Finish Line

So how’d you like it!?
Uhh, not so much.
Oh. What didn’t you like about it?
I dunno, it was kinda blah.
Oh. What’d you do there?
Uh, stayed indoors mainly, kept to myself, tried to stay outta trouble.
Oh. You know you could’ve done anything you wanted right?
Hm, not really, there weren’t any instructions.

Oh. Do you remember before you went in, as I started explaining the instructions, you said “Instructions are for dweebs – I got this”?

Hm, no.

And you know how every successful in-game character would repeat the mantra “follow your dreams”?

Hm, yeah but I didn’t think it applied to my situation.

Oh. So let me get this straight. You entered a dream world in which you could live a life of endless adventure and boundless delights — yet instead of enjoying yourself, you essentially sat in a corner the entire time.

Well when you put it that way….