Feelings Example #145

Imagine how you’d feel while experiencing the best version of whatever you’re currently doing:

Okay, I’ve got my hands on a keyboard ready to type into an iPad. Let’s see, in an ideal scenario I suppose I’d feel confident in my ability to compose prose so enlightening that whoever wandered-in would be shaken awake to the infinite truth elucidated by my words. And as a reader myself, I too would feel the resplendent glow of enlightenment as universal understanding becomes my default.

I would feel a sense of purpose, feeling as though I’m traveling a welcoming path through a narrative of my own design. I feel comforted, I feel at home, I am one with all and all in one (whatever that means). But I feel as though it provides deep meaning that resonates with all who hear it. I feel amused, the sensation of fun guides me through this lighthearted experience. Laughter is the best medicine, and the doctor is in.

I feel no drought of ideas as creativity bubbles out like a fountain. And many come to drink, for the water refreshes. As I place fingers on keys, I feel the flow of electricity energizing the characters painted on canvas. There is no end to the story, only beginning. I feel the hopefulness found in every dawn. A new day begins, a wondrous world made manifest.

And I must admit, I feel it.