Dreamers Delight

How to exist within a dream:

Ignore everything you don’t prefer. It isn’t real, it’s just your wandering awareness seeking something stimulating to focus on. Be firm and say “no!”, then take your awareness and focus it on something you do prefer.

You’re just a dream, lighten up. There’s no such thing as pride or embarrassment or accomplishment. There’s no responsibility or deadlines or things-that-must-be-done. These are little tricks awareness plays to heighten the drama.

People are characters in a drama or comedy – your choice. It’s just you talking to yourself, don’t worry about it. “Things” are just props and “places” are just sets. Don’t fixate on fleeting scenes.

“Existential emptiness” is a feeling, ignore it like anything else you don’t prefer. Or use it as a means to remove yourself from a scene. Focus on it and your perspective broadens beyond physical existence. It’s more friend than foe.

You’re not alive, you’re not organic, you’re not a product of chemical reactions or physical forces – nothing is. Things can be whatever the dreamer dreams them to be.

The more you focus on the dreamlike nature of reality, the more perceptible it becomes. Soon enough you’ll laugh at the fact you saw yourself as a tiny creature crawling around a gigantic rock circling an even larger fireball.

Which seems more true: that millions of years of evolution resulted in “TikTok challenges” – or TikTok began within a whimsical dream? The prominence of such significant absurdity reveals the dream. Existence isn’t survival, it’s silliness.

Find something fun to do. Boredom will be “cured” one way or another. Your job is to come up with interesting projects for yourself. If you don’t, you’ll just end up tormenting yourself to alleviate the boredom.

There are times you’ll feel bad and you won’t be able to escape it. It’s kinda like falling into a hole. Step one: don’t dig a deeper hole. Calm down and maintain as much awareness as you can muster. Don’t seek comfort, you won’t find it – concentrate on getting your focus out of the hole. With focus on the outside, you’ll eventually find yourself fully outside – practice patience.

The level of coordination within the world, the interconnectedness, the global trends all demonstrate a common core – the dreamer. Things don’t work out because of coincidence – it’s a story being told. You’re as much the dreamer as anything else. Clean-up your focus, be gentle, appreciate tranquility, seek fun – when you calm down, the dream calms down too.