Dream Part Deux

I tried the “I’m a whimsical dream” perspective for about a month. It’s definitely powerful – but not perfect. For example, it’s difficult to reconcile “unpleasantness”. If it’s just a dream, why not dream of something better? Or does this imply that the dreamer himself is unsatisfied? Well, that’s sad. A dream can also imply that there’s no structure or order to anything whatsoever. While it’s true that I see a lot of absurdity in the world, it doesn’t seem chaotically crazy – there’s a lot of intricate detail and interesting aspects.

As far as the power that a dreamlike perspective yields: nothing is of any consequence. I don’t exist. Nothing exists. It’s all just the wavering whimsy of a bodiless consciousness persisting in space. The only dialog is the dreamer talking to himself. Additionally, it’s very easy to accept this premise as true – I haven’t found a logical deal-breaker yet. But, it evokes a feeling I don’t prefer. There’s a loneliness and a lack of significance – the dream came on in a flash and will be over in an instant. It’s an existential emptiness I suppose.

But then I took a break from that perspective… and things got noticeably worse. I guess the “cons” of the dreamlike perspective are still better than the alternative. So now I’m back to my mantra: “I’m not a human, I’m a whimsical dream”. Back to seeing an entire universe blinking in and out of existence. Back to brief vignettes of imagined physical experience. Back to being part fiction and part dreamer. Back to floating through narratives that I can brush-off or appreciate.

With lower intensity and less responsibility, being a whimsical dream is pretty easy. And whenever I lament it being just a dream, I say “well thank goodness it IS just a dream!” A harsh physical experience isn’t for everyone. Become the dream, be the dream, embrace the dream…. “Dreamer, are you there?? It is I, the dreamt. Together let us weave a fanciful tale of comical characters meandering through a set constructed of charming absurdity…”