Interpretive Dance

What’s going on here, what is this? I ask such questions because it’s my nature to do so. Yet I know every question that’s answered simply fades away, a new one takes its place. Seems a bit futile doesn’t it, like Sisyphus rolling his rock up that hill.

Of the many question & answer pairs I’ve coupled throughout the years, I can see that the question doesn’t really matter, nor does its answer. Think of it like eating. What’s one meal matter? I could skip a meal and be none the worse for it. The same routine everyday, multiple times per day. Yet by the next day, even though I’ve done it all before, I’m eager to eat again.

Frivolously insignificant repetition – is that the fundamental nature of existence? An individual leaf on a tree is pretty insignificant – but as a whole, leaves bring a tree to life. Song and dance are frivolous by their nature, bewildering words mixed with repetitive sounds, all while undulating in circles. And it’s one insignificant stroke at a time upon canvas that paints a masterpiece.

Every insignificant day forms a life, and every insignificant life forms the pageantry of this world. Each piece of the puzzle is both insignificant and significant, holding two states at once – perspective of the observer determines which. Where is your attention focused and what’s your interpretation.