Tool Search

As previously mentioned, I’m on the hunt for a tool, one I can document or create. But funny enough, that quest leads me back to here. What is the most advanced tool we interact with on a daily basis? A tool so complex that it’s barely understood despite regular use? A tool so important that we can’t live without it? That tool… is the mechanism responsible for our existence. Dun, dun, duuun!!!

That’s right, I’m talking about the “simulation”, the thing that provides inhabitants with the experience of “life”. For the past seven years, I’ve been documenting this tool. Who’s to say I should stop now? It certainly seems like a plausible option: the system is certainly complicated enough to warrant documentation — and the steady stream of new users require up-to-date materials, refreshed for the times they’re in.

In short, I’d be a preacher for the modern era. Instead of deities in the sky, it’s engineers in the ethernet. I’ve come up with this idea many times in the past but never committed. My interests tend to be split between in-world technology and the philosophical underpinnings of reality. Basically: “Wow, cool gadget!” versus “What is this place and how does one get through it?”

Por que no los dos? And yes, I could potentially pursue multiple interests. Either way, I do seem to be more of a documenter than a creator. I like to consume complex topics and break them down into digestible bites. And programming is basically that: organizing complexity. Okay dear diary, that’s where I’m at, thanks for listening.