Dream vs Simulation

I was deep in the simulation camp but ultimately found too many holes. That’s why I’ve switched to a dreamlike explanation of existence. For example, who built the simulation and why? I don’t think there was ever a physical world known as Earth inhabited by ape-like “intelligent” organic creatures. Therefore, the premise of a “simulation” serving as a virtual representation of a physical reality doesn’t work. Is it a pure fantasy game? Well, then what’s the objective? Or is it an open-world do-whatever-you-want type of experience? Well, I can think of a list of things I’d rather be doing, but I’m not. How do I get it to work? I don’t understand the controls – if there are any.

In a simulation, the onus and responsibility is on me the player to figure things out and achieve an objective. That’s a lot of work and can make me feel like a loser if things aren’t going well. Whereas in a dream – hey I just appeared within a vignette depicting a fictional physical experience. I’m a conjured character meandering through streams of dreams – part dreamer, part dreamt. Every conversation is just me talking to myself. The bar is low. And funny enough, the “physical reality” that I experience doesn’t contradict this dreamlike perspective. If anything, it supports it.

But whenever I tried to discern an algorithm for achieving something in the simulation, objectives became elusive and pathways unpredictable. In other words, my physical experience didn’t support my perspective. With a dreamlike perspective, I no longer have to figure-out the world – it’s just a nonsensical dream, of course it’s filled with absurdities. But now I have to reconcile “existential emptiness”. Although in some ways, that’s an upgrade.

For example, if I’ve only ever been a dream – why should my realization of it change anything? Who cares about matter and physical forces – it’s the narratives that provide the substance of existence. “Life” has only ever been about story-telling. The idea of an inhabited Earth serves as stage for an endless array of comedic acts and dramatic performances. The only problem I have arises from an obsession with being my character: I think myself a human. But of course I’m not, I’m just a whimsical dream.