Negativity Quiz 01

Okay, let’s see how well have you’ve been paying attention. To demonstrate mastery of the material, answers should be no longer than a single sentence or phrase.

Quiz on Overcoming Negativity:

1. What is the fundamental nature of reality?

2. What is your position within the universe?

3. How do things get done / why do things happen?

4. What is the primary cause of unhappiness?

5. What is the happiest state of mind?

6. What role should logic play in life?

7. True or False: I’m a fragile creature struggling for survival amidst a cruel and careless world.

8. True or False: Death can come at anytime.

9. True or False: Random-chance is an uncontrollable force that fouls-up life.

10. What is your primary function here?


1. Reality is dreamlike.
2. I am the dreamer.
3. Things get done via narratives and expectations.
4. Unhappiness is the result of the thinking-mind’s incessant chatter and desire to criticize.
5. A quiet mind is a happy mind.
6. None, logic is a pathway to loser-ville.
7. False, life is a benevolent experience.
8. False, we die whenever we feel our story’s over.
9. False, it’s a playful-lie used by the thinking-mind to make the mundane seem more exciting.
10. I exist in order to extract enjoyment from existence.