Today’s Role

Who are you today? In a simulation, you have no actual origin story. You can be a new “you” each and every day. For example, today I am Richard the Renowned, a man known for his great insight into the ways of this world. I am admired and respected by all as I impart wisdom upon them.

Even outside this world, you have no grand narrative either — you’re just pure awareness. If you had an actual origin story, you wouldn’t need to be here, the place where drama comes to life. Therefore, you’re free to imagine a brand new narrative any time you like.

And you should! If at any moment you’re not enjoying yourself, it’s time to rewrite the scene. “Oh no, I hope a horrible thing doesn’t happen!!” As you feel the unpleasantness develop, you should interrupt the unruly mind. “Cut! I can do better than this vulgar trash!”

It is here where you scrap the crap and select better thoughts for crafting the scene. You can make yourself out to be a hero or simply change the focus to something more amusing. The original circumstance was merely a fiction created by the mind — you’re free to create something new.