Tranquility and Joy

I adopted a dreamlike perspective in order to zoom-out a bit. I didn’t want that perspective per se, I was using it as a means to an end. I theorized that a zoomed-out perspective would lower the overall intensity of my experience. I stuck to it for about a month and noticed that the perspective was relatively easy to achieve – but I’m not sure the result aligns with my ultimate goal. What I really want is tranquility and joy. So perhaps I should dedicate a month to pushing THAT as a perspective.

Instead of “you’re not a human, you’re a whimsical dream”, it becomes “you’re not suffering or dissatisfied, you’re tranquil and full of joy”. I don’t know if that will be as easy to adopt, but might as well try. To be tranquil is to experience calm, gentleness, peace, serenity. To be joyful is to experience happiness, cheerfulness, delight, satisfaction. Ultimately, that’s what I’d like to experience.

Imagine you were to create tranquility and joy – what would that look like? First, you need the opposite for contrast. For example, what’s bright if everything is already at maximum brightness? Yet within the darkness, “brightness” can exist. So for tranquility and joy to exist, disorder and distress must exist. Do I know anxiousness and discomfort? I know them very well. Therefore, the stage has been set.

What am I? Perhaps I am the very embodiment of tranquility and joy. Maybe I am the cosmic reference that’s checked when consciousness considers those concepts. Tranquility and joy aren’t static, their definitions require demonstration. Perhaps my task is to display the totality of the concept. Well, now that the foundation’s been laid, let the tranquility and joy begin!