Insulting Perspective

After many years of observation and analysis, I can tell that my initial assumptions about existence were wrong. This is not an organic experience – things didn’t “just happen” according to some “natural order”. The concept of “humanity” is completely fabricated – people and civilizations didn’t systematically develop over time. Nothing about humanity suggests that it’s capable of maintaining itself – people are essentially helpless. Based on their daily activity, the primary activity of humanity is to engage in drama.

On the whole, rudimentary survival is not a facet of human existence. Whereas slinging insults at one another IS a primary pursuit. Insults can be seen throughout every echelon of society. From families, to schools, to businesses, to media, to government – everywhere people exist, insults are sure to follow. If you were training to be a better human, you’d be foolish to focus on raw-survival – instead, you’d want to sharpen the verbal-barbs you fling at others when you cut them down.

This is NOT a condemnation of “modern society” by the way. This is simply what it means to be a human living on Earth. This world exists as a space to create opportunities to insult each other. Offending and being offended is the very foundation of humanness. It doesn’t even require effort to participate – just existing is a way to cause insult to others. There’s an endless array of ways and reasons to not like someone.

Realizing all this, the question becomes: am I supposed to participate in this drama? Am I supposed to rebel against it? Or: even though my current perspective shows this analysis to be true, can I simply change perspectives and see another side of life?