Shuffling Perspectives

Some perspectives I tried that didn’t work out:

Fragile creature born by chance crawling on a rock circling around a gigantic fireball. First off, it’s too anxiety inducing. Then there’s the logical inconsistencies i.e. plot holes. Plus it invites existential inquiry but only offers unsatisfactory explanations. Overall, it’s a high-intensity whirlwind of confusion. Definitely unpleasant, wouldn’t recommend.

Invited-guest to a fanciful world of wonder. It just takes an eye-strain headache or some digestive-issues to knock me out of this perspective. One-second you feel appreciative and loved, then all of a sudden you’ve been slapped in the face for simply standing there. It’s too easy to feel like the victim of a capricious host. This perspective just falls apart too readily, wouldn’t recommend.

Thoughts, feelings, and attitude dictate my experience. I’m in a world that’s controlled by my mental processes. Wish for something, there it is – kinda. Unpleasant thoughts will result in unpleasant circumstances. And likewise, delightful thoughts should result in delightful situations. Unfortunately, after many varied attempts, I found no correlation. Whatever I tried didn’t work, I couldn’t control my experience. And I could only blame myself for so long until it seemed like an exercise in futility. Wouldn’t recommend.

Earth school, a place to practice the art of self-improvement. Frankly, the classroom is just too crude and unprofessional for this concept to be taken seriously. Rushing to the toilet bowl, sitting there in discomfort – or any of the other humiliating situations I find myself in? Memory fails all the time too – otherwise I’d recall all the insights and revelations I’ve received over the years. So the primary lesson seems to be that humans are just poor-quality androids suffering from a high error-rate. I’ve tried physical, mental, and spiritual self-improvement and it got me nowhere. You can’t improve something that’s designed to fail – would not recommend.

My current and newly adopted perspective is that of a short-term dream. I don’t know when this dream began nor when it’ll end – maybe it started when I woke-up and ends when I fall asleep. There are too many strange situations that comprise this world – circumstances that could only be explained by silly nonsensical dream-logic. Bad things happen because of a wandering consciousness considering all the dopey concepts it conjures up. With unpleasant dreams, you just gotta calm down and move on. In that sense, I can improve my experience by remaining calm and adjusting my focus – which includes zooming way-out, seeing life as nothing but a dream.