Stupid Prizes

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Would you play a game that’s upsetting and irritating? It’d be a dumb way to spend your time. Yet that’s what I do, and I get first-prize every time.

I’m always receiving stupid prizes, which is how I know I’m engaging in a lot of stupid games. Yet causing oneself to get upset is low-quality entertainment — it’s masochism.

Particular things and specific circumstances just don’t matter. Want something? It’s just a change in perspective whether you attain it or not. You simply check-off the item in your mind.

Getting frustrated? Just check it off NOW, why wait? It’s yours, don’t sweat it any longer. From there, move to the next item on the list. See how it works? That’s what happens anyway, there’s always a “next item”.

You lack nothing, it’s yours! In fact, you’re bored of it already! Time for the next item on the list! Just ask yourself, what’s a stupider game: guaranteed victory or a constant state of defeat?

In other words, stop playing stupid games in which you repeatedly paint yourself into the losing corner. That’s not fun. There are better ways to entertain yourself than inciting frustration.