Rate of Repetition

There’s a line between routine and erosion — and that line is pain. For example, a gentle caress becomes an abrasion if carried out for too long in the same spot — or a massage may turn into a bruise if repetitively performed on one particular area. This pain, is life telling you what to do. You are required to mix things up. For example, if you attempt to eat the exact same food all the time, you’ll get sick of it to the point of never wanting it again — there’s a certain rate of consumption you must practice or else you’ll be punished.

This demarcation of pain is an example of life communicating with you. Nothing needs to be figured out, the answer is obvious: stop doing what you’re doing and try something else. The question then becomes: how much must my activity vary in order to qualify as something different enough to not cause pain? You’ll have to determine that through experimentation — and again, life will let you know what works through the application of pain.

Mind you, life simply nudges you at first. It’s only after you keep ignoring the signal that life turns up the intensity. The better you listen, the less brutal the process becomes. So you must learn to catch yourself before doing the same thing over and over to the point of immense pain. The pain serves as an alarm that says “Stop!! Wrong way!!!”. From there, you need to find another route. The destination might very well be the same, but try some other way to get there.

In summation: When we come into this world, we’re just too ignorant to know where to go and what to do. There’s just no way you can figure things out on your own. You need guidance. And if you listen, you can hear life leading you along the entire time. And if you don’t listen, you’ll soon feel the instructions in the form of pain. A common situation where life sends this message is when a routine becomes too repetitive — you’ll need to engage in some variety to keep things running smoothly.