Dream Life

If reality’s a dream, how should I act within it? Intensity is controlled by focus and perspective. For instance, zooming into something “disturbing” causes intensity to magnify. For example, you could be sitting there all day saying “Oh dear! Poor me! Poor me! I suffer so!” or you could daydream about soaring through vineyards and snacking on grapes. So, steer your focus and adjust your perspective.

Think of it like a magnifying-glass or telescope. Your consciousness is the person viewing through the eyepiece, your focus is whatever you aim the device at, and perspective is the magnification setting. For example, I could aim the device at a wound I have on my hand, zooming into it at the exclusion of all other matters – considering all the things that went into cutting my hand, the mistakes, the potential for infection, even the road to recovery. Or, I could go have a cookie and forget about it. I could turn my focus to treats, zooming-in on the cookie, savoring each bite as chocolate morsels melt in my mouth.

But here’s the thing: the knobs aren’t obvious – and they can stick. And, your device might scan across some things you don’t prefer. Then you’re like, “huh, what’s this?” and before you know it, you’re like “EW!! I didn’t want to see that!! Gah!” Sometimes you gotta fight to change the channel. Keep in mind that it’s never the images themselves you’re fighting, the struggle is for control over your own focus and perspective.

Deny, deny, deny: “This isn’t happening!” or “This is fine.” Because in fact, it IS fine – it’s only a dream, remember. The fanciful images floating across your gaze are yours to ignore or accept. Wrestle your attention away from the unpleasant then coax it towards the things you prefer. Persist in this disciplined approach and you should witness a vast improvement in your experiences.