Dream of You

I don’t recall ever maintaining a “dreamworld” perspective as intently as I’ve done recently. Simulation, yes – a world designed by someone or some thing for a specific purpose. Your typical brain-in-a-vat scenario. But a simulation implies that a “real” external world exists. There’s solidity and structure somewhere. But a dream? All bets are off. There’s just a dreamer drifting through fantastical depictions of crazy creatures inhabiting a wacky world. It’s an odd feeling.

When I consider the outlandish dramatic narratives in this place, they make a LOT more sense under “dream logic”. Whereas a truly organic, natural, physical world falls apart under scrutiny. And it’s possible that no deception was ever intended – it’s just a dream, so consciousness simply got lost in it. In that sense, the world could actually be a genuinely innocent experience. There’s no mastermind pulling strings, just a drifting dreamer.

This world, growing in complexity as it’s filled with a cavalcade of quirky characters. Details aren’t formed until the dreamer explores, filling in gaps with whatever sounds plausible at the moment. Things aren’t inherently meaningful or enjoyable, those feelings are simply applied to each circumstance as interactions occur.

I realize that the world tends to look like the lens it’s viewed through. So I’m not saying the “dreamworld” is the ultimate answer – but it’s interesting enough to warrant further inquiry. I suppose it elicits a “creepy” or melancholy sensation, which might be why characters within this dream strive to hold on to a physical reality. I’m releasing that grasp as an experiment, we’ll see what happens….