Striving for Something

I’m here, so I might as well keep busy. I’ve found it’s best to keep striving for something, anything. It can be a frivolous goal, it doesn’t matter, it’s the effort that counts. I’m currently pursuing three primary objectives.

Number one: I’m striving to become a mellow, lighthearted fellow. I started out as an tightly wound, overly anxious, paranoid, pessimistic naysayer. I’m trying to do a 180 flip into a calm, optimistic, friendly and welcoming guy that always has a good word to say about everything. Will I get there? Eh, who cares, it’s the striving that counts. (Ha, such a casual attitude, it must be working!!)

Number two: I’m striving to maintain good relationships with my wife and son. My attitude and behavior are obviously key aspects to this. These relationships are the reason I want to tame my negativity in the first place. I’ve noticed that my interactions improve as I progress along the mellow path.

Number three: I’m currently striving to use tools – particularly for small-scale hand-tool woodworking. This has become a great hobby over the past few months and I hope to continue with it. My longer term goal is to put together a small woodworking workshop with the finest tools I can procure.