Just In Time

Hurry! You’re running out of time!! Just kidding, time isn’t a thing here. It seems like it is, but it’s only a construct that aids in storytelling. Just like in dreams or movies, time is fluid — years can pass in seconds or seconds can slow to an eternity. No big deal.

For example, deadlines are dramatic story elements. You’re in a dreamworld, nothing’s actually due here. Oh sure, you can pretend you’ve got an important appointment that you simply MUST make. “Oh no! I’m late!! What am I gonna do now!?” Add some pressure with a dash of histrionics and the mundane becomes exciting!

That’s a silly way to experience existence though: like a white rabbit running through Wonderland. For a higher-quality experience, you’ll want to ignore that kinda nonsense. So relax. Get comfy and sit still for a bit. Something less intense yet equally captivating will eventually come to you. Just watch your thoughts and sort through the incoming ideas.

“Oh I like that one!” So do that one. When you no longer believe in timetables, there’s no strain or frustration — you can’t be late. The day expands or contracts depending on the needs of the narrative. Today transforms while tomorrow waits. Cast the shackle of time from your wrist and embrace the timelessness of now.