Drifting Dreamer

If existence really is a dream, that opens up the possibility for this experience to be a somewhat random accident. It also implies that the world is completely malleable – and may alter its characteristics and narratives at any time. If that’s true, then there isn’t an active host, there’s more of a consciousness drifting through a dream. I’d say the world is weird enough that it seems dreamy, not designed. But it’s so elaborate, so detailed – perhaps it’s been a very long dream.

What if consciousness sprang forth in the middle of empty space, no arms, no legs, just the ability to imagine. What would such an entity do but dream. So within this entity’s drifting mind, a world forms – full of dramatic creatures with the ability to physically feel and interact with their environment. It’s a bit melancholy actually, bittersweet perhaps. These creatures even have the ability to pass-away, another trait this entity lacks.

Perhaps for him, death is a sweet sentiment – having imagined every possible scenario over eons of dreams. Yet, to witness his characters striving to maintain their existence is pleasing, inspirational in fact – and keeps the dreamer dreaming. In these dreams, there’s camaraderie everywhere – shared struggles and teamwork-based triumph. Whereas, the dreamer dreams alone – creating companionship in stories.

Through many tellings of his stories, he’s likely to have learned tricks to separate and captivate parts of his awareness – creating characters that seem independent of one another. Since they have the same puppeteer, a shared narrative is easy to coordinate. And it’s no coincidence that the origins and implementation-details of this world are hidden and elusive.

I suppose it’s a dumb idea to investigate the origins of existence in order to discover something you’re purposefully hiding from yourself. Hm, perhaps Alan Watts was right, it’s just God playing hide-and-seek with himself.