Life in Space

I’m still experimenting with an ethereal perspective. Lately, my mantra’s been: “I’m not a human, I’m a whimsical dream”. It’s been going well. It does feel closer to the truth. All that physical-world rigmarole just seems like a half-hearted attempt at busy-work. Whereas floating through the day improves the experience.

For the most part, I’d say the external world cooperates. For times it doesn’t seem onboard, I just ignore it – and it tends to fade away. Essentially, you just show up for the day expecting a good time. I suppose it’s like going out to a movie. You don’t bring any assumptions about the world, you start fresh. You don’t tack on a backstory – not even for yourself. You don’t consider future ramifications – every day exists as a world in and of itself.

All that “stuff” that happened in the past is just “Lorem Ipsum” text – filler so the current narrative doesn’t appear to be floating in space. What happened in childhood? Eh, who cares – it simply exists so that references about “childhood” are relatable. Don’t read into anything. Don’t dredge up any “memories” and bring them into today.

Today is brand new – perhaps it’s the first day of existence – who knows. If life’s a dream, the dream could’ve started this morning or even 5-minutes ago. It certainly can be an odd sensation to know you’re dreaming – but it explains the circumstances of life much better than logic ever could.