Mother Earth

If you’re gonna have a relationship with God, you’re gonna need a way to relate to God, and most likely a way of envisioning God. I didn’t grow up with religion, so I don’t really have much of a preconceived religious-style image of God. I did watch a lot of TV and movies though. As a kid in the 80s, I used to see God portrayed by George Burns in the “Oh, God!” movies. But that’s not really my style, I’d rather picture something that aligns with my particular tastes.

I think I’d relate better to a gentle and caring motherly type. So to me, God is a mom that gave birth to the world — and the world is full of her children all running amok. She cares for them like a garden since she has so many to tend to. All the little sprouts have to deal with weeds and pests until she makes her rounds. We’re to grow independently within the garden, just as any plant would.

We mustn’t get too full of ourselves though, believing ourself a gardener, lest we get cast out. The good little plant maintains itself within the provided spot. And mamma nudges and cajoles when a plant grows off course. Some plants will fight their constraints and feel the strain of the support-stick propping them up. Sometimes a seed gets planted in the wrong place, and that’s fine, she knows this and loves her plants all the same. Hybrids are fine too.

Really, she just gardens for the sake of it. There’s no purpose behind it besides the joy of seeing little-ones grow and blossom. For example, I’ve seen life through a child’s eyes, the excitement and joy over simple things, it really can be a source of great amusement for the parent. She adores her garden and tenderly cares for it as a whole, as well as each little sprout. She enjoys the variety of sizes, scents, and colors.

I grew up with siblings, so I can relate to the fact that I often have to wait for attention — and that’s true with God too. But that’s a good thing, it gives the little plants time to try and work things out on their own. No one likes the pressure of constant attention. Plants grow better when left alone from time to time. But if she sees us struggling, she won’t hesitate to help, we just have to willingly accept it — we can be stubborn little sprouts.

Our bodies, firmly rooted in this world, bloom and grow under the devoted effort of God our gardener. But we are not just plants of course, for within us is the seed of God herself, forming a concurrent root system that reaches deeper than dirt, into a realm beyond earth. And from our seat of consciousness we watch and delight in all the ongoings of the garden — tiny sprouts aware of their own growth.


Collective Data Corruption

In memory management, when the last reference is severed, the object is trashed. This is one method of keeping a computer’s memory from getting bogged down with instructions or data that’s no longer needed.

In our collective memory, we all hold references to certain ideas. When there’s nobody left that remembers a particular topic, it’s gone — poof. From a logical and practical standpoint, this is true. Old ways of doing things are long forgotten. Ancient languages and the manner in which they were vocalized are zapped from memory.

But are irrelevant items truly gone or are they simply written off onto long-term storage? Can certain topics be recalled, albeit at a significantly slower rate as they’re read from outdated storage media? Yet sometimes old media weakens with age, and the stored data becomes corrupted — resulting in inconsistent output.

My friend was talking to me about the Mandela Effect (or collective false memories) — and like usual, I was quick to dismiss it. But then I framed it within the context of Simulation Theory, and it started to make more sense. I think it’s possible that inactive topics are frequently flushed out of our memory when there are no current references left.

But when a topic re-surfaces sometime in the future, we have to go into the archives and retrieve the relevant data. But of course this is stored in a lower quality format, making it prone to corruption errors. And for that reason, clusters of people have varying ideas about certain long-term remembrances.

Although I suppose it could all be just a dream, where fact isn’t any different from fiction. Where one minute you’re holding a glass of lemonade and the next it’s a bumblebee flying from your hand. Where any backstory is simply manufactured on the spot. Where our commingling imaginations ebb and flow and some visions take precedence over others at varying times.

Who knows. The one thing I know is the unknowableness of life. Whenever you strive for the answer… poof… it’s gone. Life brings you back, envelops you in the spectacle of bright lights and distracting sounds. You become overwhelmed by the sensations that surround. You’re no longer an ethereal thinker floating through lofty spaces, but a creature of this world, grounded by gravity.

End of Attraction Test

I’m not saying the Law of Attraction stuff is bogus, I’m simply saying the typical way in which I went about it isn’t for me. I engaged in a somewhat rigorous experiment to see if I could manifest something, and it didn’t seem to work. Yes, it does appear to work for some people — I’ve seen my friend’s wishes come true for example, and she delights in it. But for me, it’s just not a process I particularly enjoy. She’s got a great imagination and naturally sees abundance in the world.

I know what I don’t like, I’m ready to complain all the time. But as far as what I like, I think I enjoy it more when things come as a surprise. I don’t like to plan out my fun. My friend would love to plan her own party, but I just want to show up to some awesome event that’s perfectly suited to my tastes. In that regard, I’m not taking any responsibility for my fun. I’m just like: hey life… amuse me…. Although I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go about it.

But I’m also not receptive to the fun. Life might very-well accept my demand, but I’m too busy complaining to notice. At the very least I have to enter the event ready and willing to be entertained. It’s like showing up at a feast already full — none of the food is appetizing, in fact it’s kinda gross to see all the overflowing plates. Instead, I have to show-up ready to chow-down. To be fair, the first things I tried were nasty, but I was wrong to assume the entire buffet was as unappealing.

So for me, I don’t think I need to work on my wishing. Delightful surprise is what I wish for. What I need to work on is my willingness to accept what I’m given. Life is a fun-house tasked with providing endless entertainment. What dazzling spectacle is waiting around the next corner!!?? Who knows!!! I shouldn’t be looking to lock-down life by forcing it to manifest my mundane wishes. I should be open, anticipating wondrous amusements that far exceed anything I could ever imagine.

Sale Pending

Dear Diary,

Lately, I’ve been busy preparing the house for sale — sorting through things, boxing, tossing, and cleaning. There’s been a “For Sale” sign in the window for a few days. After a showing today, an interested party just put in an offer — but there’s some stuff that needs to happen before the deal is finalized. And after it’s sold we’ll be moving outta state. We’ve got plans to ship our stuff in one of those small portable storage containers while we drive in our compact car for a few days.

My friend has the town she wants to live-in already picked out. It’s a town we already lived in ten years ago, maybe we had some unfinished business there. She’s got big plans I guess. Me, I’m just along for the ride. I did like the town, so I’m not complaining. But for anyone keeping track, I’m not moving to where I had selected, nor under the conditions I had selected. So as far as my “Law of Attraction” experiment went, it’s a no for me dawg.

I suppose in Law-of-Attraction speak, the universe has something better than what my measly mind could manifest on its own. But if that’s always going to be the case, why bother with LOA stuff in the first place? I guess I’m gonna have to dump that philosophy. Wishing is for the birds, it’s just not my style. My friend on the other hand, her wishes seem to work more than they don’t work. I’m a passenger though, she’s literally always in the driver’s seat — and I don’t mind that, cuz I’ve got no particular place to go.

Besides, I don’t like planning my life out and I don’t have a great imagination — so I’m not good at wishing, it’s not a process I innately enjoy (unlike my friend). So in that sense, LOA is actually working perfectly i.e. I don’t want to wish my way through life, I’d rather sit back and keep my arms and legs within the vehicle at all times. But what I have enjoyed is the practice of hopefulness and a belief in the benevolence of life — those ideas are working out fine.

Every time I start to worry I simply shut it down and overpower it with hopefulness and a belief in the benevolence of life. What a relief I tell ya. Will everything work out? Yep. But what about… Yep that too. Even if… don’t worry about it, it’s all good. Okay but say that… nope, not gonna even finish that thought, I’m in a positive place. It’s a little game I’ve been playing. I don’t always dominate but I’m definitely getting better and it’s well-worth the invested effort.

Well, thanks for listening dear diary.

Yours truly,

Miscellaneous Beliefs

How can so many people hold so many varying beliefs? Are we each only able to grasp a mere fraction of sensory data, or are we all describing the same things just with different words, or are we literally creating the external reality that we individually perceive?

If we each only ever perceive a fractional amount of sensory data, we’d expect that our collected data would accumulate over time both individually and as a society — yet that’s not what happens, we’re as dumb as we ever were, repeating the exact same themes over and over and over again. Technology has the appearance of accumulating knowledge over time, but that’s about it.

Just to note, that’s not really true about technology building upon itself over time. If you examine it more closely, technology simply refreshes itself, changing its skin to fit the transforming scenery. Technology primarily deals with communication, entertainment, transportation, warfare, and household gadgetry. Letters become phone-calls, voice becomes video. Oral stories become books which become movies. Teams-of-horses become trains, horse-carriages become cars, boats/trains become planes. Rocks become bullets which then become missiles. Fire pits become stoves/ovens, ice blocks become refrigerators, candles become lamps. The purpose of each technological category is still the same: to communicate, to captivate, to travel, to dominate, to cook/clean/heat/cool within a dwelling. In other words: the overall narratives of humanity have stayed pretty static and the purpose of the props haven’t changed — only the way they look.

Are we all describing the same things just with different words? Everyone has their own perspective and we do interpret things differently, that’s true. For example, most of us imagine some force created the known universe and we just apply different labels. But that’s not an accurate depiction because our labels should overlap over time both individually and as a society. Additionally, this outlook presupposes a concrete external reality in which we all have access to the exact same stuff. And if we’re working with the same stuff, outcomes should be predictable. But that’s not true either — people and societies are often blindsided. One guy’s outcome can vary widely from another guy’s despite them both trying to do the same thing.

So, we’re left with option C. We are literally creating the external reality that we individually perceive. And not on a mere perceptual level, but on a summoning-into-existence level. What we seek, we find. Therefore, life is more like a lucid dream in which the reality we experience is projected outward from ourself, rather than a pre-existing concrete world in which we explore and consume. If we see something we don’t like for example, it’s our very own projection, an illusion that matches our turbulent mind. To control this dream, we must first calm the mind and direct its focus, projecting the most delightful scenes we can imagine.

In conclusion, the many varying beliefs exist because the world literally differs from one perspective to another. To some it’s a moss-covered rock, to others it’s a garden of Eden, to some it’s a hellish nightmare — it’s whatever the mind projects. As Hamlet said, “for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. It is in our best interest then, to think the best thoughts. And to do that, we need to abandon our fears and suspicions about life, completely accept the paradise we’ve been provided, and live.

Mirthful Earth

I refuse to believe that life is about struggle, that survival of the fittest is a thing. If you believe this to be the ultimate foundation of existence, then you’re wrong. Whoops, try again. Now, can you choose to add struggle to a relatively easy life? Yes, most certainly. A video-game for instance, is an experience in which we engage for the purpose of overcoming obstacles — we like it because of the struggle. But make no mistake, the underlying purpose of that game, of life itself in fact, is to be entertained by the engagement.

With all this drama going on around us, you’d have to be willfully ignorant to maintain the delusion that life is merely random chance. If you simply take a look, you can perceive that the ongoings of Earth are nonsense. People parading around with all this pomp and circumstance, dressed in meaningful costumes plastered with face paint and hair styled for effect giving grand speeches of this and that and all sorts of hullabaloo. THIS is the culmination of millions of years of evolution?! Are you kidding me?

No my friend, you are currently engaged in a game of pretend — of this there is no doubt. And I tell you this not as social commentary, oh no — I’m not criticizing the silliness, I’m celebrating it! Welcome! You’ve kept yourself on the sidelines for so long, afraid to play — because to you, this was no mere game but a trial of life and death! You poor thing, your confusion must have made things so difficult. What you saw as dire consequence was just a joke.

To be fair, all of this is kinda obvious, you just kept on taking things so seriously. So do take some responsibility for your own fun deary. You’re welcome to see whatever you want. If you want to flush the poop without examining its nooks and crannies then go right ahead. No one said you have to eat everything at the buffet — just pick what you like. And you know what the host might appreciate? Perhaps some appreciation for such a grand gala. So wipe the puss off your face and seek something to smile about.

Focus Part 3

Preamble: I’m engaging in some exercises to practice directing my focus. I’m about to paint some positive mental pictures. I’ll be writing about situations in which I am engaged with life and enjoying myself. These stories won’t apply to anyone but me, but perhaps this example could demonstrate the practice.

In the not so distant future:

My eyes open. I’m excited to wake up. I see the blue skies and sun from the balcony before me. I walk out and settle into a comfortable spot, surveying the picturesque scene. I inhale and exhale, enjoying existence. From there I feel the benevolence of life — how can this world be anything but my ever-present caretaker? Thanks, I say.

16 hours later…

As sleepiness sets in I gladly retire to the bedroom, a sanctuary of sleep. The perfect temp, the perfect airflow, the perfect sounds, the perfect softness, the perfect coverings — everything seems so right, it’s so easy to drift off. My eyes readily close as I remember how much I appreciated the day before. Thanks, I say.

8 hours later…

I’m awake. Looking over I see a beautiful scene as morning light illuminates the landscape. I’m filled with gratitude as I lay for a few minutes taking it in. I feel warm and comforted by the incoming sun. I saunter over to the balcony and stand amidst the splendor, and breathe. Nothing enters my mind as I remain tranquil, simply gazing out upon the beauty before me. Thanks, I say.

16 hours later…

I’m happy to sleep. It means the day has come to a close and a new one is soon to begin. It’s a new experience everyday and sleep simply serves as the gentle transition. I lay down on a mattress that’s just right, rest my head on a comfy pillow, cover myself in breathable sheets, I sense my appreciation then close my eyes and drift off into a delightful dream.