Doorway Sales

I tried for DECADES to make that natural-model-of-the-universe stuff fly. I was a dedicated advocate and active proselytizer. But in the end, I just couldn’t do it. Eventually, beaten and broken, I had to say fuck-it and move on. Yet being the natural-born zealot I am, I can’t not advocate for something. So nowadays I promote the enjoyment of existence — I’m a salesman for the good-life. My father was a salesman by the way, he sold doors.

But me, I sell virtual doors, gateways to the wondrous world you never knew existed. A magical realm fueled by dreams and wishes. Rich Reality Services — that’s the name of my business (“reality”, not “realty” like you’d expect. Ha! Get it!?). It’s a service for those that want to trade-in their distressing perspective for something better. And boy do I have something better for you! You’re gonna think I’m offering some pie-in-the-sky nonsensical notion — but no, this is the real deal.

Imagine the life you’re living now, but without fear and with plenty of fulfillment. No more worry, just you living life as you were meant to, enjoying yourself the entire time. What a concept! Regularly smiling, appreciating your surroundings, maintaining a sense of satisfaction, having fun — these things could be yours. And that reality exists right now if you’re willing to accept it. I’m simply here if you need a little nudge in the right direction.

And like many instructors, I’m merely a couple pages ahead in the lesson-book — I’m finding my way on the path same as you. But think of me as the scout that intrepidly treks ahead. I’m first to fall off the cliff, yet first to see the rising sun. Either way, you get a heads-up about what’s coming, with time to react based on the insight provided. My character just happens to be good at not falling off cliffs, which is why I’ve taken the point position.

So if that sounds about right to you, stick around and read along — or hit me up with any questions or comments. My name’s Rich if you didn’t catch it earlier, and I’m at your service.