Well-wishing World

If you attempt to get through the world as if it’s a purely physical place, you’ll tend to think of yourself as an only slightly evolved animal. But when we think of animals in their natural habitats (whether true or not), we tend to think of them on high-alert. Either they need to escape predation, or defend against rivals, or scour for a source of food. The world doesn’t care about them — each animal must fend for itself within a harsh and brutal landscape. And similarly, when we think of ourselves as human animals, we tend to go on high-alert.

Another name for high-alert is high-anxiety — we worry ourselves to death thinking about all that could go wrong in the world. But here’s the thing: not everyone is on high-alert — and they’re no worse off than those that are — in fact, they’re prospering and enjoying life. What this evidence demonstrates is: as humans, we are NOT living within a harsh and brutal landscape. And those that believe themselves to be, are confused. And unfortunately, high-anxiety is a symptom of this confusion.

The remedy to confusion is enlightenment. And enlightenment is the realization that everything is okay. You could say the point of spirituality is this: Be calm and trust that the world wants you well. Worry won’t protect you — if the world was truly a random affair, it could end you a million different ways before you ever realized what was coming. The only power that worry provides is the ability to make your experience of existence unpleasant. It’s a stupid power to utilize.

But if it’s already on, you’ll have to turn it off. And the way to do that, is to undermine it. Anxiety is built on a foundation of fearful beliefs — these must be dismantled and replaced with beliefs that instill calm and trust. Fear is not a protector, just a trickster that gets your heart racing. Perhaps you’ve even developed a nasty addiction to the thrill fear provides and refuse to see past the hole you’ve hidden yourself within. To move forward: trust there’s a way out when you look for the light.


Coma Theory

Dear Rich, spirituality-stuff just doesn’t gel with me. I don’t get the god-stuff nor the fragment-of-god stuff. I’m not technology-oriented so Simulation Theory isn’t helping. I don’t understand vibrations or frequencies or lightwaves or whatever. And the lucid-dream analogy isn’t quite workin’ for me. Ya got anything else?

Okay dear reader, try this one on for size. You had an accident and you’re in a coma, your body is currently lying in a hospital-bed. The world you’re experiencing right now is occurring in your imagination. The higher-intelligence that designed your imaginary world, is you. You pretty much based it on the physical world that your body resides in, but there’s a few key differences.

For one, it’s completely non-physical. Because it’s formed in your imagination, you can make drastic changes at-will. If you don’t like how the story is going, you can just blip something into existence. For example: Is the nightly news a little boring? Ha, now look what you did! It’s crazy out there! Or did a character get hurt in your coma-world? Look, they’re miraculously healed!

Second, you’re now a helpful higher-power. In other words, little-you can appeal to big-you for help. For example: little-you finds himself in a bad situation and doesn’t like where things are headed. Little-you says, “Dear Creator Big-Me, please fix this mess!”. Big-you obviously hears this plea because you’re the one creating the story. You take pity on little-you and craft a better outcome with a happier-ending.

Third, time isn’t a thing. Because the world is taking place in your imagination, time is fluid — events slow-down or speed-up as necessary based on however you want to add detail or speed through uninteresting parts. And death comes whenever the story calls for it — it’s not random in any sense.

Fourth, technological limitations aren’t a thing. There are no limits in a non-physical imagined world. Do you want commercialized space-travel to happen? Sure, no problem. Robotic self-driving cars? Yep. Video-phoning across the globe? Sure. How about wishing things into existence? Yeah you can do that too.

Oh, and you know what else dear reader? You might even get bored while imagining a mundane story. You might purposefully add a bit of drama and chaos to your tale — just to make it thrilling.

So there you go dear reader, a different, more physical way to approach spirituality.

Evolution of Belief

Preface: For many years, perhaps decades, I believed in a chance-based physical reality that incorporated concepts such as big-bang, survival-of-the-fittest, evolution, medicine, and matter. I’d label it Scientism: the misapplication of science as a belief-system. Because of the intensity associated with that philosophy, I was afflicted with anxiety until the stress eventually forced a retreat.

After examining the world from a more objective perspective, I’ve come to the conclusion that the world is a magical fantasyland of wish-fulfillment (I seem to have went in the extreme opposite direction). The very fact that a change of worldview can happen lends evidence to the idea that we are not living in an obvious reality — otherwise the truth would be apparent to all upon initial inspection.

I wonder though, why would I ever accept Scientism in the first place. But like any extremest fundamentalist, I grabbed an idea and held tight, shutting-out all evidence to the contrary. I brainwashed myself into a shitty-belief system. And I suppose I’m surrounded by people that don’t enjoy debate or arguing, so no one challenged my ideas to any great degree.

But when I was finally beaten by my own beliefs, my long-time friend’s perspective of the world welcomed me in. She has always believed in magic and spirituality of all sorts. Because of her, I read the Bible, I started watching Oprah, I learned about The Secret and the Law of Attraction, I started investigating spiritual topics and reading associated literature — as well as watching videos and shows of a spiritual nature.

Of course, under Scientism, I thought my friend was just being silly with her beliefs. Obviously they weren’t true, they were for entertainment-purposes only, a way for her to amuse herself while dealing with the harsh realities of life. But it turns out that she ACTUALLY believed that stuff. And oddly enough, it aligned with her experiences. In other words, the circumstances of her life defied my beliefs and supported her own. What could I do at that point but surrender to the evidence before me?

And so I have. Spirituality is my reality now. Yes, I recognize that I tend towards the extremes — but that’s just my nature, I’m fine with it. I should also mention that Simulation Theory helped in the transition of my beliefs — it seems to serve as a palatable pathway to spirituality for those of us well-versed in technology. Through Simulation Theory, I found it much easier to grasp the concept of a non-physical semi-deterministic reality that’s created and maintained by a higher intelligence.

Micro Bunnies

Within us all lives a roving herd of tiny, nearly imperceptible, rabbits — micro bunnies. It’s just one of those strange facts-of-nature I guess. We’re all born with them. They’re white and fluffy and they love to eat garbage. Yes that’s right, garbage. They love eating the stuff that doesn’t belong in our bodies. They’re tidiers to their core.

Typically they’ll sniff something odd and just start nibbling. And when one starts nibblin’, they all gather ’round — feastin’ away. You can oftentimes tell they’re there by the heat produced when they’re all cozied up nibblin’ together. They’re quick too, trash doesn’t last long.

If you think about it, everything gets a little dirty over time or develops some wear and tear — and the same is true for our bodies. So thank goodness we have micro bunnies to keep things clean on the inside. Why I heard once, that the tiny little poops of the micro bunny are actually restorative — wherever their little micro-loaf lands, it fills in any gaps that need fillin’.

And sometimes, when I’m feelin’ somethin’ strange, why I just imagine those little micro bunnies goin’ ta work. I picture ’em nibblin’ away at whatever doesn’t seem right. Go bunnies! Go! And I see ’em squattin’ over any gaps they find, droppin’ in their cute little micro bunny bricks.

Earthly Explanation

Okay so you’re alive, what have you gotten yourself into? First of all, welcome to Earth. Unfortunately, you’ll be unable to remember much of this explanation as your capacity to retain input has been greatly reduced for the duration of your visit. This is on purpose of course, or else the sensation of immersion would not feel as complete. Sorry for the late explanation, but that’s also by design (same reasoning). And as you’ve probably noticed, you regularly experience sleep, this also helps you forget and reset for the oncoming day. You have to be handicapped in certain ways so you’ll feel like you’re a part of this world.

If you haven’t caught on already, this world is a fabricated experience — but that’s a good thing. We’ve received many complaints about the world feeling “too real” and we tend to take those as compliments. Basically, none of what you’re experiencing actually exists, it’s more of a computer-simulation of sorts. So all that gloomy/gory stuff simply isn’t there, which is why we don’t bother adjusting the realness-factor. At the end of the day it’s just flickering-pixels. Yes, some participants become frightened beyond their comfort-levels, but for us, it’s immersion-first. We take pride in the creation of a ride so convincing that you actually feel like a genuine embodied being. Trust us, if we did it any other way, the world wouldn’t be believable and you’d be bored.

After all, that’s the entire point of Earth: the simulation of a limited life for your enjoyment. Things are supposed to die here, that’s something new you get to experience. And not only do you experience limitations on your lifespan, but on your knowledge and creative capacity as well. That’s right, you get to be an incapable dummy. Ha! Enjoy it while it lasts! Haha! But seriously, the reason I’ve contacted you today is to check-in and make sure things are to your liking. Again, we do get our share of complaints, but we try to rectify them when we can. Let me start by going over some general concepts and controls in case you haven’t figured them out already.

This is sort of a game/movie hybrid. The path your character is following is found swirling around in your thoughts. It’s a combination of all those meaningful feelings, impulses, and inspirational ideas that are spurring you to do some things while avoiding others. Again, because of the necessity for immersion, the roadmap isn’t obvious — you have to kinda decipher it on the fly. No big deal though, it’s self-correcting for the most part — you’ll get there.

And as far as the controls and the gaming aspect, it’s not really what you’re used to in terms of conventional video-games. It’d be kinda silly if you simply had to move your character along an XYZ-axis with a joystick and press a jump-button now and again. Essentially with any video-game, the actual mechanics boil down to a player aligning with the character by way of the controls. So what you actually control doesn’t matter as much as the ability to sync with the gameplay over time with repeated practice.

In other words, the player learns and adapts to the timing of the game. In a traditional video-game, when an obstacle arrives, the player moves into the appropriate position and presses the jump button. Through practice over time, the player aligns himself with the game until he’s able to navigate with relative ease. In short, the player learns to identify obstacles and react appropriately. And that brings us back to Earth, where you the player, must identify obstacles and react appropriately.

But in Earth, the obstacles aren’t so obvious. Like I mentioned, this game goes beyond the simple XYZ-axis stuff. Spoiler Alert: for the most part, your character is on auto-pilot. And like I also mentioned, the path you’re on is basically pre-programmed. So what do you, the player actually get to do? Haha. Well first, you get to experience the exciting spectacle that-is-life from a front-row seat, that’s pretty cool in and of itself of course. As for game mechanics, it kinda goes like this:

Buttons and switches are passe at this point — you can’t control anything directly or it would kill the sensation of immersion, plus you’re handicapped all the way down to complete-noob status — you wouldn’t know what you’re doing anyway. So everything you-the-player can do is mental — it’s all in the mind. It’s not the things your character does per se, it’s the way in which you react to what he does — that’s what you control. But make no mistake, you do have the power to impede your character’s progress on his path — you can definitely sabotage yourself if that suits your fancy.

To delve a little deeper into why you can’t simply steer your own character, just think of all the external circumstances that would need to coordinate amongst billions of beginner-level players attempting to manually control their characters — that’s insane to even contemplate — so of course things are primarily coordinated on everyone’s behalf. Just imagine all those cars on the roads — of course they’re on a system-controlled auto-pilot.

But anyways, I was discussing obstacles. Obstacles literally get in your way, and you’ll typically pump the brakes when they do. But if you hit those brakes, then you pause on your path. And although it seems logical to stop, that’s actually the wrong approach. The correct procedure is NOT to pump your brakes, you’re supposed to TRUST the path you’re on and follow it to fruition. Then why do you even have the option to brake? Well it comes back to immersion again (of course).

Picture this, you’re playing an old-fashioned video-game in which your car is driving straight down an endless road. You can wiggle the steering-wheel back-and-forth and press a brake-pedal. If not for that wiggle-room and the ability to brake, you wouldn’t feel as though you’re playing a game, it’d be a read-only video instead. In other words, having a little wiggle-room and the ability to brake turns your life into a game that provides the sensation of being in control — which ultimately, you do have control of — unfortunately, that control is in the form of a kill-switch.

So let’s examine a braking example. Imagine that you have an innate desire to go down a particular path. Someone comes along and says “Hey, don’t go that way!” and then you start thinking, “Oh? Okay I won’t! Whew! That was a close one.” In this scenario, you met an obstacle and you pumped the brakes. Oops — you were supposed to continue along your merry way despite the obstacle. That’s the game mechanics you’re trying to sync with: something will happen and your reaction should be to keep on truckin’.

Here’s a less obvious example. Imagine someone says, “Hey let’s go do this activity that you don’t wanna do!” and then you start thinking, “Huh, this feels wrong to me, but my buddy really wants me to do it, maybe I should. You know what, I’ll do it! I’ll force myself if I have to!” In this scenario, you pumped the brakes on your path again. By going against your innate feelings (your roadmap), you halted your progression. Again, you were supposed to jump the hurdle and proceed on your path.

Don’t worry though, you’ll get it. What game worth playing doesn’t take repeated practice to get right? And now that you know a bit more about what’s going on here, perhaps things will go smoother for ya. Always keep in mind that this game was designed with your amusement in mind, not to scare or punish or any nonsense like that. Hey and when you’re done, don’t forget to rate and leave a review. We’re really proud of what we’ve put together here and your kind words go a long way.

Objective Perspective

I should try analyzing the world from a more objective perspective. It’s certainly better than my current strategy of interpreting my surroundings based on my fear-laced childhood beliefs. I keep seeing myself as a scared little bunny struggling for survival amidst a chance-based physical reality upon a giant rock hurtling around an even bigger fireball within a vast and endless nothingness.

So here’s a more objective analysis:

1. I’ve been alive for several decades. This fact is significant because of my utter incompetence and inability to do anything, as well as my complete ignorance of physical-survival and social-norms. How am I still here and doing relatively well? Obviously something external is maintaining my existence — because it sure as hell ain’t me doin it.

2. People successfully engage in seemingly dangerous activities all the time. This must mean that I’m incorrectly interpreting these activities as dangerous. Life is much safer than I assumed.

3. There are people that actually live-out their lives along complete story arcs. This demonstrates that lives are of a fictional nature. If there are obvious narratives, then random-chance isn’t a thing. This also implies that death is not a random occurrence.

4. Inspirations and ideas enter everyone’s minds. Where do these seemingly novel thoughts originate? This implies that physical reality isn’t all there is. There’s something influencing and guiding our thoughts — which means we’re connected to something greater than our individual human self.

5. People successfully achieve goals. This implies that wishes actually come true. People have desires that eventually manifest within their physical reality. Even the most fantastical ideas have come true: flying-ships, rocket-ships, space-travel, video-phones, touch-based computer-tablets, voice-based computing, etc. This further implies that it’s improper to apply limitations on what can be achieved within this world.

6. I’ve been proven wrong many times — my theories about life are therefore unreliable. Because of my sheer ignorance when it comes to the concept of existence, I’ve no basis by which to be worried about anything — I simply don’t understand enough. How could I even know whether one outcome is better than another. By this logic, I should really approach life from an open-minded perspective and simply accept it is-as.

Of course it makes me feel like a big dummy to analyze the world from a more objective perspective and see that it’s so far off from my belief system. It’s even weirder when such analysis doesn’t automatically lead to a corrected set of beliefs. If I’m obviously wrong, why don’t I simply accept it and move-on instead of continuing along with my lame beliefs?

It’s possible that the world is purposefully being deceptive and really wants me to believe in a chance-based physical reality. In a video-game or movie for instance, we’re supposed to get lost within the storylines and see ourselves as characters within the world we’re watching. But the counter-argument to that, is there’s tons of people that don’t believe in a chance-based physical reality. There’s a lot of spiritual folks that can’t relate to my perspective.

One possible explanation is that the world really is being deceptive in the sense that it’s trying to portray an actual world in which we’re embodied inhabitants. In order to feel the full sensation of immersion, we’re tricked into believing that we’re born here as physical creatures of-the-Earth. And that’s fine, why not — it’s just movies/video-games taken to the next level — cool.

But where it goes wrong for some of us, is we take it waaaaay too seriously. “OH SH*T!!!! I could die at any second!!! AHHH!!!” And we develop warped beliefs about what’s happening here (beliefs that are unsubstantiated by the way — we get an off-idea and just run with it). Whereas some folks “get it” — to them it’s simply a game, which it is.

And the punchline to our misfortunate misunderstanding is this: we finally collapse from the intensity of the stress we’ve been inflicting on ourselves throughout the decades, and from that standpoint we finally kinda “get it”. We then become “spiritual” and take THAT too seriously as well. Gah. That’s why enlightenment is like walking a razor’s edge. You fall off the path if you go too far in either direction.

Into the Deep

I gotta tell ya, I am just not in the mood today. Tired. Sick and tired. Drained. On my last nerve.

But you know what? When you reach the end of the road, there’s nothing left but unexplored territory. So that’s where I’m going today — into the wilderness.

I was just listening to a fella on TV talk about faith and belief. And today, that resonates with me. Screw what my senses say, I’m gonna go by what I believe, period. I’ve always been an autodidact do-it-yourself-er, and I’m sick of my senses telling me what’s what — dictating what I’m supposed to believe in.

No sir, now it’s going to go the other way. Belief first, senses second. Think of the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy has to take a “leap of faith” across a ravine. THAT’S how it works. You step and suddenly find yourself supported. “But Rich, that’s crazy talk!”

If you’ve lived a cloistered unsuccessful life like I have, then yeah that’s crazy talk. Whereas if you actually do stuff in the world, then no, you’ll find that the physical realm manifests according to your wishes. How the F*UCK are people flying at 500mph in aluminum tubes above my head right now!!?? That’s INSANE if we lived in a physical-world ruled by random chance. It’s absolutely bonkers that anyone would attempt such a daring feat. But not only do they do it, they do it casually, incorporating it into their schedule like it’s no big deal. HUH!?

My senses are lying to me day and night, tricking me into thinking this is a physical world. I hate liars, so f*ck you, senses. I know, I know, it’s not their fault, I’m just confused and wrongly blaming my senses. The senses are just perceiving what I believe — so it’s actually my beliefs that are screwed-up, causing stupid sh*t to be projected out of every orifice.

Okay, so I really need to stop pretending that I’m a scared little animal randomly placed on a rock hurtling around a gigantic fireball. I must have an addiction to fear-laced beliefs, I keep coming back like a junkie lookin for his next fix of fear. But you get comfortable, thinkin everything is great, easy, maybe even too easy, then all of a sudden you start getting bored — and you can’t have THAT — anything but that!!! So the anxiety starts, oh yeah, feeling good already, I could die at any second… ooh baby, scare me some more. NO!!! No more!!

It really comes down to an addiction to anxiety — it’s just so easy to rely on fear as a means to alleviate boredom. It’s a quick-fix to any situation that’s startin to slow down. But you have to fill your time with something… why not let it be a little thrill…. NO! Destruction is the easy route — just stain some walls with graffiti or smash ’em down. No, the more respectable path is creation. Even if it’s just a better belief system — construct something. Start with yourself if that’s the only building-material you can muster.

I gotta say, I’ve always felt like the smartest guy in the room, but it just shows how delusional I was. I didn’t have everything figured out, I simply held tight to a tiny set of ideas and outright denied everything that wasn’t contained within my clenched fists. Oh well, you live, you learn.