Wishes – Summer 2017

So as to fully program my mind with only the most delightful daydreams, I’ll be detailing my current crop of wishes (in no particular order):

I wish to fill my evenings with meaningful activity. Instead of just recuperating from the day, I wish to have a task that enlivens and fulfills, leaving me satisfied and ready for sleep.

I wish to sleep through the night and wake-up well-rested. Bed should be a sanctuary I embrace yet happily depart when the new day dawns.

I wish for my work to find its appreciative audience. That which I craft should be a delight to others who subtly display their thanks.

I wish for a healthy, well-functioning digestive process from end to end. Well-prepared food is a delight, and its enjoyment is supported by the smooth action of consumption, absorption, and elimination.

I wish to remain calm, composed, and collected at all times. Feeling startled is a thing of the past, my reactions should be measured and reassuring to others.

I wish to have replenishing resources for spending adventures. From tech-gadgets to trips, cars and clothes, food and funding (creators), gifts and giving, houses and helping — copious cash is there as fuel for the creative process.

I wish my days to contain many moments of levity with my family. I wish to be building bonds of companionship as we lightheartedly ride this spaceship, Earth.

I wish to serve as teacher, a trainer of sorts. Those that cross my path should gain an understanding previously unrealized.


Lifestyle Defined

From my quaint and cozy dwelling, I look upon scenic beauty. This view includes raised land and a body of water. I walk daily upon several solitary and peaceful acres. From this lightly populated area, I am not far from resources, nor lack a high-speed Internet connection.

I read, watch, walk, think, and write. The food is authentic and all-natural, my sleep serene, restful. I have some spending money and my thoughts are not burdened with living expenses.

And for this sanctuary, I offer guidance to a state beyond sorrow, sharing the words I receive from within, pointing a way to satisfaction for those who seek it.

This is the lifestyle I select, conceived through preference and temperament. I endeavor to remove fear and doubt from my thoughts, while instilling gratitude.