Attacked by Life

Dear Rich, will life come after me, perhaps even outright attack me?

Oh of course, yes, definitely. But in those instances, life is doing your bidding — you are the one orchestrating the hit.

If you’re afraid of life, your wish will be granted. Insects, animals, diseases, injuries, verbal assaults, physical violence — they’ll be coming for you, no doubt. On the brighter side, it shows how good you are at manifesting your wishes into the world — nice job!

If you don’t want to keep attacking yourself, that’s an option too — and that starts by stopping yourself from being afraid. If you’re full of fear, it obviously takes a leap of faith and some commitment in order to let your guard down.

But really, it doesn’t take much of a leap. If life really wanted to get you, you’d be dead already. Obviously life is a benevolent caretaker or you’d be squashed a thousand times over by now.

And because of all the silly/stupid stuff that’s happened in your life, you can easily establish that this is a self-directed drama. No external being is going to take credit for a narrative this ridiculous. In your confused state, you did all this to yourself.

Every bad thing that happens to you should be like an alarm-clock waking you up to the fact that you’re asleep at the wheel. Did something unpleasant occur? Oops. Snap out of it, you were being pessimistic/disparaging/anxious/suspicious again, weren’t you?

Life is very responsive, it’ll do what you ask. Think something is dangerous? Oh, it is. Think something will work out poorly? Oh, it will. But luckily, life is looking out for you and tries to prevent your worst wishes from happening. Your persistence will eventually pay off though — so if you really want things to get nasty, just keep at it.

In summation: if you enjoy being attacked, life will accommodate you. Whereas if you don’t want to be attacked, don’t wish for it. The way in which you wish for it, is through your thoughts and attitude. Through practice and focus, you can change your thoughts and attitude to whatever delivers the life that suits you best.

Future Wishlist 2018

Things I’m looking forward to in the future.

Robotic self-driving vehicles. I want to enter a vehicle and get carelessly whisked away to my destination while I play on my portable computing device.

Mechanized birdlike wings. These aren’t for travel per se, but mainly for flights of fancy, soaring through the sky. In a sense, these are bionic wings you strap-on, powered by motors with batteries that’re attached-to and activated-by your arms.

Long-distance travel surprise. Something new and awesome or even something old and quaint — either a more efficient way to travel or more entertaining (or both! having different options is fine).

Full-immersion viewing experience. Imagine someone calls you, and with these glasses on, it feels like you’re right there with them. They could be walking around a store and you’re virtually there, browsing along. Or, you’re playing a video game and it feels like you’re inside of it. Or, you’re watching TV feeling like you’re in the audience of a stage-play.

Maintenance-free surfaces. From counter-tops, to shower-stalls, to walls and floors — these surfaces will be maintenance free. No scrubbing or vacuuming or whatever else you usually do to keep them clean.

Instant shower. Step in, the washing process begins and ends automatically, step out.

Instant toothbrush. Stick it in your mouth: bing, bang, boom – teeth are cleaned automagically.

Smart-sleep systems. Temperature, pressure on parts of the body, ambient light and noise, even smells are all regulated by the sleep-system of tomorrow.

Unified on-demand library of all media. Movies, books, music, shows – whatever it is, is all available immediately on-demand via your portable computing device.

Utopian Government. Oh, might as well tack on a Star Trek-style united-world government. And with a colonized Mars, there could even be a United Federation of Planets.

Like Begets Like

This morning in the bathroom, while she was getting ready to go out for a run, my friend told me that she must be in one of those phases where she’s “low-energy”. If you so dared, you might even say it was kinda like PMS. You could tell she had a short-fuse and was easily annoyed.

Then in the late morning, returning from the supermarket, walking into the elevator, her car-keys spontaneously flew out of her pocket (perhaps by an accidental push of her hand) and slid across the floor and went right into the gap at the front of the elevator. Gone.

She walked in and said “You’re not going to believe what just happened!”. In fact I did believe it. While eating some hummus, I googled “keys dropped down elevator” and watched the first video that appeared. It seemed simple enough. I taped some wire to a stick and grabbed a flashlight. Off we went.

We saw the keys, but the stick was a few inches too short. We came back with a stick taped to the original stick and successfully fished out the keys. Mission Accomplished.

I was amazed at my friend’s ability to externally manifest what she was feeling on the inside. And what she was feeling, was “annoyance”. PRESTO! her wish of annoyance was granted. Seek and ye shall find — it really works! I’m pretty sure I manifest annoying things too, but of course it’s much easier to notice these things in other people than in yourself.

Moral of the story: The external world directly reflects how you feel inside. In other words, as you walk through the world, the surrounding scenes are programmed through your internal thoughts and feelings. This world is a simulation after-all, and someone has to program it — perhaps that programmer, is you.

The Dreamfinder

You entered a dreamworld whose ongoings are influenced by your intentions and focus. Essentially, whatever you want to happen, will happen. But this dreamworld isn’t harsh, so it puts a buffer on the fulfillment of your wishes. Imagine if in a fit of anger you wish the worst thing possible — thank goodness it probably won’t manifest.

But everything that’s given a home in your head eventually becomes a wish of what you’d like to happen — the good and the bad. “I’m an idiot!” Wish granted! “I hope she doesn’t come over and talk to me! Oh no, here she comes!” Wish granted! ANYTHING you focus on comes into being. If you say “I don’t want cheesecake” you’re still focusing on cheesecake.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, we don’t realize our power to manifest the world around us. And what’s worse, is that we got spooked when we entered this dreamworld and started creating some scary stuff that snowballed into a full-blown nightmare. But all of that nasty stuff you experienced was because you didn’t know any better. Oops.

But luckily, this is a dreamworld. If you want to wish the past away, you can — just shift your focus off of it. You can forget it altogether or simply mold it into a past you’re proud of. And as far as today and the yet-to-be, those are wide-open as well. Focus on the things you enjoy and answer every “why” with a reason that delights.

For example, if you display trust in the world, the world becomes trustable. Whereas if you’re paranoid and suspicious, THAT wish is granted! If you’ve developed a bad habit of scaring yourself, you’ll need some practice keeping your focus on the good stuff and devising the best world you can. But there’s no time like the present — get to work!

Imagination is your key to unlock the hidden wonders of our world. — Dreamfinder

Magical Day

Dear Rich, do you believe in magic?

Yes, without a doubt. If you had asked me anytime before a few years ago I probably would have said no — so for most of my life I did not believe in magic.

What changed your mind?

Well, I met a magician. I often refer to her as “my friend” or sometimes “my wife” or around the house I call her by various nicknames.

I have without a doubt witnessed her paranormal abilities. I’m a born skeptic and doubter and value the scientific-method — yet after two decades of living with her, I couldn’t deny it any longer.

I think what finally allowed me to stop denying her ability was my acceptance of Simulation Theory. Previously, I had believed in a purely physical world that conformed to the laws of physics, a world ruled by logic and reason. If anything didn’t conform to that worldview, I simply dismissed it. But once I saw the likelihood of a simulated reality, then all bets were off — of course magic is real, why not.

In a simulation, where it’s all just flickering pixels, I think things can be wished into existence — and that’s what I’d label as magic. And I’ve most certainly seen my friend wish things into existence. I’ve also witnessed her communicate telepathically with her family members. In a simulated experience, distance isn’t real, it’s merely a list of coordinates on a plane.

Okay, so who’s crazier now, you or your friend?

Well I’m currently living in my dream house and I did absolutely nothing to get here except to accept my friend’s ability to make magic happen. And tonight I’ll be strolling through the Magic Kingdom, because that’s my backyard. How’s that for crazy?

Professional Believer

You know what job I wouldn’t mind, I think, is being a professional believer. Saying I’m a professional “thinker” or even “writer” still doesn’t feel right to me. If someone asked me straight out, “So Rich, what do you do for a living?” I think I’d be most comfortable and semi-excited to state: “Well Bob, I’m a professional believer!” And Bob would be taken aback a bit and wonder what I meant. I’d then go on to briefly explain that it means I believe in the benevolence of life, so I gratefully partake in the gifts I receive.

And Bob might not get it, or might just interpret it as dumb luck, but after some time he might just start to see that I’m for real. So in a sense, I’d be using my sweet lifestyle to proselytize. Bob would potentially think: “Hm, if Rich is having such a great time and he doesn’t even do anything but believe in order to receive it… well, maybe I could do that!” And Bob might seek me out in order to understand my belief system a little more.

Of course some people would be too entrenched in their own beliefs and be dismissive, but a few might be in the mood for a change of perspective. Yeah, I think I like that…. Professional Believer.

Speaking of which, I shall now regale you with The Legend of Register 4, a circumstance that serves as the origin-story to my new profession.

My friend and I were at the grocery store a couple of days ago. There were only three registers open and all had long lines. She’s standing there noticing the piles upon piles of groceries before us. We had timetables to keep and she wasn’t pleased with the wait we’d have to endure. In that moment, she planted a mental seed within the bagger of register 3. She mentally projected the thought, “You will open register 4 and summon me”.

Well, nothing happened. My friend thought about how the bagger lacked authority to actually open the register and then said to me, “I lack the courage to move over to register 4 and wait for it to open.” I replied, “Well I have the courage to stand at that empty register but I lack the faith, I know I’d just be standing there the rest of the day.” And so as to prove the power of faith, my friend put her powers into overdrive. At that moment a manager walked over to the bagger of register 3 — a dialog took place and the bagger walked over and assumed the position of cashier at register 4. Her hand raised in the air and she summoned my friend over.

While exiting the store, I was amazed at my friend’s ability to orchestrate the scene I just saw. Yet I thought it was a bit frivolous to use her powers on such a trivial circumstance (i.e. opening a register) — but I realized she loves stuff like that. For her, the fun is in the frivolity. But I also thought about how she orchestrated our move down here and got everything up and running exactly as she had planned it.

Additional note: Yesterday we were in the Home Depot looking for some planks of wood to add as slats to a twin bed. I figured I’d just buy some 4-footers and cut them down to size. Unfortunately, I’m used to shopping at Lowes so I was a bit out of my element. I fruitlessly looked for a few minutes and my friend said she wanted some lunch right after this. I said, “Well I don’t know how long this is going to take because I’m not sure where they keep the type of wood I’m looking for.”

I then looked back to where I had just been examining 6-foot planks to see if I could find some 4-foot ones in the same area. But to my surprise, what do I see? I saw 39″ boards specifically labeled as “bed slats” just sitting amongst the generic wooden boards. That’s the exact length I needed for a twin-size bed and there were no other slats but those. I picked up the quantity I needed and we paid. We then drove over to Ikea where she proceeded to have lunch.

Becoming a Wisher

The question then becomes: do you want to be a worker or a wisher? Again, I’m not saying the worker perspective is a bad one. If you can set goals and not worry about the details too much, then exertion along a progressive path can be a fun way to spend your time. But if you suck at devising goals for yourself and constantly harp on all the negative stuff that can impede your progress, then perhaps wishing is more your style.

First, to be an effective wisher, you have to stop intermingling worker and wisher perspectives. It’s like the salvation debate, either you receive your salvation through faith or works — but not both. Second, you must accept that specifics don’t matter. For example, if you want an awesome house, who cares about the specific house — awesome is awesome. In short, what you want from life is a delightful time — who cares what form the fun takes.

As a wisher, you’re trying to create a mindset that’s ready to receive and appreciate the things in life that incite delight. The obvious question becomes: if I’m just trying increase my ability to appreciate life, then why wish at all? The answer is: anticipation is a very delightful feeling. For example, I had wished to live in a specific house, and for a few months I dreamt of living there and I even visited the place during an open-house. I had fun imagining myself living there, I studied the details and thought about all the good times I’d have. Ultimately I didn’t get that house — instead, I’m living in an even awesomer abode.

And so what? Awesome is Awesome. When it comes down to it, my true wish is this: I wish for my life to be full of delightful surprises. And I sure was delightfully surprised when I moved into where I’m living now — I love it. I love my best friend and wife, I love my other best bud and son, and now I love where I’m living. For instance, last night I was watching the Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom fireworks from my balcony — how neat is that? Sure they were tiny, but still neat.

Listen, it takes just as much blind-faith to be a worker as it does to be a wisher. A worker has to exert all that effort and simply hope it pays off in the end. A worker has no guarantee that he’ll reap a successful harvest — he could put all that work in and pests or blight could wipe it all away. Likewise, a wisher has to maintain a faith that he’ll receive what he requires. For any of this stuff to work, we have to maintain a belief in the benevolence of life. Either life is good or we’ve already lost.

If it was truly us versus life, we’d lose every time. How could we compete against the very power that created us? Duh, we can’t. So either life specifically wants us here, or we simply wouldn’t be here. And if life wants us to exist, then it’s obviously maintaining our existence. We’re just noobs at this game, we have no feasible survival skills to speak of — by some mechanism the food appears and we eat it — and by some mechanism the shelter appears and we live in it. Our only job, and the only job we’re truly capable of performing, is to appreciate this process — to love life and enjoy this gift we’ve been given.