Mind Pet

Think of it like this: the mind is a pet. But not an easy one, he’s more like the worst behaving pet ever. If you leave him unattended, he’ll destroy the house and eat his own feces. BUT, instead of being cute and cuddly, there’s another reason to keep him: he’s similar to a lick-able toad. He takes you, the consciousness, on exciting journeys within wondrous narratives packed with twisting plots and crazy characters. You’re kinda addicted to it.

Being that the mind is the only way to access these stories, you deal with it. It’s a major pain in the butt though – and you’re often at odds, yelling at the mind for his complete disregard for keeping things tidy and feces-free. “Stupid mind, I told you not to do that!!” But the mind keeps on doin what minds do: crafting excitement and excrement. Obviously, yelling at the mind never works.

But like those tales of incompatible roommates, sometimes a happy-medium can be achieved. First, the mind can NOT be left unattended and allowed to entertain himself. Yeah, sometimes the mess won’t be so bad and you’ll assume the mind’s finally calmed down and behaves appropriately when left alone. But soon enough, BAM!… feces everywhere. You can’t trust it, ever.

Of course that puts a burden on you, the consciousness. There’s just no vacation, no rest for the weary. But consider this: you might be able to set the mind on a specific course and coerce him into an acceptable narrative in which you (the consciousness) sit back and relax. It’s like putting him on a leash or in a fenced area.

For example: sit him in-front of a movie he likes, make a playlist of videos he’ll enjoy watching, get him into a suitable hobby, assign him a project he’s interested in, do some exercise he enjoys – essentially, find something he performs without complaint. Otherwise, the second you stop supervising, he’ll smear poop everywhere. You’re his cruise-director, do your duty and make sure he’s got entertaining stuff to do or he’ll trash your ship.