Repetitious Rock

This is my current take on existence. It’s a dream. Solidity is simulated by repetition. The dreamlike nature makes things malleable obviously, but it’s hard to undo practiced-reactions and consistent routines. In addition to this, some things are “good” and some things are “bad” – focus on one, ignore the other.

There is no external world, it’s a projection from the inside out. A good attitude projects a bright and cheery world. A bad attitude projects a dark and dreary world. To project a better image, imagine how you’d feel while experiencing the best version of whatever you’re currently doing.

Stay within the confines of the idealized world you create. Because of the dreamlike nature of existence, the “external world” will transform accordingly – it’s just a projection after-all. Like in all dreams, the logic is haphazard – therefore reasoning is unreliable. Never assume a consequence is predictable.

Since solidity is simulated through repetition, undesirable aspects can be dismantled by removing focus from them. Likewise, pleasant aspects can be constructed through constant recall. Quite simply: if you focus on bad stuff, you’ll feel bad – if you focus on good stuff, you’ll feel good. Keep reminding yourself: the external isn’t absolute, it’s merely a projection of my attitude and focus.

Essentially: you’re currently lost in a random dream and you’re uncomfortable. Therefore, you’re trying to turn it into a “lucid dream”. You want to be aware that you’re dreaming so you can influence the dream for the better. The dream is steered by focus and repetition.