Bullied Life

A part of the Overcoming Negativity series.

As a serious thinker, your toughest challenge deals with your ability to appreciate the life you live. Your negativity will cause the world to appear as if it’s a sadistic nightmare-realm hellbent on your destruction. Even though objectively, the life you’ve lived thus far has been relatively easy in terms of the effort exerted to maintain your physical existence.

You were right about it being “me versus the world” — but unfortunately, you’re the bully that’s been repeatedly attacking life. When you experienced existence for the first time, you freaked out and mistook the initial feelings of excitement for pain and reacted in the worst way possible. You overreacted and now you need to apologize and atone for your unwarranted attack on life.

You’ve no doubt disparaged life a hundred times over throughout the course of your existence. Existence is a gift that you straight-up power-slammed into the ground. But here’s the thing: Life loves you. Despite your bad attitude, you’re still here right? And when you finally calm down and attempt to overcome your toughest challenge, life is here for you once again.

When you start looking for good in the world, you’ll find it — it’s everywhere. It’s always been there, your pessimism just didn’t allow you to perceive it. And the way you make amends with life is easy: start by enjoying the gift you were given. Don’t criticize it, don’t avoid it, don’t look for the worst in it — just find something to appreciate in every moment as the scenes of life flicker by.