Negativity Nightmare

A part of the Overcoming Negativity series.

The trouble with overcoming negativity, is that it looks like there’s no way out. When you’re negative and sporting a bad attitude, any advice will seem stupid. And anyone doing well in life will seem like a moron deluding himself into being superficially happy, whereas you live in the “real world” and know the gritty truth about life. So it’ll usually take quite a shock to wake you from the nightmare you’re in.

Why am I bothering with this somewhat mild message then? Certainly it’s not enough to shake you awake. But here’s the thing, maybe you really are as smart as you say you are. Maybe you can get the message before life turns up the intensity. Because at some point, life will come for you — but this gentle notification is here if you want to avoid all that fuss.

It’s like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol — he had a simple “dream” one night, then his whole world turned around. Here is your dream. Take heed and you’re off the hook, you’ll have an easy time living a life that far exceeds your pessimistic imaginings. Ignore it, and you step in line at the roller-coaster, ready to have your snot shaken loose as your heart-rate races you to the finish.

Right now, life is getting ready to show you that nightmare you’ve been imagining your entire life. You asked for it, you expected it to come — so you’ll receive it. But if you give up your negative ways, the good life awaits — right here and right now. It’s always been there, you just couldn’t appreciate it. So what’s it going to be?


2 thoughts on “Negativity Nightmare

  1. True. I recently had to step away from a friend because of her crippling negativity. I said to her, “I’ve noticed that everything you say to me recently starts with No.” she’d finish my sentences, make assumptions about my relationships, tell me I was “too happy”, that she’d never do what I do and that my opinions were wrong. I’m not sorry I ditched her. I’m just annoyed that I wasted so much time with her in the first place.

    1. Eeyore the donkey was a very negative character in those Winnie the Pooh stories, yet when taken with a grain-of-salt, he was comical in his own way. Whereas if you take what a pessimist says seriously, then I suppose you’d have a problem — they’d always tell you the sky is falling and you’d believe ’em. I usually try to interpret negative people in a comical way, which tends to help.

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