Superficial Journey

Something to keep in mind: I’m a superficial character in a superficial world. Therefore, I don’t have the capacity to know anything beyond these confines. Yet, I often find myself attempting to figure this world out from an external perspective. Long story short: it hasn’t worked. I know as much now as ever, which is nothing.

And I don’t really care about this existential nonsense anyway. As mentioned, I’m just a superficial character. I like tools, tech-gadgets, funny stuff, pie, and pretty gals. BUT, because I was so dissatisfied with my experience within this superficial world, I thought I could improve things by delving deep into the mechanics of the system.

I figured I could transcend my situation, emerging as an enlightened being of pure light and joy. Yet here I am, many years later, still struggling on a daily basis. But now that I think about it – what am I straining for? I suppose I’m attempting to attain “comfort and contentment”. But perhaps that’s the wrong objective. Anytime something isn’t “perfect”, conditions will fall outside of acceptable parameters. In short: if I’m uncomfortable, I’ll be upset.

All this time I’ve been trying to find a cozy spot into which I could hide-away and avoid the turbulence of the world. But after removing everything from my life that I possibly could, the turbulence is still there – it just changed form. I can therefore conclude that “comfort and contentment” is not something that can be pursued directly.

To be fair, I WAS experiencing significant improvement in my situation. My strategy seemed to be working. I thought I could ride “comfort and contentment” all the way to the end. But then I hit a wall and things stopped improving – I plateaued – and that’s a frustrating situation.

If “comfort and contentment” is an invalid objective, what’s a valid one? Perhaps “activity” and engagement with the world. In other words, you should always be doing something and participating in some sense. The “struggle” is to find something satisfying to engage with. Find what you like doing, and do it. But keep in mind: this activity and engagement should be on your terms. Don’t worry about historical precedent or logic – just do what you think is right for you. And always remember, you’re a superficial character in a superficial world – don’t get too deep.