

To be honest, I never wanted to live in this house, it was my wife’s idea. I’ve been waiting to leave since we moved in. I wouldn’t mind returning to the general area though, I like it. I really should have appreciated this house more while I lived in it though — that’s my bad. Because really, my wish in life is for a myriad of delightful surprises, so I don’t actually want a say in where I live — surprise me! But my problem is that I criticize everything I’m given instead of appreciating what’s good about it. That’s a dumb strategy by the way.

So I guess the test begins again when I leave. I’ve had seven years to reflect on life and its meaning — but life isn’t all theory is it, there’s a practical exam too. Speaking of which, you know what would make this story more interesting? Some chaos and calamity! And that’s true isn’t it? So don’t wonder why turmoil exists, it’s what provides the most captivating content. If this story was all about near-misses and redemption and a love gone wrong, you’d be glued to your seats just lickin’ up the drama. Lucky for me I like boring stuff.


Looking To Tomorrow

When I was a boy, the aspirational careers were doctor and lawyer. If you couldn’t get that far, accountant was pretty good too. College was mandatory for success. You were expected to pick your lifelong career while still in childhood. Those not attending college got to be plumbers or policemen.

Nowadays, people get to be digital content creators and tech entrepreneurs. College is optional. Careers are invented and selected in real-time. So the upheaval of an entrenched system is not always bad, in fact it tends to create opportunities.

If we’re to move to a digital economy, of course the old has to go. We should not lament the end of the antiquated, but celebrate the coming novelty. The problem is not the new, but insistence on the old. It’s that transitional period where antique definitions overlap modern ideas.

Don’t look for what’s lost, but look for what’s next, keeping an eye out for approaching opportunity. It’s a fallacy to look back and see only the good. We need change, it’s what flushes out accumulated cruft and prejudices. Every age has its landscape, its new horizon, its bright tomorrow that must be embraced lest we linger in darkness.

Contagious Concepts

There are some undesirable practices in place within the world. But it’s not individuals at fault, it’s ideas. If we get rid of individuals, the ideas still exist, and new bodies step in to fill the voids.

Spoken/written language is the programming language of the mind. And accordingly, those lacking in advanced aspects of a language, are stuck with rudimentary functionality. For instance, if anger is the only aspect understood, then that is the only operation available.

Some ideas are like viruses, rapidly spreading through social contact, infecting those they encounter, sometimes with lifelong aftereffects. So for societal change to occur, it would require a mechanism to rapidly transmit and disperse an effective idea to as wide an audience as possible.

This mechanism of near-instantaneous global dissemination exists today. As for the ideas, they are most likely being refined within the confines of small Internet forums and social networks. And when these ideas are dissected, purified, and molded through discussion, they find their way into the world at large.