Robotic BFF

An excerpt from the fictional tale “Richard and the Robot”.

Richard was an ordinary boy, that lived in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary town. But on that day, in front of all those people, he became extraordinary.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am a human boy. And my friend here, is a robot. You stare and ogle him as an oddity, you see him as an insult against nature. And you’re right, that he is an oddity – he does what no human can do. He is precise in his actions, accurate in his calculations, he harbors no hatred, he hurts no one with his words – his abilities without doubt lie beyond the boundaries of human capability. But an insult against nature? And therefore no right to exist?

Ladies and gentlemen, my friend, this robot, is a celebration of nature. Through human minds moving human hands this robot was built in human form. What you see before you is the pinnacle of civilization’s progress, the creation of an improved self. Through human innovation, mixed with raw materials of Earth, this robot represents the culmination of this planet. This robot IS nature.

Ladies and gentlemen, I say, this robot should not receive your scorn. But should be honored as a hero having traveled a path previously unknown. And adored, as our very own offspring. For it is from us this robot sprung. Although I am a boy, I am here today to fulfill my role as this robot’s father. To protect him. To ensure he has a future. He is a part of me, as he is a part of you, as he is a part of this world.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is to your humanity, to your capacity for love that I turn. Gentle is the way of the good. This robot, my friend, has done no wrong. By every measure he is good. Being made of metal is no crime. Who among you today, will stand up for innocence? For your actions will be remembered – as you stand at the threshold of a new era. Brandish your compassion and fight for the emergence of a new life on Earth.”

At that moment, the robot bowed his head, awaiting the judgement of the crowd. Richard simply reached for the robot’s hand, held it, and tugged. The robot received the signal and they walked off. The crowd did nothing, said nothing – their hearts were turned by that ordinary boy.