Raw Material

Raw material is just that, raw. It’s rough and takes effort to fashion into an artistically constructed form. It’s not easy, you probably need some tools, some research, some trial and error – not to mention a lot of time and focus.

So, you should expect THAT while shaping yourself into your imagined ideal. Art isn’t born, it’s crafted over time, with a bunch of exertion. Step one: establish your idealized-form i.e. what do you want the end-product to be at the conclusion of this life? Hint: actually achieving this perfected vision doesn’t matter – so pick whatever. Step two: Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, work towards this goal. That’s art.

Another hint: it’s probably better to set the goal so high that you CAN’T complete it in this lifetime. The truth is this: an accomplished objective is a completed task i.e. it’s over. You WANT to keep heading towards a finish-line – it gives you a reason to run. Can’t you just sit back and appreciate all you’ve accomplished? Maybe, but if “appreciation” was that easy, you could simply appreciate your life as it is now – and just coast to the end.

Consider this: you weren’t born a perfect little angel with a perfect path all laid out. You were born rough, a raw clump resistant to beauty. Without focused effort, guess what? You STAY a clump. Isn’t that obvious? You need to extract the clump, get it out of the ground, hack at it, saw it, process it. Then when the roughest edges are worn down, come in with a finer touch. Keep refining your style, start paying attention to detail. This is a labor of love, take your time.

The point isn’t the product, it’s the process. But you must actually engage in that process – you have to intentionally do something! It’s not passive, it’s not random. Oh and don’t bother complaining about the source material, it’s ALL worthless until you do something with it – you’re the artist, your challenge is to form “nothing” into something of beauty. Do you accept that challenge? Or are you just going to stare at a motionless clump all day (that’s a dumb strategy). So pick an idealized image, and get to work.

P.S. How do you know which steps to take on your journey? Hint: it doesn’t matter. Do ANYTHING with the intent that it’s a step on the path to the idealized image of yourself. There’s no recipe to follow. Imagine being able to make a cake by putting whatever amount of whatever ingredients into the mixing bowl. A tablespoon of black-pepper, 8 cups of flour, a half-cup of orange juice, and a squirt of toothpaste, etc. — and out pops the perfect cake! For whatever reason, that’s how the journey through life works – logic doesn’t apply.