Abiding Awareness

Remain awake and aware. In other words, don’t lose yourself in the story — don’t become the character. That seems kinda lame, but the alternative is a concoction of intensity and dissatisfaction. For a better experience, stay present. And in that awareness, remind yourself: I exist beyond this fiction.

From that perspective, intentionally decide what to focus on. You’re not the character, you’re not really in his world and you’re not subject to the bounds of its logic. Therefore, nothing needs to be done. The restraints you focus on, are the ones that bind you. By not focusing on a restraint, you remain free of its hold.

So instead of survival, instead of lack and limitation, instead of caution – focus on avenues of amusement. Does that sound like simple hedonism? Well, you’re having a temporary sense-driven experience – what else would you do? If you attend a buffet, select foods you prefer – experiment of course, then get more of what you like.

You’ll keep trying to lose yourself in the story, lazily letting go of awareness. Resist this or the intensity and dissatisfaction rapidly return. Awareness works only while you’re aware – otherwise it’s like falling asleep at the wheel, you crash. To steer, you have to be present and deliberately direct your focus.