Solving the Riddle

Why seek to solve the riddle of life?

For some, figuring out how the toy works is more fun than the toy’s intended functionality.

For some, life is perceived as too difficult and too unfair so it becomes a hated thing, so much so that it’s difficult to justify continuing on. But everyone can bear a burden if the burden is justifiable — so some seek the justification. They don’t want to abandon life, they desperately seek a reason as to why they’ve been mistreated or why there was no actual mistreatment to begin with, and in finding the rationalization, they can move on and live their lives.

For some, life is terribly confusing, it feels like an alien world, and they want to know how to live it “correctly”.

Some question whether we’ll lose our sense of wonder by deconstructing life. But many are searching for wonder by trying to peer behind the curtain and gaze at the churning gears. And for some, the potential consequences are worth it, finding enjoyment in the process of solving the mystery, filled with hope that seeing the underlying structure will end their confusion.