Genie Wishes

Satisfaction, contentment, fulfillment – whatever you call it, can’t be obtained through external means. Having finally grasped this concept, I can no longer wish for tangible prizes. So if confronted by a genie, demanding my three wishes, what can I ask for?

Wish 1: Invokable creative inspiration.

Whenever I want, I can think: “I want to make something”. And in that instant, I’ll receive inspiration to create something that compliments my talents and interests – something that takes time and effort in an enjoyable process that ends with an outcome I admire. So for me, that might be a woodworking project, a written piece, a drawing, a computer program – something I enjoy, appreciate, and get energized by.

Wish 2: Endless appreciation.

I’ll like everything! That’s great! Wow, awesome! In this way, it wouldn’t even matter what my external conditions were, I’d be satisfied wherever. I’ve experienced life at the other extreme i.e. hating-on everything, so I might as well try the other side of things.

Wish 3: Lighthearted attitude.

Everything’s funny. Being amused all the time means I’ll have endless fun. Again, I’ve spent enough time with the opposite mindset – taking everything way too seriously – I’m ready for a change.

P.S. I’ve thought about potential “Monkey’s Paw” flaws in my wishes, but I think the benefits outweigh the risks. I’d be giving up a bad attitude and gaining an endless supply of artistic inspiration. Sounds like a good deal to me….