Dream Realized

The circumstances are as follows. I have a sensation of consciousness that resides within an absurd world filled with highly coordinated narratives. The degree of drama suggests a completely artificial environment. Emotional responses seem to be the primary purpose of all this commotion. There’s a perceptible level of discomfort involved in the experience. This agitation encourages action. Comprehensive solutions don’t exist, only temporary remedies and coping strategies. The origins of this realm are elusive.

But why? Is it merely the innocent dream of a supernatural being? Is it cosmic consciousness driven to insanity, having spent eons in solitude? Or is it the birth of consciousness itself? Do I reside in the mind of an amoeba that’s currently achieving sentience? But if it’s an amoeba, why would it dream of “TikTok challenges” and “dank memes”? Clearly this entity has been around for a very long time and is possibly contemplating every conceivable topic, including “Snapchat filters”.

Essentially this means the physical world I thought I knew doesn’t exist. But that’s fine, I didn’t really like it that much (no offense). I’m a whimsical dream, so what. But if the dreamer’s dream even struggles with the notion of consciousness, does that suggest the dreamer might be struggling too? As a dream, I experience daily drama within a wacky world – but there’s also an underlying struggle with consciousness, identity, and purpose.

Who am I really? Why am I having this experience? What should I be doing? Why does it feel like I’m a character in an absurd story about nothing in particular? Why am I also the audience? Am I a reflection of the dreamer’s own struggle with consciousness? Does the dreamer want my input? Is this dream a test-environment to help discover a solution? If the problem is solved here, in dreams, would it solve the dreamer’s dilemma?