Gaming Analysis

My ideally imagined gaming scenario is this: game starts, I stumble onto an immense stockpile of resources that I use to attain dominant levels of strength and power. From there, I proceed to use my supremacy and innate skills to conquer the game and everyone in it. Done.

Yet that’s not my typical gaming experience. It’s more like: game starts, I saunter-out ready to do some damage, feeling like I’m gonna crush the competition, but I get picked apart like Thanksgiving dinner, can’t find any resources, and I hide, focusing on some non-confrontational aspect of the game.

There’s always a mismatch between what I believe I can do and what I can actually do — and this obviously leads to a lot of frustration. After all these years, I still can’t reconcile the mismatch — how come I’m not dominating and crushing the competition where they stand?

My perspective is obviously off. Everything is telling me that I’m a noob, yet I refuse to accept it. I fully realize that a subtler approach and a smarter strategy can be used when facing tough competition — but that’s not my way — I am the embodiment of supremacy, and that’s the only way I know how to win.

In other words, if I could think of a better strategy, I’d use it — duh. But for some reason, I’m provided with the perspective that I’m a thirty-foot tall demi-god with absolute knowledge and the ability to manifest my will unto the world. Perhaps I’m a tragic character like Sisyphus, forever cursed to lose despite my grandiose expectations. So what can I do about this predicament?

Well, why are you thinking in terms of competition? That’s a finicky concept that isn’t easily achieved. For starters, if one side is clearly dominant, there’s no actual contest taking place — the outcome is certain. So right off the bat, it’s clear that you want no part in an actual contest, you simply want a demonstration of strength — a charade.

And second, who says there’s even any competitions taking place? For example, it’s like seeing a man walking down the sidewalk, and you go up beside him and start walking faster until you “beat him” to the end of the block. There was no contest, you just superimposed one over a regularly occurring event.

So get the idea of “competition” out of your head, it’s dumb. It’s the same nonsense as thinking you’re a fragile creature struggling for survival amidst a harsh and brutal landscape with nothing but your vigilance and skill keeping you alive. IF life had actual competitive aspects, there’s no question you’d have lost already — experienced players would camp-the-spawn and blow you to bits.

Competition in any form is an untenable situation unless there are lots of rigorously maintained rules. But that means competition has to be so regulated, that there’s barely a contest anymore. Competition is more of a choreographed dance than anything. Repeat after me: You’re not competing against anyone for anything.

What you seem to be struggling against isn’t other people or the world itself, you’re struggling with your strange ideas about others and the world you’re in. You’ve come in ready for a fight, but there’s no fight to be had. Oops, wrong place. But now that you’re here, let me show you around…

This is Earth, it’s a safe-space. Your food, shelter, activities, transportation, and companionship are all taken care of. You most certainly don’t have the ability to exist as an actual physical being in a natural world. You’re essentially experiencing the sensation of what it’s like to be an embodied being in a pseudo-physical world.

There’s no pressure here, no “survival of the fittest” — stop trying to scare yourself. Relax. Think of this not as a first-person-shooter, but as a creative realm in which you build things with whatever resources seem fitting to you. None of it matters of course, it’s more like building sandcastles that wash away when the tide comes in. You can build relationships, crafts, art or literary projects, culinary delights, businesses, technological creations, collections of stuff, libraries of knowledge, ways of thinking — there’s so much to do.

But you… you want to fight stuff? You want to struggle against some imaginary opponent? And so you setup scenarios where you’re on the losing end and thus validate your sense of struggle. In your mind, you’re the inexperienced upstart that needs to push through in order finally defeat a more experienced opponent on the field of battle. Oh, bravo… bravo….

Yet your enemy is a windmill. You’re Don Quixote fighting imagined dragons. Sorry, but the only fight you need to win is the one against your strange and outlandish thoughts. You’re projecting sinister visions onto an innocent world. The reason you never win is because there’s no race!! There’s no challengers, no finish-line, no trophy — yet you keep running as though you’ll eventually cross into a winner’s circle.

Take a breath and realize the truth of this situation. The world can’t be the way you believe it to be. The reason things don’t work out for you is because you’re completely wrong about how things work. It’s NOT because you’re “losing” and need to “train harder” and “overcome” a whole bunch of “obstacles”. You’ve come for a battle and you’re trying to force one wherever you can. Instead of that nonsense, simply accept the world as it is.

Stop looking for a fight — although as we already established, you’re actually looking to put on a display of strength solely to evoke feelings of supremacy — a silly game of pretend. But it’s not working because it’s dumb and goes against what’s already established here: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” It’s done, they won, now have fun.