Thief in the Night

What is sleep? A chance for life to reset your realizations. Start fresh, wipe the slate clean — what you just discovered about life, is gone. But remember, remember the insight and tranquility you came upon last night.

The anxiety you feel as the day starts anew is formed from dreams bringing you back into “reality”, the world of illusion. But resist, look at a familiar token from last night, recalling the calm, the carefully considered reasoning.

Don’t start fresh, resist the pull into a new day, maintain the continuum. Don’t forget who you are, the inner essence you discovered in quiet contemplation. You are not the anxious and angry creature that sleep tricks you into being.

Deceptive Appearances

If life is exactly as it appears to be, then one would expect life to be more easily defined — the answers of life should be in plain sight. But, life seems to become less definable the more it’s examined — alleged answers only lead to more questions.

Therefore, life cannot be what it appears to be simply because its appearance defies definition — life cannot be accurately described. Ask a hundred random people what life is, and receive a hundred varied answers. If life was obvious, we’d all have the exact same answer, over every generation. But, even our own answer changes over time.

What is This

Some potential options for our currently perceived existence:

– It happened spontaneously
– – and organically.
– – but within an artificial environment.

– It was specifically created
– – with an autonomous environment (organic or artificial)
– – with a predetermined environment (organic or artificial)

– If specifically created, why?
– – As entertainment for inhabitants.
– – As entertainment for outside observers.
– – As a source of energy or nourishment for outsiders.
– – As an experiment.
– – As a prison.
– – As a learning experience.
– – As a display of creative power.
– – As something to do, no particular purpose.

Some points to consider:

– There’s potential for a predetermined outline of events (or characters), but with autonomous details filling in the gaps.

– If created, might the design contain flaws?
– If created, is the origin purposefully deceptive?
– If within an artificial environment, history could be contrived.

– The role of singular or cyclical existence.
– The role of finality to existence.

– Whether individuals are connected more than they appear, or whether they exist at all.
– Whether individuals have a connection to the creation of their own existence.

Confused Camels

What’s wrong with being rich (or wanting to be rich)?

It shows that you’re too invested in the material world. The visible world is fleeting and illusionary, so concerning yourself with money, its perceived power, and the hoarding of trinkets, demonstrates a lack of understanding — it’s focusing on a mirage.

Rather than valuing shiny things, value the contentment of others. Do engage with the world, but from a lighthearted perspective — favoring cooperation over competition.

Those focused on illusion are lost in their confusion, while those focused on the contentment of others are themselves contented.

Money Tree

Where does money come from?

Well I know it’s not from hard work, since there have been many times I’ve worked hard and never received a dime — and I’ve also received money without expending any effort at all. I’ve received money by asking for it, but that doesn’t always work. I’ve sold things I made, receiving some money, but not everything sells indefinitely. I’ve had money in a bank generating interest, but then the interest rate plummeted. I had funds in the stock market making gains, but then the market tanked. I consulted at a company, made some money, but the company was sold. I sold services, producing an income, but then the clientele dried up.

So where does money come from? Who knows. Its procurement appears to be outside our control. So to think it should be a requirement to subsist seems unfair. The resources exist, the food can be grown, the clothes put on racks, the housing built, the toys placed on shelves, the hospitals staffed — but without money, something beyond our control, we have limited access to the fruits of society.

Dare to complain to those with ample access, they’ll blame you for your lack, chastising your poor decisions. They’ll provide a recipe for success that only seems to work for them — because they don’t really know where money comes from either.

Sure it stings a little to see the party through the window, seeing the steaming treats on the table, hearing the muted music and laughter, but you rationalize it — you hang onto hope for the future, you blame your bad luck, you blame your shortcomings, you blame the system, you dream of winning the lottery, you believe in a better next-life, you renounce your worldly attachments — you rationalize it or it breaks you.

Two Stars

If life on Earth was a form of entertainment, I’d expect it to be more entertaining. As it is, I’d only give it 2 out of 5 stars. It’s too intense in some parts, too boring in others, and the overall plot is weak. Anything good is short-lived and surrounded by too much challenge and stress.

Life doesn’t remind me of watching TV, it reminds me of school. I’m sitting around a lot, waiting, observing, feeling intimidated, uncomfortable, forced to do busy work, forced to work with others, forced to digest uninteresting information, evaluated, directed by uninspiring leaders — and once in awhile recess comes, but it always ends too soon.

But if life on Earth was a form of education, shouldn’t it be a “learning is fun” type of experience? Shouldn’t we be exploring life in an enjoyable way while experiencing just enough challenge to make it interesting?

Maybe that approach was tried, but it wasn’t enough. Perhaps a more distasteful setting had to be developed in order to sear this experience into the minds of every student. Never again would we want to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors, and to ensure this, we all live this earthbound existence — perhaps many times, through many lives.

Power of Choice

Since it’s alleged that we have the power of choice, I choose to be very happy and satisfied with life, I choose to be loved and adored by some and well-regarded by others, I choose to have wholesome foods readily available, I choose to have sufficient activities with which to fill my days, I choose to live in a small but quaint dwelling with a lovely view, I choose to lack nothing and live in the manner I find most comfortable, I choose to live in a world that values and maintains equality for all. I can’t wait for these choices to come into effect! So excited!

Consumption of Art

Although I’ve turned into a defender of life, sometimes I feel as though I’m a bit of an apologist, constantly finding excuses for life’s undesirable aspects. I’ve even said how boring life would be without such drama. But you know what, I don’t enjoy drama — I much prefer comedy. I do like romance and adventure, but only when the story isn’t too intense and the outcome is pleasant.

So in that sense, I find actual life kinda shitty. But living in this world appears to be necessary for the creation and consumption of art. And in this context, I define “art” as the expressions of human skill and imagination e.g. movies, books, TV shows, music, culinary arts, video games, gadgets — and this includes all forms of expression: blogs, Reddit comments, YouTube videos, even explicit material.

My life has always centered around the consumption of art — and I typically prefer engaging with art over interacting with “live” people. So it’s within this context that I defend life. I defend it as a canvas on which art is created. I’ve yet to appreciate the beauty in living out a mundane life — for me, living this life has been more of a means to consume art.

It appears that my point is this: I don’t have to like every aspect of life in order to appreciate my overall relationship with life. Life is going to do some freaky nasty things, and I’m not always going to appreciate those things, but that’s fine. I’ll have to deal with some of those things directly, but I guess that’s the cost of having such an amazingly immersive entertainment platform — sometimes it gets nuts in here.

Cyclic Existence

Why, when we experience something significant, does it strike a chord, is it the thrill of a thing first encountered, or is it remembrance, the thrill of reuniting with something once thought lost?

I don’t know if I’ve lived a thousand lives, but I feel as though I’ve seen this all many times. I’ve been old since I’ve been young. There’s a familiarity with what I encounter, sometimes it’s fond remembrance and sometimes weary repetition.

And often, after posing a question to myself, then pausing, an answer appears from within. I sought no council, ingested no novel information, I merely paused. There appears to be something deep within that knows more than my upbringing and experience would suggest.

Perhaps unfathomable depths do lie below the surface of this life, who knows. I’ve been told I was born in a hospital just outside of Boston a few days before Christmas. But to say that’s where I began, feels like an untruth. Am I delusional, or am I sensing what lies beneath?

What To Do

Should I be doing something?

You will be compelled to act by internal urges and external forces. For example, internally, things like boredom, hunger, lust, and curiosity, will drive you to do things. And externally, family, social pressure, culture, and the weather, will drive you to do other things. All “you” have to do is watch it happen, your participation is guaranteed.

These impulses will result in action, there’s no stopping them. But what’s nice, is when we accept these actions and view them lightheartedly. To see life as an enjoyable show, that’s what “you” should be doing.