Repetitious Fulfillment

If you analyze life, you’ll be struck by the mundane repetition involved.

“So I just do the same thing, over and over and over again?”
“Yes, that’s right. But don’t worry, an inherent forgetfulness will make things seem fresher than they are.”

Take cooking for instance. Chop. Chop again. Chop some more. Chop, chop, chop!! Just constant chopping day after day and that’s only ONE repetitive aspect of cooking — there are many. As you analyze anything, repetition appears everywhere.

That’s life. You shouldn’t attempt to run from it, or shortcut it — but embrace it. As an aficionado of efficiency, all that repetition feels wrong to me. Yet in my own life, I’m seeing that I’ve been repetitively writing about enlightenment for seven years here.

The SAME stuff over and over too. How very inefficient. I even chastise myself for it: “Write it ONCE!!” But why? Why not write it a thousand times — some times in a subtly altered way, other times in a drastically different way. But essentially the same.

I’ve already written about repetition too!! I know I have. I just can’t remember the details. And so it goes, I’ll write a “fresh” entry in regards to repetition today. So the question becomes: do I ever get any closer to a goal?

Maybe not. Does a cook ever create a meal to end all meals? No. Despite the herculean effort involved, the cook gets right back to work the next day in order to satisfy an insatiable appetite for more food.

So by walking the path to enlightenment, do I ever get even one step closer? Maybe not. Perhaps I’ll remain perpetually dissatisfied, forever heading toward the distant light. But what’s so wrong with that?

An empty stomach is so satisfying to fill, isn’t it? Yet it’s only temporary and begins again the very next day. In a similar way, an unenlightened mind is satisfying to illuminate, isn’t it? Yet it’s only temporary and begins again the very next day.

By the power of repetition and forgetfulness, you’re provided the opportunity to relive the greatest aspects of life on a regular basis! And you actually scorn this predicament!? A foolish perspective indeed.

Don’t forget that the most efficient way to live life is to go straight to death. And a permanently satisfied stomach would be a curse, not a blessing. So don’t seek to live efficiently, but seek to savor the repetition, soaking in the same delights again and again.