Path of the Programmer

A couple months ago, I purchased a laptop computer so I could get back into computer programming. Prior to that, I had been using an iPad Pro to fulfill my computing needs. Because I was mostly dedicated to writing this blog, I didn’t require much in the way of computational power.

Since receiving the laptop, I researched a bunch of programming paradigms and installed a few development environments. After the dust settled, I picked Javascript as my language of choice. As for tools, I’ve been using Visual Studio Code and the Chrome web-browser. Oh, and the developer docs over at have been extremely helpful. And shout-out to all the various websites and YouTube videos that provided insightful tidbits as well.

My programming portfolio at is filling-out nicely I think. In just a month of programming with Javascript, I’ve got quite a few samples up there. Simple stuff on the surface, but it takes effort to write code that isn’t overly complex. My goal is to write the cleanest, most uncomplicated code possible.

I have no other objective at the moment but to continue adding to my portfolio — and in the process, practicing and honing my craft. I’m having more fun this time around — just programming for programming’s sake, there’s no rush to get anywhere in particular. Why do I want to climb the mountain? “Because it’s there.” And so I continue my quest, following the path of the programmer….