Arbitrary Goals

It amazes me the hoops I’ll jump through to complete an arbitrary goal. In other words, if a pointless objective strikes my fancy, I’ll put a lot of time and effort into completing it despite the fact that nothing changes, I simply check it off my to-do list. This pattern of behavior is found in real life as well as in video-games where I’ll grind away hours for a meaningless trinket.

In other words, what I do doesn’t matter. I need simply pick an end, and pursue it. I’m not progressing or improving anything, I’m merely keeping busy. That’s the nature of games: you apply effort for the entertainment-value received by expending energy. At the end of every game, nothing changes — it’s GAME OVER whether you win or lose. The ultimate goal for you-the-player is to extract enjoyment from the experience.

So pick a goal, any goal you like — and do THAT. Life is a game, and if you take it too seriously, you’re going to have a VERY bad time. Imagine yourself as Alice in Wonderland for instance, you could play along with the absurdity that surrounds, or you could fight it tooth-and-nail attempting to establish some form of order. Playing along is the only reasonable option to take. There is NOTHING of significance happening here, it’s a game, have fun.

Oh sure, people act solemn at times, but so do children playing pretend. Drama can be fun to act out, with soliloquies of betrayal and tragic tales of woe and dire predictions of gloom & doom. But at the end of the day when playtime’s over, none of it matters — just admire the production for what it was. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.